Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thirsty Thursdays.... Grey's Drinking Game

So, what is a Thursday night without a good drinking game. In honor of Grey's Anatomy and Thirsty Thursdays being at the same time I propose this Grey's Anatomy drinking game. Get together and tell your friends.(I cant take all the credit for myself, this is composition of my own ideas and other peoples proposed games)

Grey's Anatomy Drinking Game

During Meredith's opening speech
During Meredith's closing speech
Conversations in the elevator

When Arizona give a passionate speech
When someone on the screen drinks
When Lexi says she can handle something she obviously can't
Someone disobeys the Chief
A patient dies due to doctors negligence due to their personal life
Every medical term you do not understand (maybe this should be under sip)
Whenever Alex makes a rude and/or inappropriate comment
Someone cries
Someone takes off their shirt
A Grace doctor is mean to a Mercy doctor

Small Sip (just to be sure no one blacks out)
Everytime Meredith whines
Izzy does something irrational

Also if you have any good ones to add, let me know.


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