Saturday, November 14, 2009

Twisted Tuesdays*... GLEE

(*this needed to be changed to Twisted Tuesday becuase Glee switched nights.... but it is finally back!!!)

So on Thursday I posted a drinking game for Grey's Anatomy. I played it during the show and had a grand old time. I then decided that I would pick a show from every night of the week and make a drinking game. So if you ever are not sure what to do one night, or you are bored. you can always play a drinking game with your favorite show. (It does not count as drinking alone if the whole cast of a show is with you right?)

Also if you have any good ones to add, either e-mail me or leave me a comment and I will make sure to add it and credit you.  Enjoy

Glee Drinking Game

Drink Whenever:
Quinn is mean to Finn
Sue makes a statement that starts with “You think this is hard”
Sue makes a comment about Will's hair
Brittany says something stupid
Finn does not understand what is going on
Someone gets food thrown on themselves
Kurt touches his hair
Either background guy dances
There is a voiceover
There is a clever gay comment
A Glee member plays an instrument
Emma is OCD
There is any reference to a Fox (or anything they own)
They show the pamphlets in Ms. Pillsbury's office
Special Drinks
Sexual Tensions between:
            Rachel and Finn- x1
            Will and Emma- x2
            Puck and Quinn- x3
If any of the above kiss (multiply each by 2)
At each performance- x3



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