Monday, April 26, 2010

FlashFoward 1x17- The Garden of Forking Possibilties

This week was not as good as the show was in the fall, but I think it may be getting there.

Demetri in Danger- We start off with Demetri sitting in a chair, sweat dripping down his face, and then a shot of his bare feet...eww. About 8 ft in front of him, Mark's gun, in the center of an overly complicated contraption, is pointing straight at Demetri's chest. If Demetri moves from the chair the gun will go off. (All I can say is thank god the gun is not triggered by heart rate or sucker would be DEAD). There is also a clock/timer counting down to zero (which Demetri can see)so even if he does not move, when the timer gets to zero he will be a goner. And then there is another shot of Demetri's feet. Feet are gross, and not pretty to watch, no need to put them on my TV screen guys. Behind him is a chalkboard that goes up to the ceiling with pictures and dates and events. The camera zooms in on:
Wait hold on guys. Is it really March 15th? Is that the day that Demetri is supposed to die? Yes?! Okay, just wanted to make sure because the first one hundred or so times you told me did not sink in. But now that I got it, continue telling me at the beginning of every episode that a blackout occurred on October 6th for 2 minutes and 17 seconds becuase I will definitely forget about that if you don't.

Interrogating the Charliebear- Back in the FBI office the rest of the gang is asking Charlie questions about the scary man, Dyson Frost, who talked to her at the carnival. I like Charlie, I think she is a pretty good child actress. Wedeck tells Charlie that she is "doing good," which proves that good grammar is obviously not a requirement for the FBI. (I shouldn't be talking I have horrible grammar, but this is my blog so what I say goes). I  hear a voice that sounds like Janis's asking questions but I do not see her. She asks Charlie some more questions. Charlie said that she trusted Frost becuase he knew her and her father's name. Frost talks to her about Dr. Seuss. He makes the comment that adults can learn from Dr. Seuss just as much as kids can. I have never agreed with Frost more, I have Green Eggs and Ham memorized from start to finish. I am very proud of that. In the flashback Frost gives Charlie a picture to give to her father. Back to present day we see Janis, I was sure for a little bit back there her voice was coming from heaven, I guess I was wrong.

Zoey vs. Psychopath- I am just going to sum up this B plot swiftly and cleanly to get it over with. Zoey is freaking out that it is March 15 and Demetri is going to die so she meets with the women arrested in the pilot, Alda(psycho) who said she knew info on Dem's death. Psycho forces Zoey to get a same day indictment saying she has appendicitis. Obviously this is a set up for her to escape, not sure how Zoey does not see this. As Psycho walks into the courthouse she gives one of the window cleaners a sneaky look. Lo and behold, Psycho escapes through that window, and the only information she gives Zoey about Demetri is he might be in building 7.

Reasons for why people should not follow Mark: The FBI gang is discussing the picture Frost gave Charlie, which was a picture of Oedipus, a story about sleeping with your mother, and inability to escape fate.
And here is the reason for why Mark makes no sense:
Vreede: "How do we know that by trying to rescue [Demetri]... we don't end up sealing his fate"
Mark: "I don't, but I promised Demetri he wasn't gonna die today and I'm keeping that promise"

Mark do you not see how what you said is meaningless. You have a god complex bigger than McSteamy.

Dyson is a Crazy Mofo: 6 months before the blackout: Pyscho and one of the dudes that tortured Simon are meeting with Frost. FINALLY, after months upon months, we discover that the QED is the ring worn in order to avoid the effects of the blackout. THAT is why the formula is so important. This makes me really happy because the pieces of the puzzle are coming together in an interesting way. Frost has a shit-ton of dominoes set up on his floor. I was always jealous of people who could set up dominoes. (As much of a genius Frost is he has nothing on these guys). He reveals that he began studying flashfowards during something called the "Raven River" experiments where hundreds of flashfowards were engineered. Hold on, did anyone else catch the game of Mousetrap on Frost's desk.This is the third throwback to my childhood in this episode, Dr. Seuss, Dominoes, Mousetrap, I feel like I am back in the 90s.
Back to present day we find out that he dominoes and the images drawn on the blackboard behind Demetri are illustrating the same thing "The Garden of Forking Possibilities" (hence the title). I follow everything that Frost is saying until compares a vision as being equal to atmospheric pressure. He says "once you glimpsed it...if you want to escape you have to do something drastic." But how does one vision have more weight than another? I am utterly confused, and this is another aspect in which the show is failing. I would say I am a pretty smart individual, not a genius but not missing too many tools in my shed, and I taken some physics. I am also invested in these story lines (or at least am desperately trying to) and yet I still have NO idea what the hell this guy is talking about. It is not relateable; WRITERS PLEASE MAKE THE SHOW MORE INTELLECTUALLY ACCESSIBLE TO VIEWERS!!!!

All Aboard Mark is at the train station waiting for Frost. Obviously Frost is not coming himself, so instead he sends a cute little black boy to do his bidding. What I find most interesting about this scene is that the Superman backpack was Frost's, not the boys. I would think that Frost would be more of a Spiderman fan. Frost paid the kid 50 bucks to give Mark the bag (seriously Frost the kid would have done that for half the price, you could have saved yourself 25 bucks). He has 4 hours and 23 minutes to find Demetri. (Hmm that number sounds familiar 4/23 anyone April 23rd). He runs out through a bathroom sewer system or something and meets Frost in the desert. Demetri only has an 1:31:21 left at this point(I don’t think those numbers have a meaning but never know). Frost, for some reason, lets Mark take a sip of some remarkably brown water and Mark spits it in Frost’s face. The water ends up being gas and now Mark has the upper hand. Psycho comes out of absolutely nowhere are shoots and kills Frost, decides to spare Mark’s life, and speeds away. Mark grabs anything and everything Frost owns and speeds away in Frost’s car to be a hero and save Dem.

Worst line of the Show/Scene
Mark: Move we’re running out of time
Frost: The whole world is.

Really? Come on overkill and over dramatic all packed into one.

Best Line of the Show/Scene (because I am hoping it is about Janis)
Frost: In the end you’re going to be saved by the lady you see every day.

Vreede and Olivia: Super Team: Vreede comes to meet Olivia for an unlikely pairing. He tells Olivia that the anonymous text about Mark drinking in his flashfoward was from the homeless guy Frost killed last episode. This actually threw me off, when I read that we found out who the text came from I was sure it would be Janis or Psycho; good twist Flashforward. Vreede and Olivia go down to the morgue and find out that the homeless man was a savant, but Liv still has no idea who the dude is. The two go out for coffee and a man Gabrielle comes behind Olivia while ordering coffee and it is revealed that he was one of the men involved in the Raven River experiments Frost mentioned earlier. I see another new storyline unfolding, and I am really excited for it. Delving into these Raven River experiments will open a whole new door for the show, introducing new characters, maybe shying away from Mark always being center screen. I will stay tuned for this storyline.

One Fish Two Fish: Mark Finds Dem in the warehouse and gets to the gun. He is trying to figure out how to stop the gun from killing Demetri and sees the red and blue wires on the mechanism. He goes back in his head to Charlie and good old Dr. Seuss. He uses the book and saves the day. Dr. Seuss really can cure all. I am really happy they did not kill off Demetri because the cast and acting would fall flat without him. Janis would have to hold the show up on her shoulders (actually I would not mind that). As soon as Demetri stands a mist appears from the heavens (the ceiling) and erases the Garden of Eden (Garden of Forking Possibilities). The rest of the trusty FBI team meets up with Mark and Dem at the warehouse and Mark is explaining to them what he remember from the board.

Mark- “One stood out though, it was all the way up at the top … December 12th, 2016, and after the date it just said the end.”

MY GUESS: This may be completely off but my guess is that maybe it was a day where everyone died in their flashfowards'. That’s all I got. Any comments or questions give me a holler.



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