Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thirsty Thursday 2.0- Flash Forward Drinking Game

This game is going to be short and sweet becuase the show probably will not last long. Also becuase the rule of drinking every time they say "flashforward" will get you hammered off the bat. (Remember the goal is to watch the show and get drunk, not to have a blackout of your own)

Drink Whenever:
Mark has a pained expression on his face
Mark's British accent sneaks out
You see someone's Flash forward
They talk about complicated physics
They mention "QED"
They say mosaic
Janis wears glasses (i will take the drink after I finish swooning)

Small Sip whenever the word "flash forward" is said
Chug during the intro speech from "On October 6..." to the end
Finish Your Drink when you see a kangaroo

So thats all I got. Be safe and happy drinking.



Rachel said...

who watches flashforward??

Alphabetsoup said...

There may not be many of us left out there, but believe me Rachel, they exist.

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