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FlashForward 1x18- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (or as I like to call it Janis World)

Let me first just say that I am so happy I did not make “Drink whenever you see Janis” a rule of the drinking game because I would have been hammered. It was a Janis-centric episode and I was in heaven. H E A V E N. Also side note my friend made me realize last night that ABC’s Thursday night lineup is lesbian central (and by that I mean there are three gay characters). We have Arizona, Janis and Callie(who is bi). They are all positive portrayals of gay women. I will write more about Grey’s later, but this post here is all FlashForward baby.

The Yellow Brick Road: The episode begins with a voice over from Janis. She and Demetri are at Quantico doing an FBI training obstacle course. (Wait what is that I see, no sign of Al or Marcie? I am not going to get into this same issue of continuity again, if you want to know my feelings you can read it in Week of April 11: A TV Let Down post.) We learn a lot about Janis in this scene. Before she was an FBI agent she was an unhappy lawyer but then Demetri got her to join the FBI. Her and Demetri are so cute as friends (and only friends!!!!!). We also learn she has a hot tattoo on her right forearm (we saw this in episode 1x05 during her date but I thought it was some sort bracelet back then).

We find out she is telling this whole story to a woman named Leda. At first it seems as though she is hitting on Janis, but we soon learn that she is the woman who recruits Janis to be a mole.

Gabriel Gets Past the FBI- So here is the B plot. Olivia walks down the stairs in her nice big home and Gabriel (the crazy guy who she met at the coffee stand last week) is standing in her living room. He is going on about how he has seen her before in flashforwards and he has been all these places she has been in the past. He tells her not to buy coffee from the man that looks like Mr. Clean. (Why? Will he put cleaning solution in your drink? Will you get poisoned? Oh the possibilities!) Olivia bugs out and then Gabriel peaces out. In the car, Liv calls Mark and whines to him that this crazy man was in their house. Olivia drives by a car crash and gets out to see what is going on. It turns out that a car hit a coffee cart whose barrister was a bald man (that looks like Mr. Clean). Olivia is officially freaked.

Janis is getting “fishy”: Janis goes to a doctor who says that she is anemic and the baby may be in trouble. She is told she needs to see another specialist to get everything checked out. Flash back to two years before the Blackout and Janis is in the most obvious of places… a fish pet store. She asks for some “Red flower dragon heads” but means “red dragon flower horns.” Janis tells the woman that Leda sent her and is all like “I don’t like fish I thought I was going to be a double agent and get some extra cash.” Bitchy Handler tells her that if she is going to come in there twice a week she needs an excuse so she better buy a fish tank. Couldn’t they have given Janis a young attractive handler like they gave Sydney in Alias? Vaughn was so much nicer to look at and listen to than Bitchy Handler is.

Afghanistan: I am going to discuss what I consider the um… C plot I guess. Aaron is in Afghanistan drinking coffee and is told he has to leave because he doesn’t blend in and will get killed. Aaron and his contact decide to go to head to the mountains or something. Aaron tries to talk to the contact but he is not into it and they pull up to a shitload of people with guns pointing at them and a shoot out begins. Then randomly another bunch of guys start shooting at the guys who were first shooting (confusing I know). Kamir, the guy who is going to help Aaron find his daughter, is part of the second group of shooting guys. I usually find the Jericho storyline intriguing but in this episode it was just a bore.

The Blue Prints: Janis brings the blueprints to a Prof. Cory who is wearing one of the ugliest sweaters known to mankind.

He talks some advanced technical mumbo jumbo and says the diagram reminds him of a sophisticated calculator. Bitchy Handler is the next one to see the blue prints and tells Janis to destroy all other copies of the blueprint. When Janis asks her why the blueprint is important Bitchy Handler is all like “Do what I say bitch.” Janis sneaks into the professor’s office, steals back the blueprints and shorts out the circuits in the building so all electronic scans would be fried. Janis proceeds to the FBI headquarters to destroy the blueprint that is on Marks infamous mosaic board. All seems well and good until Mark enters the room, Janis panics…. Commercial Break!

Janis completely covers her ass saying she messed up and needed to copy these for the professor again. She also uses her doctor’s appointment as an excuse (never too early to blame the kids.) Mark interrogates Janis and she passes the test. Next test she has to pass is her prenatal doctor appointment. Doc says that Janis needs to eat a high protein diet, get 8-9 hours of sleep and not be stressed or she could lose her baby. That is exactly what my coach for Crew tells us minus the losing the baby part. Janis’s phone rings and it is Mark, who has Prof. Cory in his office wearing another butt ugly shirt. Someone really needs to get this guy a stylist. Turns out the Prof. took picture of the blueprint with his phone, so all the copies are not destroyed, and he found out it was an astronomical clock which calculates dates. The first date being October 6 2009, the date of the blackout (they added that last part in case you did not see the first minute of any episodes this season).

Raven River Experiments: Vreede and Olivia team together again and my heart flutters a bit. They are really the best duo on the show. The super pair heads to the Raven River experiment ground to explore and Gabriel pops out of nowhere. He explains to the super pair that every other day for two years Frost would put the patients to sleep and they would experience flash forwards. Savants were picked for this experiment because they could remember everything they saw. Frost then ordered for all of the savants to be killed so they would not tell anyone. Any ounce of sympathy I had for Frost from last episode is gone. He makes me sick and repulsed that someone could take advantage and do experiments like this on people with a mental disability.

Flashback/Flashforward: We are now back to the day of the Blackout and Janis is on the phone with Mark who is chasing after Alda. (Janis your hair looks different, a bit darker than usual I think). Janis is walking down the stairs as the blackout hits and falls down a flight of stairs; that must have hurt. Not as much as the guy who falls through a glass table though. She flashesforward during this flashback and sees herself in the doctor’s office finding she had a partial abruption(i think that is what they doc said) and she is going to have to be really careful if she wants to keep the baby. After she comes to, she gets up from the stairs and sees the destruction and mayhem she has helped create. She is so disturbed she gets sick then storms into Bitchy Handlers pet shop saying she wants out. Janis exclaims that this is not what she signed up for and they did not say her involvement would cause millions of deaths. Bitchy Handler says she is in too deep and she should have known what she was getting in to and to get over it. This lady is a cold hearted biatch

Janis comes out… about her baby at least. Mark asks her about what has been up with her lately and why she is not on her usual “A” game. She comes clean about her being pregnant and says that the baby is not completely healthy and it has gotten her worried. Mark tells Janis that he completely trusts her, which is ironic because she is a mole I guess. They discuss Frost’s last words “You are going to be saved by the lady you see every day” and Janis makes the suggestion that she is going to save Marks ass. Mark dismisses this suggesting the lady might be Olivia. Sorry to disappoint Mark the only ass Olivia will be doing anything to is Lloyd’s. I on the other hand would be honored to have Janis save my ass. Mark remembers that chess gives all the answers and the “lady” Frost is referring to is Queen chess piece they found when chasing Frost. Inside the Queen was a QED ring. The FBI show Campos and Simcoe the ring becuase is too complicated for their little brains to understand Quantam physics. They discover that it is the QED which is a quantum entanglement device. Campos says suspect zero, which is actually him, stayed awake because of the ring. Do you think he knew what the ring was before or did her actually just figure it out?

And the Plot twists in the best way possible: Again we go back to two years before the Blackout as Janis walks into a restaurant to meet… Vogel. Vogel explains that Janis has been analyzed and picked out as someone who could possibly become a mole, one of the reasons being her sexual orientation. Are they saying dykes are more likely to betray the country? She defends herself and says she would never betray her country, which is what I said when I found out she was a mole. Vogel tells Janis she's got it all wrong, the CIA wants her to say yes to an organization that is going to do a VERY VERY bad thing(cause the blackout) so she can pass that information to the CIA. She is going to be a double agent. Vogel gives a speech about how it is going to be hard and she is going to have to do things she does not want to do and that go against everything she believes in, in order to win the bad guys trust. Bitchy Handler then tells Janis she has to kill Benford.

This episode was so exciting, and not only becuase it had a shit ton of scenes with Janis (although that did not hurt). I love that Janis is a good guy again, and she is so good at her job, so it completely makes sense that she is a double agent for the CIA. So just in case people did not pick up on this.

Janis is the CIA's mole infiltrating the Bad Guys, the Bad Guys think she is their mole infiltrating the FBI and the FBI is just completely clueless.

This is the best plot twist they have had so far. The episode was written well and acted well (this may be due to less Benford) and Janis was the center of the storyline. I am very much on the edge of my seat for next week. Please, please, please do not cancel the show ABC, it is just starting to get better.

Let me know your thought about the show and/or the recap.
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