Sunday, April 25, 2010

Messy Mondays: How I Met Your Mother

Monday's suck, it is the day where you have to begin the work/class cycle once again. On the other hand though, it is the day that new TV shows air after a weekend of boring movies and old reruns. So here is what I compiled together.  HAPPY DRINKING!!!!

Drink Whenever:
Lily tries to meddle with someone else's love life
Lily reveals a secret
Barney says "Legendary"
Barney makes someone give him a high five
Barney hits on a girl
They reference Robin being Canadian
A joke told by Robin falls flat
Ted does a voice over
Ted corrects someone
The taxi driver makes an appearance

Barney calls himself Ted's best friend x2
Marshall sings x2
There is a flashback x2
Whenever they show the kids on the couch x2
There is a telepathic conversation x3
There is a reference to Robin Sparkles x3

Show a Robin Sparkles Video- Finish your drink
The Slap bet is brought up-Finish your drink

Like always let me know if you have anything to add on by commenting or e-mailing me. Hope you enjoy



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