Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wasted Wednesday's- Modern Family

Since Glee has moved to Tuesdays, I think it is safe to say we are all in need for a Wednesday night drinking game. The only show I really watch on Wednesday nights is Modern Family, and even though the show makes my night brighter, adding alcohol would make it that much better. Happy Drinking Everyone!!!

So here it goes:

Whenever Phil hits on a woman who is not Claire
          x2 if he hits on Gloria
Whenever Mitchell rolls his eyes at Cam
Whenever Claire rolls her eyes at Phil
Whenever Manny is beyond his years
Whenever Jay makes a homophobic comment
Whenever Luke says/does something stupid
Whenever Gloria makes a reference to Colombia or being Colombian
Whenever Alex tricks one of her siblings*
Whenever Cam baby talks to Lily*
Whenever Phil misuses a pop culture reference

Whenever someone trips on the broken step(or it is referenced) x2
Whenever Claire says something nice about her family x2
Whenever Haley is using an electronic device- Small Sip**

If any one has any good one to add, let me know by a comment or in an e-mail

(* provided by Lisa; **provided by Aleeza)


Aleeza said...

If you really want to get wasted, how about drink every time Haley is on an electronic device?

Alphabetsoup said...

Good one Aleeza! I will make that a small sip rule.

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