Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let The Shows Begin

As much as I LOVE watching reruns and marathons of television shows, I am getting antsy for new episodes of my favorite shows to air. I mean in the last week I have rewatched about 3 seasons of Buffy watched 10 to 15 episodes of Burn Notice the 2 newest seasons of  Degrassi and a whole season of America's Next Top Model. I am ready for some new content!! So to get us ready for the new episodes to come I am just going to give you all a list of the air dates of our favorite show starting in LESS THAN 4 DAY with PLL.
1/3 Monday
8:00PM- How I Met Your Mother
ABC Family
8:00PM-Pretty Little Liars
9:00PM- Greek
1/5 Wednesday
9:00PM- Modern Family
1/6 Thursday
9:00PM- Grey's Anatomy
10:00PM- Private Practice
1/12 Wednesday
9:00PM - Criminal Minds
1/17 Monday MTV 10:00PM- Skins
1/20 Thursday
8:30PM- 30 Rock
9:00PM- The Office
8:00PM- Bones
1/27 Thursday
8:00PM- The Vampire Diaries
If you are thinking to yourself "Wow does APB really watch that much television" sadly the answer is yes. I am getting really excited and I hope you all are too. Remember, when you go to watch the new episodes of these series be sure to consult my Drinking Games. I am going to try to write more games for my shows. If you have any suggestions for any rules for any of the shows listed above either shoot me an email at

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Top 5 'Buffy' Episodes

Since I have been home, about three different channels have had some sort of Buffy marathon and that is part of the reason I am writing this now. I have contemplated writing this post for a while. One reason I have been against it is because so many people have already done it. Why is my list going to be more important than anyone elses? Why do people care what my top 5 Buffy episodes are and why? Well I decided I don’t care about any of that and I am going to tell you my Top 5 episodes anyway.

5)”Tabula Rasa”- Coming off of “Once More With Feeling” this episode had a lot of expectations. When you have an episode where so much new information is revealed, there is a whole lot riding on the subsequent episode and BOY did “Tabula Rasa” serve. The Scooby Gang is trying to wrap their heads around the fact that they did not pull Buffy out of a Hell Hole but instead out of a Heavenly dimension. Giles tells Buffy that he is leaving and Tara freaks out at Willow for altering her memory and makes Willow promise not to do magic for a week. Instead of going cold turkey with magic Willow does a spell that is supposed to erase Tara’s memories of the fight, but of course it backfires. The whole gang passes out and when they wake up, having not a single memory, they have to use random clues together to put together their identities. Hilariously I might add. Giles and Anya think they are engaged, Spike (named Randy) thinks Giles is his father, Xander thinks he is in a relationship with Willow but Tara and Willow have a special connection. When the spell ends Tara leaves Willow with Michelle Branch’s “Goodbye To You” in the background and Buffy still feels all alone. Yes I still cry when I watch it.

4) “Halloween”- Season 2’s Halloween episode, appropriately titled “Halloween” was one of the funniest and most entertainment episodes of Buffy. Buffy is feeling self conscious about her relationship with Angel so she buys a Victorian style costume to remind him of the girls from his past. Xander is feeling self conscious about his manhood so he buys a military costume. Willow originally wears a sexy slayer outfit only to put the ghost costume she bought earlier on top of it. Unfortunately the costume store was owned by Giles’ old evil friend Ethan who conjures a spell so everyone who got a costume from his store turns into their costume. So now Buffy is a 18th century princess who needs a man to do everything for her, Xander is a soldier and Willow is still Willow but now a ghost who is wearing Buffy’s skanky clothes.This also causes chaos especially for the little tykes who bought demon and other evil costumes. One of the best parts of the episode is the fact that Cordelia does not change because she did not buy her costume from Ethan.

3) “Becoming Part 2”- After Evil Angel sends a bunch of Vampires to capture Giles, Willow ends up in a coma. Giles is being tortured by Angel so he can find out how to awaken Acathla. After the normal torture tactics are a bust, Drusilla gets into Gile’s head, pretending to be Jenny Calender, to get the information. I loved and hated this because I was SO happy to see Mr. Calender again but I HATED that Angel was using her to get information out of Giles. Poor Poor Giles. This is also the first time that Spike and Buffy work together for the greater good. Little did all of us know that soon her and Spike would be jumping each others bones. This is also the episode where Buffy reveals to Joan that she is indeed the slayer. But what makes this episode so memorable is the last ten minutes. The epic battle between Buffy and Angel after he pulls the sword out of Acathla. Right as Buffy is about chop off Angels head off, Willow succeeds with the spell and gives Angel back his soul. He has no recollection of where he is or what has happened. He is sad and confused but Acathla’s vortex has already opened, the only way to save the world is to give him to Acathla. Buffy passionately kisses Angell, tells him she loves him asks him to close his eye and then thrusts the sword through him to close the vortex. You can see the pain and confusion in his eyes, he reaches his hands out for Buffy and then is sucked into the vortex. I remember watching this episode in 5th grade sobing, and still everytime I watch this episode I tear up. It is heart wrenching that a girl in 11th grade is forced to kill the person she loves to save the world.

2) “Hush”- One amazing aspect of this episode is how it revealed how language is the glue of our society. When the town of Sunnydale could not verbally communicate with each other, chaos ensued. The episode interestingly enough begins with each character having difficulty communicating with each other, Buffy and Riley cant talk about their private lives, Xander complains about how Anya talks to much, and Giles just wants everyone to shut up. Well Giles you got your wish when The Gentlemen, one of the creepiest Buffy villains yet, come into town. Without the talking Riley and Buffy are finally able to let their guards down and in doing so reveal their secrets lives to each other. Also, Tara and Willow do “magic” together for the first time.

1) “Once More With Feeling”- Truthfully only Joss Whedon could successfully pull off a musical episode like this off. Yes there is singing in Scrubs, and other shows do have songs, but none of those shows have the level of drama of Buffy. And the reasons I pick this episode is not just because of the fabulous musical numbers (although those didn’t hurt in the least), but this episode was key in moving the seasons plot along. All of the secrets the characters were hiding from each other (as well as the audience) were revealed. We learn that Giles wants to leave Buffy so she can grow. Tara discovers that Willow had altered her memory in order to forget a fight. And the biggest revelation, as well as the climax, of the episode is when Buffy revealed that the Scooby Gang had pulled her out of heaven. The episode was pivotal in the development of future plotlines (Evil Willow) and character relations (Spike and Buffy). That is why “Once More With Feeling” is number one in my book.

So I know I may get some flak from this post. I did not include any episodes from season 3 with the whole Faith storyline. There are a lot of other episodes that I really do love. I love the Prom episode, I absolutely LOVE “Doppelgangland” when we see Vamp Willow from the alternate world, and I love “Innocence.” I mean there are seven seasons to chose from so those are my choices. Let me know what you think. Which episodes would you put into the list and why?


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Top Chef 8:04- You Got Served

Dear boys and girls, I am back and ready for action. I am sorry for the near five month hiatus but now I am done with school and rowing and all other things that distracted me from my true calling and I am ready to be a recapping machine. I am also back home at the moment where my parents have this lovely thing called cable. This means i do not have to wait a WHOLE 6-12 hours after the airing of a show to watch it.

Now onto the meat, wow Top Chef was great this week. Not only did it have tons of drama, but also the one liners were phenomenal.

Coming off of last weeks double elimination everyone was all tense so they decided to leave the stew room, graciously over-stocked with alcohol, to go to a bar where it seems as though everyone is drinking out of coffee cups. Did they go to the bar to drink tea and relax? It would think doing that in the comfort of your home would be more relaxing, but what do I know about the stressful life of a reality star.They did have some cut apples at the bar to go with heir coffee and tea.

Casey is telling Jaime how shocked and bummed she is that Happy Dale is gone, while no one seems to be aware of the absence of Stephen. I forgot how much I loved Casey, she makes me so happy just looking at her.

Quick Fire Challenge: So this weeks challenge is to make a stuffing. The twist: no utensils at all. The upside to the twist is that the winner gets immunity and $20,000. I think it is getting a bit ridiculous the amount of money this show is giving away and it is not just because I am jealous. All the chef are freaking out about what to do without their utensils especially Fabio who equates it to a surgeon saying “Ask a chef to cook without a tools is like to ask to a surgeon to do an open heart surgery with only his finger.” Maybe you are right Fabio, but the difference in that in one case someones life is at stake and the other there will just be uncut food. He proceeds to grate cheese on a food rack which both he and I agree are ingenious. Red Head Tiffany uses a pepper mill to cut up her chicken and Carla is trying to beat an onion with a pan. Tre ends up winning getting immunity and 20 thou which can help him because apparently his two daughters are expensive.

Some more great sound bytes from this Quick Fire
“I feel like Tom Hanks in the Castaway right now” from the lovely Casey. But unlike Castaway, and luckily for us, there is actually dialogue here.

Carla:“This is is un-donte quinuo”
Judge Tom: Why al dente.
Carla: No, I said un-donte... do you need some floss

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE: This weeks the chefs are going to be in teams competing head to head for the prize at the US Open stadium in the one and only Flushing, Queens. I love watching tennis, me and my family used to go to the US Open when I was younger and use our binoculars to spy on other people in the stands instead of watching the matches. Also when Andre Agassi was playing we would try to find Brooke Sheilds in the stadium. Oh, the good old days. Also my dad grew up in Flushing, my grandmas lives right outside of Flushing, so Flushing, Queens is near and dear to my heart.

Anyway, back to the show, they pick tennis balls to determine teams. They say that there are orange and “yellow: balls, but I really think those “yellow” balls are green.

 The groups go into their separate for meal planning and Angelo starts talking crazy strategy and stuff I do not understand. What it comes down to is that Angelo and Spikes team decides their strategy is to put their teams weakest dish out first. They keep talking about this strategy which obviously makes me think that something is going to backfire.

In the kitchen there is some high drama. Surprise surprise something is going wrong with Jaime’s dish. Oh and there is another cut finger, but this time is it Carla and like a good team player she stays to finish her dish. Also Fabio is making gnocchi (another shocker) but the mixer isn’t working so he has to make it with “his own little hands.” Angelo is thrown a curveball when his fish is “mucusy” which I think sounds delic, but he gets Tiffany to lend him some of her fish.

And then comes the Quote of the Episode when Antonia tells us that she “never played sports in highschool. I smoked alot of pot... and did nothing else.” And now I love Antonia even more than I did before.

They get to the US Open main stadium and the teams are set up on different sides of the court. They got the jumbotron to read the scores of each teams and it looks like this is a big deal. The judges walk out onto the court and Padma is wearing a nice short khaki pants a blue tank and a blazer, but all my eye can look at is that crazy ass necklace around her neck. That is a lie, I also am looking at her legs, but when she is sitting all I can see is her necklace.

They call up their first dish and Jaime is not ready to serve and freaks out when her teammates want to go out first.

Round 1) Fabio v. Casey- Fabio runs around like he just won the open when he wins the point for his team

Round 2) Dale v. Tiffini- Dale has to go out because his dumplings are dying and Marcellus is pissed.

Round 3) Marcel v. Angelo- Also Dale is pissed that Angelo served his meal on a spoon again. My question is how can a meal served on a spoon give an athlete enough energy for a tennis math. That definitely would not be enough to fuel Isner or Mahut at the Wimbledon this year!

Round 4) Antonia v. Tiffany- The judges are split between the dishes it was a 3-2 vote for Antonia. It was probably all the weed she smoked in HS that made her such a good chef.

Round 5) Spike v. Richard - Angelo is adding shit to Spikes dish and it is not longer the dish he imagined. Also no one likes Spikes shrimp which is not surprising because he made it at the last moment.

Round 6) Tre v Carla- Jaime is nowhere to be found so they cant really serve her dish. If I were on that team I would have just screamed out Jaime’s name anyway, I can handle Jaime’s wrath. Also Angelo cooks Tre’s salmon to the point that it was over cooked.

And Team Orange won the challange and Carla won a 5 day trip to Italy. Carla went from serving “un-donente” quinoa, to having Dale say her dish is not classy enough to cutting her finger to winning a 5 day trip to Italy. Way to turn things around for yourself Carla.

On the short end of the stick Team Yellow has to go to elimination. Jaime is saved from elimination due to the fact that she DIDN’T SERVE HER DISH. Again she is saved because she is a little bitch and when Richard calls her out on it Jaime gets all offended. Dude, he is just saying what everyone else in the country is thinking. Gail calls Tiffany’s salad flaccid and the 10 year old inside me giggled for a little bit. Ultimately Spike has to go home and I am sad because I liked him. I wish the judges saw Jaime hiding and sent her home for being a PAB.

So that is Episode 4 of Top Chef. What did you guys think? Jaime a punk ass bitch? Did Padma’s necklace distract you as well. Let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts.


P.S. You should all read Gail’s blog on EW and also all the bonus clips on Hulu/

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hiatus 2.0

Hi everyone. I am sorry I have not been as diligent at updating my blog as I should and/or want to be. I have been busy with a bunch of things, including rowing, school, watching TV, knitting and working. I am most likely not going to be updating as often anymore.  Also I just spilled juice on my computer yesterday so I am not going to have a laptop at my disposal for a few weeks. I am going to limit my recaps to two a week at most at the moment. I am probably going to do Grey's and The Vampire Diaries. As soon as things settle down down I do want to come back full swing. I plan to be watching most of the shows I usually do, so if anyone has a special request of something they want me to talk about I can try to pencil it in :).


Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Vampire Diaries 2x02- Carnivals Alway Cause Drama

Sorry this is late!

Poor Poor Caroline
Caroline wakes up scared and alone in her hospital bed. I am not sure if I am happy or sad that she is not dead. I don’t want her to be a vampire but I don’t want her to leave the show. I hate you The Vampire Diaries for making me feel this way. Caroline leaves her room and asks the nurse if she can get anything to eat, but the nurse says breakfast does not come until the morning. As she is walking back to her room she is strangely attracted (for her, not for us because we know she is a vampire) to a bag of blood. She steals the bag and begins drinking it to complete her vampire transformation.

The next morning Matt comes to bring breakfast to Caroline. They go in to give each other a kiss, but she realizes that she can’t due to the ray of sunshine separating them.

Next he tries to brighten her day by brightening her room with the dreaded sunlight. She freaks out and tells him that he has to leave. Poor Caroline, I just want to give her a hug. Her next revelation of who she has become comes as she is staring in the mirror and her fangs pop out. Just like a teething baby she screams and the nurse comes running in. Unable to suppress her insatiable need for blood, Caroline feeds on the nurse.

Every TV HS Has Its Carnival

Elena and Bonnie are getting ready for the school’s annual carnival. I am really jealous because my school never had a carnival. Bonnie keeps trying to talk to Elena about the whole Katherine doppelganger thing and the Salvatore brothers but Elena's not having it. She tries to evade the infinite amount of questions Bonnie is firing at her but Bonnie does not seem to be getting the hint. Finally Elena lays it down and says she does not want to talk about anything vampire related and that “she is human has to do human stuff” if she does not want to go crazy. They try to comprehend how Caroline was able to plan this carnival all by herself in the past and come to the conclusion that “obviously she is not human.” Wow, that was subtle guys.

Damon’s Curiosities
Damon goes to visit the Lockwood resident to continue his Lockwood investigation. While in the study, talking to Mrs. Lockwood, he uses his super vampy hearing to eavesdrop on the manly Lockwood boy’s conversation. Uncle Mason is asking is asking Tyler about his rage. He is asking when the rage episodes occur. And is all like, is it only once a month? Is it only at night? Are you a werewolf? Sorry, I added that last one in. Tyler doesn’t really pick up on the question pattern and responds that he just hates the rage. This conversation sparks Damon’s interest in the Lockwood Family Secret.

Jeremy’s Tries Revenge

Stefan is being his usual good and honorable self and teaching Jeremy way in which to protect himself from Damon. He gives him back his vervain so that Damon cannot compel him. Also in his Vampire 101 he learns that a stake to the heart kills a vampire, something that I am pretty sure any 5 year old knows. At the carnival Jeremy gets all cocky and threatens to expose Damon as a vampire, flashing his “I can’t be killed by a vampire ring” showing he can’t be hurt. Damon rains on his parade by putting him in a headlock and swiftly and smoothly removing the ring at threatening to shove it up his ass. Damon:1 Jeremy: 0

Lockwood Family Secret
At the carnival, Damon and Stefan discover that the Lockwood men do indeed have superhuman strength. Stefan suggests that they are Ninja Turtles and has one of his first funny lines of the season. Also I love any reference to TMNT since it was the first movie I ever saw in theaters. Damon finds the first guy he sees, who happens to be the guy Bonnie was crushing on earlier, and compels him to start a fight with Tyler, and to not stop no matter what. Since the vampire powers that be force him to follow these commands, he starts the fight like he was supposed to and Tyler’s rage kicks in. Just as the action is getting hot and heavy Uncle Mason steps in to stop the commotion. He does this super human jump in the air and then Tyler sees Mason’s eyes turn yellow.

When the boys get home Tyler questions Mason about what happened in the fight. Uncle Mason tells him to forget it, that his eyes turned yellow from some car lights. Tyler may be an ass, but he is not a dumbass. After Uncle Mason goes to sleep Tyler goes into his father’s study to find the moonstone that Uncle Mason had been snooping for earlier that day.

Caroline’s Out
Caroline leaves the hospital and comes to the HS carnival. She catches up to Damon to deliver Katherine’s message to the Salvatore brothers and adds her own “You Suck” to the end of it. She goes and finds Matt, but discovers when giving him a hug that she has an urge to bite him. She becomes very short with him and asks that he leave her alone. Damon rounds up the troops (Elena and Stefan) to tell them the news. Although Elena and Stefan protest, Damon suggests that killing Caroline is the only way to handle this situation. As Caroline is walking around the carnival she comes across the dude who just fought a werewolf Uncle Mason, who also happens to be bleeding. Caroline attacks and feeds off of him, but this time she is unable to hold herself back, and she ends up killing him.

Wrath of a Witch
Caroline feels horrible for what she has done because she has not turned the feelings switch off. Damon goes and starts to comfort her, but really he is there to kill her. Just as Damon is about to stake Caroline, Stefan attacks him and all is well. That is, until Bonnie comes to see the aftermath of the commotion. She is furious. Not only is her best friend now a vampire, but she killed the guy she has been crushing on. Bonnie blames everything that has happened on Damon and uses her powers first to fuck with his mind. Next she runs a stream of gas from a hose to where Damon was screaming and set it on fire. All this time Elena is screaming at Bonnie to stop and only does so by interrupting Bonnie’s concentration. She tells Bonnie that this is not them, that they cannot be killers.

Caroline Will Survive
Stefan brings Caroline to the bathroom to clean up her blood ridden face. Caroline is freaking out not know what is happening to her and is scared. Stefan calms her down. He explains to her what is happening and that it can be controlled. That he will be here for her when she needs, and he will teach her how to control her impulses.

As she is lying in her bed later that night Matt climbs through her window. She tries to hide but realizes she really can’t, and then tells him to leave. Matt refuses and says that he is not going to leave because he loves her. He is scared though because the way she has been acting today makes it seems as though she does not have reciprocal feelings. Caroline squashes those thoughts from Matt’s mind by giving him a heartfelt kiss. As her face begins to become all vampy, she is able to repress it. And now we have home that Caroline will survive. And now I can be happy again. Praise the lord.

So I am going to be recapping Glee next, so look out for that soon.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Hellcats 1x02- A Steep Decline In Quality

So I am going to eat my words from last week. After this last week, Hellcats may not be as good as I expected. I thought this episode was a complete bore and felt that it lasted for hours and never ended. But good or bad, I am still going to recap the episode.

Show Time
We start off just where we left off, with the Hellcats getting ready to perform. They huddle up around Vanessa to get the normal pregame prep talk. She asks the squad if they are feeling the weight, making it seem like it is going to be the hardass coach speech, but wait she fooled me. She tells them she has faith in them because they are “champions of the spirit.” And then she continues to give a totally unconvincing and unmotivational speech.Next comes the performance. Oops sorry, spoke too soon. Drama obviously has to ensue first.

Savannah’s got Family Issues.

Savannah walks out to the hallway where the Memphis Christian Cyclone girls are practicing. For a team that is “not showing alot of skin” their skirts are maybe an inch below their vag.
Right after we find out that Savannah used to go to this school, Savannah walks up to a girl named Charlotte and wishes her good luck. Instead being nice back, she tells her that Memphis Christian is going to crush them, and that she should save that luck for herself. Wow harsh, I have a feeling that is going to bite you in the ass later Charlotte. I am not sure though, this show is in no way predictable. The Cyclones are up on stage performing one of the most boring routines I have ever seen. Besides boring me to death, the routine goes without a glitch... until the end that is. Charlotte falls from the top of a pyramid and get seriously hurt. As everyone rushes to make sure she is okay, we find out that Savannah and Char are sisters.

Savannah goes to visit Charlotte, but as soon as she walks their is tension you could cut with a knife, and their mother excuses herself from the room. She tells Charlotte she misses her family, it is really sad. Charlotte only responds with “What makes you think this is all about you.” Wow that was harsh.

More Mommy Issues
Marti gets called on the PA to come to the front desk of the competition and finds her annoying ass mother waiting their for her. Alice stands there and does not even try to hide the fact that she invited Marti’s mom. When her mom asked why Dan, Marti’s friend, was allowed backstage and not her, he covers by saying her and Savannah was dating.Savannah is confused by this and we find out that 1) she does not understand jokes and 2) that her comment last week was not about only lesbian subtext. Also there is some sexual tension going on between Dan and Savannah. They continue with the same fight that they always have and Savannah finally gets rid of her. Their competition time gets changed to a later day, so this will probably all happen again in about 20 minutes.

Marti wakes up at 6:00 am and apparently tries to read a book while blow drying her hair.

She is frantic and we are supposed to pull from this that she is busy busy girl. After her exhausting/ exaggerated day, Marti gets home to her mother making dinner for the entire cheer house. I just want to say it really pains me to see Marti’s mom (Gail O’Grady) in this show, especially with that horrible accent she is sporting. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED her in American Dreams; she was one of my favorite characters. Here her character is so annoying and fake and pathetic. Anyway, she continues to drink too much and tell inappropriate stories throughout dinner. Marti tries to get her to stop drinking but nothing will work and after dinner we find out that she got evicted from her house. She got angry at the landlord because he wanted to paint the wall a certain color and then she trashed the landlords car. Seriously, my 10 year old cousin has more self control and intelligence than this woman After Marti is unable to focus at practice she realizes she needs to fix all of her mothers messes and saves her moms ass again.

I Really need to Finish this recap because this episode sucked
Savannah and Marti have a heart to heart in their room and discuss their mundane family issues with each other. The next morning everyone wakes up at 6AM and eats their protein rich breakfasts, and arrives at the competition. Savannah goes outside before their performance and she says a prayer for her family and her sister, then they have a weird slow motion shot of her face. Like a bad case of herpes, Marti’s mom shows up. (Yeah, I stole that one for Glee). She and her mother argue but then Marti feels bad and lets her mom stay. Wow, such personal growth Marti.Their performance goes without a glitch, and it is actually quiet entertaining to watch. Unsurprisingly they win, due to the fact they couldn’t pull of a Glee they don't win but the club still will go on story line. After they win they go to the bar to drink and dance. Dan asks Savannah out and it was really cute.

So that was the episode. Maybe next weeks episode will be better. If it isn’t better, maybe we will see “The Wedge” doing something gayish. A young girl can only hope. Thoughts, comments, free drinks to make next episode more bearable? Let me know.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vampire Diaries 2x01- The Doppelganger Hijinx Ensues

So we start off right where we left off. Just in case anyone has forgotten, Katherine is back and she and Elena look identical. Elena comes into the house to find John stabbed and with one hand and Katherine runs out. (Can anyone think of a role David Anders played where he was not a douche? In Alias-douche; In Heroes-douche.) More important though than douche bag John being one handed is whether or not Jeremy has become a vampire after drinking Anna’s blood. Thankfully that answer is no. It turns that he did not take enough pills to die, so ironically enough Anna’s blood actually helped heal him faster.

Elana’s Life Sucks
After dealing with her brothers Vampire-icide attempt, Elena heads over to the hospital to see how Caroline is. I completely forgot about the car crash until now. I really want to know why the two Lockwood men were affected by that machine. Obviously they are not vampires, so what are they?!? Elena finds out from Bonnie that Caroline is not doing well and Bonnie has her usual “I am miserable and smell something rotten” face on. Damon over hears the girls conversation and offers to heal Caroline by giving her some of his blood.

Bonnie shows up the next morning at the hospital to check how Caroline is doing. After revealing that Damon had stopped by the night before, Matt tells her that Caroline is now doing fine. Damon obviously kept his word and gave Caroline his blood. When the two enter the room, Caroline is her usual bubbly self and watching Jersey Shore. For whatever reason, the fact that Caroline announces “Jersey Shore’s on” with a smile that big just makes me smile. 

She is so adorable, I just love that they developed Caroline’s character into more than just the needy friend who only wanted attention from boys. On the other end of the hospital, Elena and Stephen visit John to get answers to why Katherine is back. After realizing John is not going to give up any information, and is continuing to be the douche he has always been, Elena leaves. Stephen takes this opportunity to force John to feed on his blood and threaten to turn him into a vampire if he does not leave town in 24 hours. Stephen, I love it when your dark side comes out.

Katherine’s Back, and finally everyone knows
After Bonnie leaves the hospital Damon brings up the intense kiss the two had on the porch earlier in the night. Elena tells him that they never kissed (because she did not actually kiss him) and Damon is all pissy because he thinks Elena is just denying it. It is not until Jenna shows up (giving Damon the dirtiest of dirty looks) does he realize that Katherine has indeed returned. On cue Katherine shows up at Elena’s house (because Jenna let her in) and pretends to be Elena with Stephen. (This post is getting confusing to write with Katherine pretending to be Elena all the time.) Thankfully, Stephen can tell that this chick is not his girl and attacks her. When Damon and Elena arrive home, Katherine has already escaped, and Stephen questions Damon about his and Katherine’s encounter. When Damon admits that he kissed Katherine, while thinking it was Elena, Stephen flips a shit and tries unsuccessfully to attack him. As always Elena becomes the mediator between the Salvatore brothers.

The Lockwood Mansion
Back at the Lockwood house, the town is grieving the loss of their asshole Mayor. Tyler’s uncle, Mason, shows up after being gone for about seven years. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Uncle Mason will help explain why Tyler and the Mayor were effected by the Vamp Machine. Bonnie is also as inquisitive about this Lockwood mystery as I am. Unfortunately, Damon is not, and is not willing to join Bonnie’s Scooby Search to discover the answers. After being his normal cunning assholey self, Bonnie uses her powers on him to prove she is a stronger witch than he previously thought.

Katherine comes to the house (as Elena) and Tyler invites her in (wrong move Tyler). Katherine walks different than Elena, she is more fierce and has a much stronger presence. I am not sure how no one else but me and Stephen notice this. Bonnie runs into Katherine and vents to her about Damon. It is not until she touches Katherine does she realize it is not Elena due to the fact witches have a spidey sense when it comes to vamps. Katherine corners Bonnie, but Bonnie uses her powers to save herself, and Stephen is there to help as well.

Old Lovers Reunited
Stephen and Katherine walk around the party and have an incredibly flirtatious back and forth. I have to say Nina Dobrev acting is spot on as Katherine and Elena. She really makes them two completely different characters and brings a delicious playfulness to Katherine’s character. She was no where close to this good on Degrassi. Anywho, when Stephen asks her what game she is playing, she tells Stephen there are no rules. The two leave the party (and when I say party I actually mean wake) just as Elena walks in. She sees Damon drinking by himself and goes to make sure he is okay. He asks Elena why she was surprised he would kiss her and she is all like “I am not surprised you kissed me, I am surprised you thought I would kiss you back.” Poor Damon, he looks so hurt, I just want to give him a big hug.

Stephen and Katherine continue on their walk and god damn, does Katherine look good in those pants. I mean wow.

After Stephen declares again that he hates her, she takes a metal stake, stabs him, and says “That sounds like the beginning of a love story not the end of one.” So I have two main questions here. 1)Why the hell did Katherine wait all this time until Stephen fell in love again to come back into Stephen’s life. 2) Also why did you stab him if you want him to be in love with you again? You a crazy bitch!

The Lockwood Secret
No, it is not revealed yet and I am dying. Tyler is in his fathers study and has a break down. He throws and breaks all of the things on his fathers desks and pushes his mother out of the way. All of a sudden out of nowhere Mason comes and tackles Tyler to the ground. He finally gets Tyler to settle down. Mason puts Tyler’s mom to sleeps and comes back to the study to talk to Tyler. He tells Mason that he does not know why he gets like that sometimes and that he hates it.

Mason: It’s the curse of being a Lockwood.
Tyler: So how did you get the chill gene.
Mason:I didn’t. I just learned how to manage it.
Tyler: I don’t want to be like this anymore.
Mason: None of us do, that is why they call it a curse.

What is the curse, is this a real curse. Do you think Bonnie’s grandma cursed them. Is that why they got hurt by the vamp machine. Ohh the questions don't stop!

No One Loves Damon
Stephen and Damon are finally alone, and can finally discuss that pesky little kiss from the end of last season. Stephen does his usual “I am going to be logical and you are important to me speech” and tell Damon that he is not going to kill him. They have to be united against Katherine. Damon responds in his usual “I am a smart-ass and you need to take that stick out of your ass Stephen” attitude until Stephens words seems to actually strike a nerve. Tears even start to glisten in the backs of Damon’s eyes.

Damon comes back home and Katherine is there apparently to say goodbye. She asks him for a goodbye kiss. Damon can’t resist, he has loved this women for over a hundred years. He has searched for how to set her free and spent over a century waiting for her return. Even after he finds out she has been alive this whole time, he cannot help it. Before things get too hot and heavy though he stops. He cant go through with this without knowing how she feels.

Damon: I have a question. Answer it and expect fireworks and rockets red glare. Answer it right and I will forget the last 145 years I have spent missing you. I’ll forget how much I loved you, I’ll forget everything and we can start over. This could be our defining moment cause we have time. This beauty of eternity. I just need the truth, just once.
Katherine: Stop. I already know your question, and its answer. The truth is, I’ve never loved you. It was always Stephen.

I can't stand to see Damon so hurt. My heart just breaks for him. He is a vampire because she made him think she loved him. He chose this life for her, to be with her. All of the reasons he is who is were based on the fact that they once had this love, and he has just discovered that it was all based on a lie. What is worse is that Stephen does not love her. Stephen did not choose this life. Katherine forced him into it, she compelled him to drink her blood. Damon would have willingly done anything for her, and yet it was not enough.

Damon stops by Elena’s house hammered and asks her why she was so surprised that he would think she would kiss him back. That there is something going on between of the two of them and she is denying it. Then Elena says the worst thing she possibly could have said in this situation or ever to Damon:

Elena: Damon, I care about you listen to me I care about you. I do but I love Stephen. It’s always going to be Stephen.

I do not know why everyone just is in love with Stephen. I think Damon would be so much more fun to be in a relationship with and more passionate. But seriously, how much hurt can one guy handle in one night. Because of all this rage, and the fact that he is Damon, he goes and snaps Jeremy’s neck. Do not fret though, Jeremy has on his “I Can’t Be Killed By A Vampire” ring so he is not dead. Stephen comes over to Elena’s house and tries to defend Damon and justify his actions but Elena is not having it. I really hope that she changes her mind because Elena is the only person that can save Damon. The only person who sees him for who he really is.

I wish I could cut the last minute of the episode off. I hate it, I hate it so much it makes my stomach turn. It would be a glaring omission in the recap though if I did not discuss it, so I will rip it off quick like with it like band-aid. Katherine comes, tells Caroline to give a message to the Salvatore Bros. and then covers her face with a pillow until she stops screaming. I am going to hope they are as gracious to Caroline with the nine lives rule as they are to Jeremy. She can’ t be dead and she can’t be a vampire. I love Caroline. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME VAMPIRE DIARIES!

What did you all think? Will this season be as good as last. Will Caroline be alive. What will Matt do without Caroline. He already lost his sister to being a Vampire. Oh poor Matt.  As always any questions or comments, just let me know!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Hellcats- Fake shoot the Cheerleader, Save the World

First I want to start off by saying that I wrote that title before Marti said that line in the show. I am serious. Then I found out that the creator producer of Heroes worked on the show, so it makes a bit more sense. Okay, onto the post.

Hello everyone, welcome to a new season of Television. I am starting off this year with the brand spanking new CW show Hellcats. I am excited to start recapping the show from the pilot. Also seriously what is there not to like about this show, hot and fit girls doing gymnastic moves. Enough said.

Biking through life
Well we start off with pre-law student Marti Perkins (the main character) awkwardly riding a bike that looks a bit too big for her. Apparently she rides her bike everywhere because in Memphis gas costs an arm and a leg. Well if drivers in Memphis have no arms and legs, that is definitely not a place I want to be driving through any time soon. She goes to Lansing University where football drives the social life and cheerleaders are hot shit (wow a school with a good football team, I wonder what that would be like). We quickly find out that Marti despises cheerleaders; she despises them so much that she has a game of shooting them with a pretend bow and arrow. It turns out that the Alice, the cheerleader she “pretend” shot fell off the top of the pyramid and actually got hurt. The team doctor (who is also dating the cheerleading coach) says she is out for 6 weeks and the team is going to need to find new members.

Marti bikes home and we quickly learn two things about her.

1) She has alot of trophies either for cheerleading of gymnastics (maybe the reason for her overwhelming hatred for them)

2) She never takes off her crocheted biking gloves.

She opens up one of her letters and discovers her tuition is three months overdue. She goes to the school bar where her mother works and learns that the institution has cut scholarships for children of the employees. Marti is now shit outta luck due to the fact she can’t pay for school and needs to find a new scholarship.

The joy of paying for college:
Marti goes to talk to an administrator at the school to discuss getting her scholarship back. And just like how Helen was Nikki’s hope in Bad Girls, Marti tells him that her education is her hope that gets her through life. As Marti is going through the catalogue of random ass scholarships she can try to apply for, one of the Hellcat members, Savannah, walks into the office to submit her cheerleading scholarship. Marti is appalled that something as horrid as cheerleading would warrant a scholarship. She calls Savannah a foot ball groupie and Savannah replies “There is nothing more personal than calling someone a groupie.” I am not sure about you, but I can think of at least 100 more personal things to be called than a groupie. They get in a shouting fight and decide to leave quietly as to not create a bigger scene.

We get it, Marti bikes alot
Back on her bike, Marti rides to the video store, rents Bring it On and goes home to practice the steps. I am guessing she is thinking of trying out for the cheerleading to pay for school, but that is just a guess. Using throw pillows as pom-poms she teaches herself the routine from the film and finishes it off with a back flip off the coffee table.

She is all ready to go now. At the tryouts there are hundreds of girls ready to claim their spot on the squad. (Wait, they didn't show Marti biking there, how in gods name will I know how she arrived!).

When Marti arrives she unfortunately finds out Savannah is not only one of the judges, but also captain of the squad. As in every television auditioning process we have to see the good auditionees and the atrocious. Marti does well at her solo floor routine but has a harder time during the choreography portion.She is nervous and losing the count and forgetting the moves. She decides to screw the choreography and show her own moves on the floor. When it comes down to decision time the coach really likes Marti spunk but bitter injured Alice does not. The final decision comes down to Savannah.

Welcome to Cheertown
OMG Marti made the squad! Phew, I was scared for a second. Part of being on the squad means moving into the cheerleading dorm called “Cheertown.” (I wonder how many times people vandalized that sign to read “beertown”). She brings all of her belongings to her room, and her roommate turns out to be Savannah. Savannah has tried to make space for Marti to put her stuff in the closet and in the drawers and the best interaction of television occurs.

Savannah: And here I’ve allocated half the dresser space for you. I prefer the upper drawers.
Marti: Oh, I’m a bottom myself.
Savannah gives Marti a confused look
Marti: That’s a joke
Savannah: We should come up with a signal for that to avoid confusion.

WHAT! I had to watch that clip over four times to make sure I was hearing what I thought I was hearing. I still do not really understand what just happened. Does Savannah need a code for lesbian jokes, does she need a code for knowing if Marti is a lesbian, does she just need a code for everything.

Co-ed Locker Room?
Marti wakes up after her first night at Cheertown and goes to take a shower. To her, and my, surprise, the locker/bathroom is co-ed. I am pretty sure that is not even legal but I have no idea. Luckily each sex has their own room for showers and she heads for the door with the big old “W” on it. In the showers we are finally introduced to Patty “The Wedge” Wedgerman, the highly anticipated lesbian cheerleader on the squad. And she does not disappoint, she is a big old dyke. After The Wedge leaves, Alice gives a bitchtastic schpeel to Marti about how she is just a replacement and “when you are done with a band-aid you rip it off and throw it away.” Marti retorts, with perfectly executed timing, “Oh, oh, I’m the band-aid. Got it. Do you invent your own kind of metaphors or is there a book.”

Alice’s answer to that question is “I’ll just take your towel so you will look like a fool.” This would not be too big of a deal if it was not a co-ed locker room. Lewis finds her hiding in a toilet stall and helps her out. He drops his towel right by the door for her to wear and clears the rest of the guys from the room by asking if his penis was crooked. Good thinking Lewis.

Presenting Marti
Marti is officially introduced to the team as the newest member of the Hellcats. Coach Vanessa Hodge tells the team that if they do not qualify for championships that their program will be cut. It is just like Glee, but without the singing, and with cheerleader, and in college, and not with misfits. So not so much like Glee but I think you get my point. Vanessa says that they need to change things up and start improvising their routines more instead of going by the book. Marti leads them in a soul filled cheer/dance with a lot of hip movements and Alice is sulking in the corner. Especially when her boy Lewis starts grinding up on Marti.

Later Marti explains to Savannah why she quit gymnastics. I was expecting something like Save the Last Dance where her father died on the way to a meet or something like that. It was just that her mother freaked her out at meets so she quit because she was too mental. Alice heard this conversation and the one about Lewis liking Marti and goes to the bar to invite Marti's mom to the competition. Seriously, what a bitch.

So i really liked the show. It was cliche in some ways but also refreshing in others. Not all the girls on the team are bitchy, only just Alice really. They really seem like a tightknit team which is also nice. So what did you guys think of the show? Did you enjoy it, will you keep watching? Let me know, let me know.


(All pictures courtesy of CW)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

APB's Fall TV Preview: Thursdays

Some students may dread the ending of summer. It means their numerous hours of free time, without a single care in the world, is coming to the end. It means time to buy new textbooks and schools supplies. Time to come in from the sun and come into dimly lit lecture rooms. To me  though the end of summer means one thing.... NEW TELEVISION!!!

Here are three returning TV shows on Thursday Nights I am most excited for this upcoming season:

1) Grey's Anatomy (Sept 23 9PM):
Where we left off: Grey's left us off last season with one of the most powerful episodes the series has ever had. After several episodes of the angry widower Gary Clark trying to sue the hospital becuase of the death of his wife, he completely lost it. He arrived at the hospital with a gun and a jacket full of ammunition in hand to shoot up the hospital. Dr. Reed and was shot and killed in the stock room. Dr. Percy is also shot and despite all of Baily's attempts, is unable to survive. McDreamy's fate is also up in the air after being shot by Clark as Cristina is doing her best work to fix him. In other good new, this whole incident reminded Callie and Arizona how short life can be and, becuase this life is so short, they should live it together. So we ended the episode with a Calzona kiss.

Where I want it to go: I want everything to end happily ever after. Callie and Arizona will be a happy lesbian couple and have two kids and live in a house with a white picket fence. Okay I will try to be more realistic. First we all know that Derek is not dead. I think that the Chief we become acting Chief while Derek is in recovery and everyone will realize he really does run the hospital better than Derek. I want Cristina and Owen to stay together, I do like them together. I would also love for Teddy and Dr. Avery to get together. That would be really hot.

2) Bones (Sept. 23 8PM)
Where we left off: Everyone was about to leave to different destinations for a year. (That is except for Cam and Sweets, who are both stuck in DC). Bones is off to the Maluku islands to do ground breaking research and she is bringing Daisy along with her. Booth is off to Iraq to help train soldiers for the year and Angela and Hodgins are off on a year long honeymoon.

Where I want it to go: Like with Grey's I want a happy ending for all. I want Bones and Booth to be together forever. Again I know that will not happen at first. I want Bones to come back and not be fully reverted back to her "I do not know how to function in society" self. I also hope Booth has not found anyone else. Also what i hope more that all is that Zach comes back.

3)Vampire Diaries (September 9 8PM)

Where we left off: I just started watching Vampire Diaries this summer, and within three days I finished the first season. It as amazing, I loved it. Nina Dobrev has come so far since her stint on Degrassi. Any back to the show,  Jeremy drinks a bunch of Anna's blood and then takes a bunch of pills. Will he be saved in time, or will he become a vampire. Elana kisses Damion, but unbeknownst to Damion.... it is actually Katherine!!! Katherine then comes inside, cuts off John Gilbert's hand (which removes his anti-vampire ring) and stabs him in the chest.

Where I want it to go: I mean it can go anywhere. I really want Katherine to stir things up in Mystic Falls. I am just concerned that they are going to play the "wait is that Katherine or is that Elana" card too often and it is going to get tired. I want Stefan and Elana to stay together becuase they are adorable and perfect and sexy. I hope that Caroline and Matt stay together too. Caroline really deserves to be with someone that cares about her and Matt has shown that he does. Oh and one last thing, please please please, Bonnie, do not be a colossal bitch because your grandma died and blame everyone.

I may write another post about other TV shows I am waiting for. What are you guys waiting for? I would love to know.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Weeds: A Transformation

Last Monday (or earlier if you count the online leak) marked the premier of the sixth season of Weeds. When the show aired in August of 2005 it was considered ground breaking, and it was. The series begins with Nancy Botwin trying to take care of her family after the sudden death of her husband. She had never worked before and did not have a steady income to support her family. Her brother in-law Andy gave her the name of a drug dealer to help her deal with her pain. Instead of taking drugs, she decides that she is going to deal them instead.

The show began as a dark comedy; there was humor intertwined with the pain of the Botwin's. Like many TV shows it also exposed the hypocrisy of suburban life with all the parents smoking weed and they tell their children not to. It was quirky, funny, and smart. So my question is "What the Hell Happened?!"

I am not saying that the show is no longer entertaining. It is, it definitely is. My problem with the show is that Weeds Season 4-6 and Weeds Seasons 1-3 seem like two completely different television series. The show is a spectacle now. It is insane and completely unrealistic. I am not saying that the show began as completely realistic, but it did seem relateable. I felt for Nancy; I felt her pain and I understood why she was dealing drugs and doing what she was doing. She was doing it for her family. Nancy is now bat-shit crazy. Her whole family (besides Silas) is bat-shit crazy. I mean Shane just killed someone and has no remorse. Actually I take that back, Shane has always been insane. He has bitten a kids leg during a karate match, recorded a terrorist video pretending to chop someones head off and masturbated to pictures of his mother. "My name is Shane/ I bring the pain/ Up from the streets of Agrestic" where the first few lines of the rap he wrote 5 years ago. So yes, Shane has always been this insane I guess. Celia even called it out in Season 1 when, after finding out Shane had been hunting wolves, she told Nancy that "killing small animals is the first sign of psychotic behaviour." Celia, you were correct, this kid is psychotic.
But that is not the point.

I do miss the more normal characters from the beginning of the series. Conrad is one of my favorite TV characters ever. He was funny and caring. I loved that he slept with Celia in season 1, and I loved how much he cared for Nancy.God I miss Conrad, I hope they somehow bring him back.

This has become more of a ramble than a focused article, but the gist of it is that Weeds is not the same Weeds that aired five years ago. I didn't notice as I was first watching it. It is kind of like how you don't notice someone close to you has changed becuase you see them everyday, but when you look at old pictures it pops out to you. I am not saying that the show is worse or better, it is just so very different.

What do you think? Do you think the show has stayed true to what it was when it first aired? Do you like it more or less now that it is insane? I want to hear your thoughts.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

TV Addiction

I know I said I was back, and I am sorry I have not updated since that last post. The biggest reason I have not updated on any Television shows is becuase I  CANT STOP WATCHING ANGEL. About two or three weeks ago I started watching the series. I have owned Season One for a while but had never finished it becuase my copy was scratched. For some reason though I was drawn to it and started watching the first season. Then two weekends ago was something called Park Ave fest in the city I live in. I went into a local record store and there was the entire series of Angel sitting on the top shelf of the book case for 15 buck a season. It was like the gods were calling out to me "Alyssa, Finish Angel." I have taken their challenge and in just two week I have finished three seasons of this amazing show.

I cannot even begin to explain how much I love Angel. I love how much the three character, (Angel, Cordelia and Wesley) have grown since they have been on Buffy. Cordelia is a strong and independent women now. She is not just a shallow rich girl but she has found her purpose in life. She wants and needs to help people. That is why she is here on earth; that is why she has been given her visions. Angel has also matured and let people in more. Wesley is so much less of a klutz.

What I love most of all though is Fred and Gunn. I am sorry guys, I am a sap for romance. I love love stories. Always have and always will. Especially when the two are meant to be together as much as these two are. They are so cute and so compatible I love it. I mean I would love to have her all to myself but that is not an option at the moment.

So that is my take on Angel as of now in a tipsy state.

Any comments? Agree? Disagree? Never seen it (well then get off my site and watch it)? Let me know!!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

British Accents are Hotter

I am back everyone, and I mean for real back. I just needed to take a little break and make some money this summer, but I am back and ready for action. This summer I have spent a lot of time watching older TV shows. I have been watching The Wire  (which I will definitely be writing about soon) Angel, The OC, Top Chef. This list can actually go on forever so I am going to cut it off on that one.

What today's post is about is when you find out that your favorite British character's actor is not actually British!!! (Not the most insightful post I have ever written but it is on my mind). It is so suprising when you first hear the actor in an interview not talking with an accent. I am also amazed about how easy people can go in and out of accents. Imagine talking one way all day while working and then go home and talk a different way. So weird, so weird. Here is a list of three characters that I was the most surprised was not British (and hotness decreased immensely).

1)  Spike from Buffy (James Marsters)
Were you more surprised Spike tried to rape Buffy or that Spike is AMERICAN. He still has some points in the hot scale though becuase he does sing, and well.

2) Julian Sark from Alias (David Anders)
Sark is not British. My world was crushed. If you want to hear Sark sans British accent every week you should watch Vampire Diaries. Even if you do not want to hear Sark speak in an American accent each week you would watch Vampire Diaries because it is awesome.
For Julian's American accent
Audrey Click Here (all readers are welcome I just really want Audrey to watch!!!!!)

3)Wesley Wyndam-Pryce from Angel (Alexis Denisof)
This is actually the revelation that sparked this post. As I wrote before I recently decided to watch Angel. Even though I have seen every single episode (and own all the DVDs) of Buffy until this summer I have never watched Angel. I am not sure why I was so against this show for so long but it may becuase I am sometimes really resistant to spin-off series. Sorry, this is about Wesley, I will get back to the point...Wesley was the perfect British geeky smart boy. He was like a young less cool Giles. When I heard him speak in the Special Features section of the Angel DVD I was floored. He is not British. This plus the fact that he is married to Alyson Hannigan makes me like him so much less (becuase I want to be married to Alyson Hannigan).

What about you guys. Who were you the most surprised to find out was not British? Any females. It is weird i can't recall any women in this situation so if you know of any female characters that you were surprised did not have the accent of the actor let me know!!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pretty Little Liars 1x04- Yes A We Hear You

So I am now going to be recapping the awesomeness of Pretty Little Liars (PLLs). Love this show so much. So anyway here it goes:

Allison's Bench: After getting a lift home from the cops (again), Hanna meets up with the rest of the girls at a park bench. They discuss how they are going to get the town to dedicate a bench in the town to Allison and they will plant flowers and art stones around it. After taking back Allison’s friendship bracelet (btw I can write words on friendship bracelets too. I know I am awesome) Spencer comes to the realization that A can’t get the PLL in trouble without getting him/her/itself in trouble as well. Spencer whips out her laptop (of course Rosewood has free wi-fi t) and she and the rest of the girls block all messages from unknown senders to block A out of their lives. They all sit for a moment in bliss, free of A’s control, until a paper blowing in the wind comes to them reading “Ding Dong the Bitch is Dead” on one of Allison’s missing persons poster. A has got really has good aim, the wind could have taken that paper anywhere.

Gay Scarves and Absent Dads: Emily walks into school and immediately runs into her lesbian soon to be lover Maya. Maya takes a scarf out of her bag, gives it to Emily as a gift, and then gives her a hug. Emily looks incredibly uncomfortable hugging Maya in public (kissing someone in a photo booth can have that affect). Emily then meets ups with rest of the PLL’s and the first comment out of their mouths are “Hot scarf Em, is it new?” She answers no. Oh I forgot what it was like to be young and angsty and figuring out your sexuality. Anyway Hanna gets a call from her father who walked out on her and her mother years ago; when Emily asks how Hanna and her dad have been doing Spencer responds “I don’t know. Hanna and her father, it’s one of those ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ situations.” Kinda like Emily and Maya’s situations. Yeah I got what you were hinting at there writers. Love it. On the phone, Hanna’s dad says he wants to meet up with her for dinner later that night.

Young Teacher, The Subject, Of School Girls Fantasy: While in the hallway Aria’s Kin tells her that Mr. Fitz has updated his Facebook page. Okay seriously, I do not understand what a Kin is. How is it different from any other phone. Also why is it advertised SO MUCH on the show. It is a bit ridiculous. If anyone does understand what a Kin is can you please enlighten me. Aria leaves Emily and Spencer to take a quick pit stop in Mr. Fitz’s room. They decide they need to discuss what is going on between them and not while they are in school. They plan for a dinner date at Fitz’s apartment. I am picturing Mr. Fitz’s apartment to look like Mr. Oleander’s apt in Degrassi. The one where the ceiling leaked every time his upstairs neighbor flushed the toilet. Lets hope for Aria’s sake it is not that bad.

School Troubles:
Emily goes to her locker, gets her books, and stuffs her red scarf into her locker. She walks into chemistry class and Toby, the creepy guy that saved her from Ben last week, comments how she is no longer wearing the scarf. This dude is creepy. Apparently Toby is not only in her chemistry class but, to her dismay, Emily’s lab partner as well. When Emily opens her chemistry book, the photo booth pictures of her and Maya kissing are in between two of the pages. She slams the book shut thinking that having no idea who put them in there. Maybe someone is just trying to say the two of them have good chemistry. After school Emily goes to talk to Maya who has found a job at a bakery and is wearing a cute pink apron.

After finding out that Maya did not put the pictures in the chemistry book Emily starts freaking out that someone else has seen these pictures. Maya just walks away because she does not want to be something Emily is ashamed of.

Father Daughter Reunion: Hanna is over at Spencer’s house trying to find the perfect outfit for dinner with her father. While there Spencer admits that she copied her sisters paper and that she is scared she is going to get caught. Spence for someone so smart you should know you never copy a paper straight. You take the main ideas and just reword them. Everyone knows that. Hanna, though, wants to make sure that she looks her best because this is the first time that her father has seen her since she has lost all her weight. When her father arrives, Hanna realizes that her father is only in town because of the whole car crash incident and is super upset.

The next night Hanna goes out to dinner with her father again. It turns out that he also invited his fiance Isabel, and her daughter, to the dinner as well. The blonde boring daughter (BbD) is telling a boring ass story about sailing. When the fiance finds out that Hanna does not sale she offers BBD to give her lessons. Hanna makes a joke that even after reviewing ten times, I still can catch. What I was able to get from it was “Something something something come back.” If anyone else caught what was said will you let me know. I want to be in on the joke as well!! Luckily Hanna gets saved from this wretched dinner by an S.O.S. text from Spencer.

Aria’s Got Some Problems: Aria goes over to Mr. Fitz’s apartment and it is nothing like Mr. Oleanders. There is actually paint on the walls and he even has an old typewriter. It is a really nice apartment. She brings up that her parents are on a date night and that her mother is going to be devastated when she finds out about her father’s infidelities. Fitz tells Aria that it is not her problem to fix and parents have to work these issues out on their own. He gives a example of his own family’s problems and Aria bugs out saying it is not the same. They then get into a fight about their relationship, and Aria’s family problems, and Aria storms out.

The next day the PLLs are in the English class they all have together, which also just so happens to be taught by Mr. Fitz. While talking about To Kill A Mockingbird, Fitz asks why Atticus let his own son take the fall for something Boo Radley did. He gets in a heated argument with Aria in front of the entire class about the book. Mr. Fitz then reams another kid in class for giving his opinion of the book. It was uncomfortable for everyone in the class. Later that night Aria storms into Mr. Fitz’s apartment and tells him that he was completely out of line today in school and she was so very embarrassed. Fitz apologizes for his ourburst and invites Aria in for a civil conversation.

Spencer The Home Wrecker:
Spencer is home alone and hears a crash from downstairs. She gets out a knife ready to stab whoever is intruding but it turns out to just be Melissa’s ex-fiance Wren. He comes in with a stolen rose bush from the garden wanting to make things with the family right again. After the drunk Wren falls Spencer helps him up and, from the hidden camera stashed outside the Hastings household, this friendly gesture looks a little more than friendly.
She admits that sometimes it “looks like North and South Korea” between the two of them but the are still sisters. Very strange analogy, but I will give you points for originality. Spencer offers to drive him home because he is way to drunk. She drives him home in his car and kisses her. Hanna sees all of this because she is there to pick Spencer up. While in the car A put a request in to the radio station Hanna is listening to in order to show that she can still get to them.

Throwing Away The Evidence: Emily goes out the the garbage, rips apart the photos of her and Maya and throws them away. She runs into Toby while taking out the trash and they have a little chat about being lab partners.She asks him if he saw the pictures in the books and he said that he did not because it seemed like she did not want him to. Maybe he is not as creepy as I thought? He gives her a speech about being herself and you can’t change what other people think. It seems to have sunk in because Emily goes to see Maya just as she is leaving work. Emily admits that she liked the kiss, but does not know what it means. Emily tells Maya that she needs some time and space and Maya says she will wait, because she cares about her. I am a little confused here because the past few episodes made is seem like Emily used to make out with Allison. Did anyone else get that impression? I thought that was one of the secret that Allison really had on Emily. So it is not like this is the first girl she has had feelings for or has kissed. Maybe she is just freaked out because it is the first girl who wanted more than just kissing.

Aria Can’t Fix the Fam:
Aria and Fitz are sitting on the floor eating leftovers. He admits that the reason he got angry in class was because she walked out on him the night before. Aria then admits that she always tries to be the fixer in her family, and that she does not want things in her family to change.She decides the she needs to tell her mom the truth about her dad cheating, so her parents can deal with it themselves. When Aria gets home, her mother is sitting in the living room reading a letter and looks all upset. As her mother walks out of the room, she hands Aria the letter which turns out to be from A. In the letter A tells all about Aria’s father’s affair and the fact that Aria knew about it the entire time. Uh Oh.

When Hanna and Spencer get back to the Hastings residence, they discover that someone has been in the house. The two girls go upstairs and text the others to come over. As soon Aria and Emily hustle their ass’s over to Spencers, we see what all of the fuss was about. A had written on Spencer wall mirror “It won’t be that easy bitches,” in Allison’s lipstick color.

Truth A, if it was that easy, the show would have ended. Luckily for me A is a psycho bitch and the show will continue.

What did you think of the episode? Good? Bad? Let me know in a comment or e-mail,
Hope you liked the recap and let me know what else you want me to write about or anything else you would like me to know.


(All photo's courtesy of ABC Family)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

SYTYCD: Three Times Not a Charm for Melinda

Finally Melinda is gone. THANK GOD! I have been waiting for her to leave pretty much since the season started. She annoys me and I do not find her entertaining to watch. There was really not even  a question to who was going to be eliminated tonight. The judges even said last night that they think they made the wrong decision last week sending Cristina home (a comment I wholeheartedly agree with). The other two dancers in the bottom three were Billy and Robert. Like I said,  no question out of these three who was going to home.

As for last nights performances, I mostly agree with what the judges said about each performer. Alex Wong was phenomenal. I watched it on YouTube over and over last night. This morning when the video was removed due to copyright infringement I scoured the web for another clip of it. I may or may not have somehow saved that video on my computer so I can watch it everyday for the rest of my life. (FOX if you are are going to remove all clips of the show can you PLEASE post legal copies of it somewhere online!!) I love the story of the performance, I thought it was clever and cute, and I love the song choice for the dance. It was perfection. Ashley's performance was also fantastic. It was a contemporary number and it just was really flowing and beautiful to watch. (Mind you I am not an expert at dance, I am just commenting from a viewers point of view) I may be a little biased though because I think that Ashley is really cute.

The one critique I did not agree with this week was the judges reviews on Adechike's performance. I did not like it. I am not sure if I was not a fan of the choreography or of him. All I know is that it did not entertain me. I really am not a fan of him though. I did not like his dorky little grin at the end. Why does he always get these bizarre business/work affairs with women. I DO love Jose though even though his performance this week was not the best in the world. His smile melts my heart.

That is what I got on SYTYCD. All is right in the world becuase Melinda is dead kicked off. Let me know what you thought or if you even watch it!


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

'FlashForward' 1x22: The Whole World Saw Their Future... Again

Unfortunately the viewers will never see that future.

I could start off this post lying to all you guys saying I have been so busy and life is crazy and that is why I have not written this recap yet. That would be a lie and  I would feel horrible lying to you all. One reason this post is late is becuase I have gotten sucked into re-watching Buffy and The OC episodes over the past few weeks and catching up on The Vampire Diaries. To be truthful though, the main reason I have been putting off writing this recap is because I am sad to see the show end. Writing the final recap means that the show is finally over, and a world without Janis is a world I am not sure I want to live in.

The show start off by making sure to remind you (for the 22nd time) that the Blackout occurred on October 6 2009, in case you have forgotten. I felt a little twitch in my heart knowing that is the last time I will ever get that reminder before an episode. FlashForward what will my life be without you?!

From a Bender to the Slammer: Mark sitting in jail due to his bar brawl at the end of last episode. He got clocked badly in the nose and is sitting moping around feeling sorry for himself and playing with the bracelet Charlie made for him. The screen flashes the time and date, April 29th 8:42 PM. They were kind enough to make sure, if you were unable to do math, that you know that means there are 78 minutes until 10PM. What they don't spell out for you on the screen is that 10pm is the time everyone saw in their flashfoward.

Wedeck comes to get Mark out of jail and is blaming himself for Marks indiscretions. While driving Mark back home (I wonder if Mark is still staying at Wedeck's house) he gets a phone call saying two bombs have been found in the FBI building.

Nicole and Bryce are Finito: Bryce runs down to the Immigration Detainment office and is told that he is too late; Keiko is already gone. After the lady at the desk is all like "I don't know anything, just get the hell away so I can read my book" Bryce realizes that the woman is reading a romance novel. He explains the whole story of Keiko to the Immigration lady hoping that it will win her over. After his whole spiel the lady pretends that she is really moved but instead says "In my flash forward I had a hundred dollars in my pocket and I couldn't find out for the life of me how it got there." Hah. I like that one. Subtlety is definitely her strong suit.

As Bryce is leaving the Immigrations Center he sees Nicole waiting outside for him. He tells her that Keiko left the restaurant as a contact number and that is where he is going. Nicole apologizes for lying to him about Keiko and then Bryce gives a douche baggy apology for stringing Nicole along. He says that he has been ignoring how he really feels and that he loves Keiko and that they are meant to be. I am sorry Bryce you are an ass. Nicole was in love with you and she did not pursue you becuase she knew you were in love with Keiko. She was there with you throughout your cancer and your treatment. You pursued her, you kissed her and you said that the here and now is all that matters. You just broke this girls heart as though it is no big deal. I thought you were better than that Bryce, I really did.

Firework Crossed Lovers: Olivia brings Charliebear to the beach to watch the Flash Forward day fireworks. Dylan and Lloyd show up at the beach and it turns out Lloyd's body guards called Olivia's to find Olivia's location. He is tries to convince her that they need to be at her house at 10:00 in order for him to figure out that equation. She is upset saying that Mark pushed her away becuase of Mosaic and now Lloyd is but Lloyd is all "I am pulling you in not pushing you away. I need you can't you see." Olivia gives him her puppy dog eyes and agrees to take him back to the house.

Miracles In Afghanistan: Back in Afghanistan Aaron and Khamir are mourning the death of Tracy. After Aaron begs, Kahmir decides to try and save her life again. Miraculously Tracy now has a pulse. I don't really understand how she still has a pulse if she was pronounced dead last episode but I will roll with the punches because Aaron is so happy. Another Miracle in Afghanistan is that that while in Afghanistan Aaron gets a phone call from Mark. Apparently between picking up Mark from jail and driving to the FBI office rigged with explosives Wedeck was able to track down Mark's AA sponsor. Wedeck, you truly are my hero. Mark tells Aaron that he lost it and started to drink again. Aaron tells Mark that you are always given choices and that you will end up where you are supposed to be. Wow, who knew that sponsors are even available while in a war zone; that is true dedication. Anyway, Mark takes Aaron's advice to mean disobeying Wedeck's orders and goes into the building with bombs in it.

Keiko's Mom to the Rescue: Keiko and her mother are escorted to LAX by the ICE officers. Keiko is all upset becuase she knows that she needs to get to the restaurant where Bryce is by 10:00 or her life will be ruined. While in the airport Keiko's mom realizes how sad Keiko is. She tells her to be careful when she runs away to find the man in her vision. Keiko is very confused by this comment. Then, one of the funniest scenes in FlashForward occurs. Keiko's mom takes a suitcase and smacks an ICE officer in the face with it. She then starts rambling nonsense in Japanese and tons of officers come to calm her down. During all of this Keiko makes a clean escape from the airport, guitar in hand.

Bryce makes it to the restaurant he is supposed to meet Keiko in but when he gets there the owner says they are not open to the public becuase they are hosting a private party. Bryce is about to lose all hope until one of the waitresses recognizes him as Keiko's man and demands that he gets a booth. Meanwhile Keiko is desperately trying to get to the restaurant but her taxi is stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. She pays the taxi the fare and decides she will get there faster if she runs. Keiko you will get there even faster if you did not have to carry that guitar.

The Unlikely Duo: Janis Demetri and Simon pull into NLAP. They want to break in and find out who caused the Blackout. While still in the car it is obvious that Janis is not feeling well and there is something wrong with her and the baby. In order to get in Janis has to get a cell phone close to the security guard's access card which will transmit a the code to Simon's cell phone. Right after she is able to transmit the access information to Simon's cell, Janis passes out in the security guards arms and has to be sent to the hospital. Demetri is all worried about Janis but Simon assures him that she is going to get help and they need to get on with their mission. When the two finally get into the room with the accelerator the door locks Demetri out of the room. Simon says he does not know what happened and Demetri starts flipping out at Simon saying he knew he would pull a stunt like this. Just as Demetri is calling Simon a "Sociopathic, lying, son of a..." Simon gets the door open and Demetri has to eat his words.

Dylan the Genius: Back a la Casa de Benford, Charlie yells to her mom to come upstairs. Apparently Dylan got into Olivia's lipstick and started writing some of the equations that he saw earlier on his fathers papers earlier that day. Lloyd realizes now that it was not he who wrote those equations but instead his son. Also wow for a little boy Dylan sure does have good handwriting.

Lloyd is freaking out that he will not be able to figure out the Tachyon constant on time and Olivia comforts him saying that they are where they are supposed to be. They are together in her house like in the flash forward no matter how hard she tried to fight it (she did not really fight it that hard thought).

Nicole's Flash Forward: Nicole is driving back home from the Immigration Center crying and utterly distraught because a jerk just broke her heart. She is completely distracted and veers to the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic. She quickly swerves out of the way but ends up going off the road, down a hill, and into a pond crashing her car. Nicole's flash forward is one of the few visions that have not been explored in the show really. In the beginning of the show she ran away for a while becuase she thought she saw herself being drowned and she said she felt like she deserved it in the flashforward. It completely freaked her out. Now we know why she feels like she deserves it, becuase she feels like she pushed Bryce away.

It is ten o'clock. Do you know where your Flashforwards are?

Physics Connects Everyone: Simon finds some beers in the Accelerator room to help him work. He remembers that he is supposed to send Lloyd a text but he has no idea what to send. He has no idea what to say so he decides to send a wave equation thing that used to be Lloyd's e-mail sign off. It seems that Simon picked the right thing to send becuase as soon as Lloyd gets the text, the lightbulb above his head switched on. He calls Mark and tells him that in the next two days there is going to be another blackout.

Mark is staring at his Mosaic board and he sees a flashback of Gabrielle telling him to "make the board look right.": He then starts connecting all these red lines and figures out that the blackout is going to not only be in the next two days, but in the next fourteen minutes!!  Before he is able to pick up the phone and call the president, he gets attacked by the weird men in the weird masks.

Nicole and Keiko find their men: Finally, just in the nick of time, Keiko makes it to the Japanese restaurant. She runs in and sees Bryce waiting for her at a booth; her face is shown in the same soft light that we saw oh so many times in the flashforwards. At the same time Nicole is underwater and sees a man standing above her in the water. It turns out that this man is not trying to kill her; he is trying to save her. He pulls her out of the lake, and somehow Nicole has not a scratch on her body.  The two bond and I am pretty sure if the show was not canceled we would have a new couple on our hands boys and girls

It's a Boy: So Janis gets rushed into the hospital in a gurney wearing a cute purple shirt and sees the cute nurse  she saw in her flashforward. The nurse tell Janis that the baby is still healthy; she also tells Janis that it is actually going to be a boy. This was a surprise becuase in her flashforward she was having a girl.

Vreede and Wedeck to the Rescue: Wedeck finds out that Mark has gone inside the building and is ticked off like none other. Suddenly Vreede shows up and says he can't go home becuase he left his keys in the office. It's nice to know that happens to FBI agents as well. So now both men have to go inside the building to help save Mark and Vreede's keys from the explosion. While running around the building Wedeck ends up in the bathroom he saw himself in during the flashforward. Unlike his flashforward, he will be kicking ass not taking a dump
He kicks down the door of the stall and shoots the bad guy dead. Wedeck you are a god. Speaking of Gods, or atleast men with God complexes, Mark somehow kills about 20 bad guys all by himself. Impressive for a man who was drunk and in jail less than 2 hours ago.

Another Blackout: Simon discovers that someone is accessing the mainframe of  the accelerator. Demetri starts freaking out and Simon is all like "Shoot me if you want but I am the only one who can stop another blackout you ass." Back at the FBI building, Mark has killing off most of the masked men and calls Wedeck to inform him about the next blackout. He wants to make sure that the country is prepared this time around so there will not be global devastation. Simon is working hard to turn off the machine but it does not work. Right as Mark is jumping out of the exploding building the blackout hits.

The Blackout: There is then a ripple seen throughout the world and everyone around the world is sitting or laying down blacked out. No one was heart during this blackout becuase of Mark. The fantastic Band of Horses' " The Funeral" is playing in the background. The camera zooms through different images and different peoples new flashforwards. The next flashforward is going to be near New Years 2015.  Leta is dressed in a nurses uniform and creepily wheels poor Janis away while she is passed out. Also the freaking kangaroo is back!!! The last clip we see is a grown up Charlie saying "They found him!" Does that mean they found Mark? Does that mean he is still alive?

I have so many questions left about this show, and they are useless becuase I know that they will never be answered. I would have loved this finale if there was going to be another season of the show. It left so much to the unknown. So many questions to be answered. As a series finale it sucked. There was nothing summed up, we have no idea what happened at all. I almost wish that the creators would write a book with what they had planned for the next four seasons.

I know this post was not worth the over-a-month wait I gave you guys. I am sorry and will be updating more frequently. I PROMISE.