Monday, May 17, 2010

1x18 Glee Loses its Voice

After my fifth viewing of the episode, I decided that it was time for me to write my recap of the episode.

Puck has to get his Mohawk cut off because while his mom was washing his hair she thought he had a mole. The removal of Puckasaurus causes him to lose his popularity. He decides to get it back by dating Mercedes, now popular due her new Cheerio status. Although reluctant at first she finally succumbs to his charms and  has to fight off Santana for him. Meanwhile, Rachel is getting sick because she carrying the weight of Glee on her shoulders since no one else is even singing in rehearsal. She loses her voice, hence the theme for the episode, and thinks that her life is over but Finn rescues her from her self pity. Kurt also has a major storyline this episode revolving around him and his father. He decides he is no longer going to be gay, dresses up in flannel and sings Mellencamp. Oh, and I forgot to mention, he makes out with Brittany!!

Songs Recap:

Jessie’s Girl:
Finn sings this song immediately after he brings Rachel to the doctor to find out whether she will be a singing cripple forever or if she may somehow recover from whatever is making her sick (the more likely option). While there he makes the comment that Jesse should be there because he is her boyfriend, but instead he, Finn, is there because he cares about her more. He would even care about her if she was to lose her voice forever. Cue one of the most brilliant, and the most literal song choice of the series. This song works so well for Finn’s character. He is able to sing a song that he is good at (a rock song) and also tell his story (how he wishes he had Rachel). I have to say, for a while I was not a huge fan of Finn songs, but lately he has been impressing me.

Lady is a Tramp: Puck is trying really hard to impress Mercedes in order to increase his popularity. He decides that the way to win her heart is to go the Black/Jew relationship angle, so he picks a Sammy Davis Jr. song to sing her (because he was a black jew, best of both worlds right?) I am not sure I really understand this song, so if anyone else does please let me know. Why is this woman in the song a tramp if she is high class? Anyway, Puck gets the jazz band to come and play as backup and start singing this song to Mercedes, and he is wearing quite the snazzy outfit including an awesome black and silver vest.
Puck grabs Mercedes up to the stage and the two start singing an awesome duet. Once Santana realizes that the song is not for her (because she truly is a tramp so it was a safe assumption) she gets all pissy.

Pink Houses: After Kurt finds out that his father is taking Finn to a baseball game he gets upset and insecure about his relationship in his father. His fix for this is to become a flannel wearing manly man just like his old pops. He picks the song “Pink Houses” (which originally he thought was about decorating) to show his "voice" to the glee club. Sporting a vest over a flannel, jeans, construction boots, and a baseball cap, Kurt tries to sing the song in a husky voice. When he does not try to make his voice too husky, the song sounds pretty decent but when he tries extra hard to get that low voice it makes me cringe a little bit. No one in the club knows how to take this performance, because this song is so not him. Mr. Schu tells Kurt he missed the point of the assignment and Mr. Shu missed the point of fashion, wearing that sweater over that red flannel.
Brittany takes this performance to mean that Kurt is no longer “Capital G gay” and wants to make out with him so she can have a perfect record of hooking up with every guy in the school. Does this mean that she has also hooked up with Artie? That seems unlikely. Kurt agrees and they awkwardly make out.

The Boy is Mine: I knew what this song was after the first six notes, and a huge grin came onto my face. I love “The Boy is Mine” by Brandy and Monica. This partly is because 8 years ago in camp my group (the Tigers) did a dance to it for a lip-sync competition, which obviously we won. Mercedes and Santana are fighting over Puck in this song. The show picked the parts for the song perfectly with Mercedes singing Brandy’s lines and Santana singing Monica’s. Mercedes voice is softer and a bit huskier like Brandy’s and Santana’s is more sharp (not like notewise but like cutting sharp) like Monica’s. It was an intense performance, including scenes of them passing notes in class around Puck. The song concludes with physical contact, as the two start to push each other, and Schuester has to physically hold them apart.

I want to make a quick comment here about the show. The creator and the actors on the show used to say that this show is not a musical, because the characters do not just break into song, but is instead a staged performance. This is not true. Once they cut to Finn singing in the doctors office while watching Rachel get dressed, it is no longer a staged performance. Are Mercedes and Santana actually singing while in class? No they are not; the other characters are oblivious to the song as they cut to these shots, making it a musical. I would argue that although the show is not a conventional musical, it is still nonetheless a musical.

Rose’s Turn:
Kurt’s dad shows up to school again, this time to bring Finn out to dinner. This is the last straw for Kurt showing that even if he changes the way he looks and the way he talks it will not make a difference. He then breaks out into song. This song expresses everything he has been feeling about his relationship with his father for the last two episodes. He is in the background and people keep glazing over him. When does he get to shine for who he is? It was a powerful performance and his voice is fabulous. His father hears him sing and they come to an understanding for each of them to be themselves and to love each other for it.

One: Finn brings Rachel to meet his old friend, Sean, who has a spinal cord injury from football and is now paralyzed from neck down. He tells Rachel his story, with the moral being that before the injury his life was football, but after his injury he realized that he was more than just the sport. He now realizes he is good at other things as well, including singing. He opened Rachel’s eyes to show her she was not just her voice, and to show her gratitude she gives Sean singing lessons. The first song (and only) they sing is “One” by U2. They start singing together and Sean’s voice is not phenomenal, but not bad. It then cuts to New Directions performing it on stage with Finn and Rachel as the main vocals. This song is expressing how Finn and Rachel really feel about each other. The dance moves for this performance were actually horrendous, but the vocals were great. The song concludes back with Sean and Rachel in Sean’s room as a tear rolls down her eye. She has learned a lesson and will hopefully be more humble because of it.

That is my gleecap, i know it is longer than usual but there was alot to discuss. Let know what you thought of the episode.


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