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'Bones' 5x22 - The Beggining in The End

Snow Indoors: A young boy is jumping on his bed yelling at him mom to come in because it is snowing. He asks him mom to make a snowman with him. I truthfully cannot tell whether this kid is joking or just stupid. Snow is wet and comes from clouds; of course it is not snow you dumbass (yes I called an 8 year old a dumbass). When the mother comes into the snow filled room, she sees cracks in the ceiling around the light fixture. Right after the boy gets off the bed, the ceiling comes crashing down into the room, followed by a ton of junk, and finally a skeleton. It turns out the reason that the ceiling fell in is being he was “one of those guys” which means a hoarder. My mom once was watching an episode of Oprah about hoarders and made me come and watch it. I am not a hoarder; I just think you never know when you are going to need something. There are also bugs and fleas crawling around (which I never had) and Hodgins is in heaven.

Where’s My Poo Poo?: Bone and Booth are on the snowed in scene. After Bone gives a nondescript analysis of the remains, she admits that she is distracted by a new set of remains found in the Maluku islands. Instead of being worried about why she is so distracted he just asks “Where’s My Poo Poo?” When they get back to the lab, Daisy, Brennan and Cam are looking at the remains. Daisy is having a hard time paying attention and screeches announces that she has been selected to go to the Maluku islands. Brennan is shocked and jealous about this news. It is obvious she is dying to go on this trip, and Cam observes this and points it out in her always awesome and well timed commentary.

Soldier in the Park:
Booth and Sweets are in the park getting coffee talking about the case. As usual Sweets is talking psycho babble and Booth is at most partially listening. He sees a soldier behind Sweets staring at him and Booth goes to confront him. It turns out that the army is trying to re-recruit Booth to help train soldiers, but Booth says no.

Later that day as Bones is walking to the Royal Diner she sees Booth talking to the soldier. When she walks in she questions him about what happened, and although he says it was nothing she can tell that he is lying. Booth shows her the letter he received asking him to go back to the army. He tells her that he is not going to go, he wants to stay in D.C. where his job, his life, and most importantly Bones are (the last one was more implied).

Next Parker is the one interrogating his father about not going back to the army. After Booth says he wants to stay home to be with Parker and be with his family Parker is all like “So I am the reason to blame that you are not saving lives?” I know he is just a kid but he completely disregarded everything that is father does for a living. Capturing people who kill other people is saving potential lives. That is the same thing that is done in war. The war is waged in order to save a country and the people who live in it. I guess I really should not be talking though because I used to think all my dad did for a living was talk on the phone all day.

Sweets on the Scene: Sweets shows up to the crime scene (crapnest) in an Oh so perfect fitting crime suit. As he walks around the apartment he finds a snake slithering on this third floor apartment floor. Hodgins tells him he should not be surprised they just followed the other animals like bats, rats, mice and fleas. While at the crapnest Hodgins sees Angela’s dad on the street below, he calls over Sweets but when they look again her dad has vanished.

Angela Bones Time: Brennan and Angela are reviewing the pictures from the crapnest on their fancy technological computer screens. After Angela calls the hoarders collection garbage Bones challenges her saying the intrinsic value of all things are what we give them, followed by “maybe we all overvalue things that are essentially worthless.” Angela picks up that this not so subtle comment is about more than just the case and probes Bones for more information. Bones compares what she does for the FBI to the hoarder’s crapnest. She can stay in D.C. and keep solving the infinite number of murders that will never stop, no matter how many she solve. If she goes to the Maluku Islands though she will forever be known in history; she will find where humans came from. What it comes down to is that she can’t deal with her feelings about Booth and needs some perspective. In order to do this she needs to get away. As soon as she starts feeling vulnerable though, she takes a sharp turn and steers the conversation back to the case.

Male Whining Session: Daisy finally tells Sweets about the Maluku Islands and he pissed. He asks her what about their wedding plans (which have not been mentioned since the proposal over a month ago). She offers up the option of eloping but Lance still does not think he will have anything to do if they move there. She admits that her career means everything to her at the moment and she is definitely going. If he wants to follow her he can live on the islands and become a pearl diver.

Booth, Sweets and Hodgins are all in the crapnest. Sweets is expressing his disappointment that Daisy is leaving for Indonesia and even more that she does not care if he goes with her. Booth makes the completely insensitive comment that he is probably better off without Daisy but makes sure to say “no offense” before as if that somehow makes what he just said less offensive. In a very un-Sweets move, he retaliates and tells Booth that Bones was asked to head the mission and would he “be better off without her?” One point for Sweets. Hodgins tries to join in on the fun, saying that Angela’s dad wants him to steal a car from some bikers. Sweets says that does not make him feel better, but he will help in stealing back the car to show he is Mr. Adventure.

Mr. Adventure: The two boys go to the biker joint to steal back the car and they see vicious dogs on the other side of the fence. They find another wall to climb to get to the car, and while up there realize they have no plan, then the dogs start attacking. Sweets starts to meow like a cat (REALLY REALISTICLY) and the dogs are distracted. When he gets to the car it turns out the whole thing was just a test to show that family do things together. As a gift Angela’s dad gives him the.

B2 in the Park:
While in the lab, Daisy is still gushing about the Maluku Islands to Brennan. She tells Bones that she has to come to the islands and that it will not be the same without her. When Bones tells Daisy that she has to discuss with Booth first and Daisy suggests that Bones is holding Booth back from going to the army just like Booth is holding Bones back from going to the islands.

Bones and Booth meet in the park to talk about their potential opportunities. Bones tells Booth that she wants to take the job but would never take the position without consulting him. When he will not make eye contact with her, Booth finally admits that he does not do well with change. They both decide that they are going to take the opportunities offered to them and conveniently will only be gone for a year.

Caroline Julian Knows All: Booth gives his report to Julian who calls what he wrote a piece of crap. He hands her the letter to show why he did not put his all into this case. Once Booth asks Julian whether she thinks he should stay or leave, she admits she does not care (I do not believe her) but he better clear this case before he leaves. Booth and Brennan go back to Caroline with more evidence for the case but she calls it all circumstantial. As the original Bones-Booth shipper, she says that if this is the last case they do together they should do it right. When they protest that they are going to come back she tells them they should not be so sure with the way they are running away from each other. God I love Caroline.

See You in A Year (or 4 months): Angela and Hodgins decide they are going to take a honeymoon for a year in France so they do not have to break in a new Forensic Anthropologist. This is also a great way that all the characters have a year passed of them not in together by the time next season starts. Sweets and Daisy have a sadder fate and decide that will not stay together while Daisy is away. It would be too much work and not practical. When Cam walks into the lab where Bones has been working all night she asks Bones if she is really leaving.

When Bones answers yes, Cam says that no one will ever be able to replace it. It was a really touching moment because rarely do we get to see Cam’s real emotions. She is usually used as the comic relief. She is a great actor and it is nice to see her soft side once in a while. At the airport she tells Brennan “I really enjoyed working for you.” When Brennan corrects Cam, saying that it was actually the opposite, she just replies “we both know better.” Awe another cute moment. I do not think I have seen so much emotion from Cam since the season finale when Zach left. Hodgins farewell gift to Bones are charts of poisonis animals, bugs and plants on the island and she responds to the gift with “I love you too.” Again, really cute.

Finally it is time for her to say goodbye to Booth. He comes to the airport dressed in his uniform with his hair combed down. He had to sneak away from base to come and say goodbye to Bones. She asks Booth not to be a hero, not to get hurt and most importantly “don’t be you.” He steps in to kiss but instead that two hold hands.

The first time I saw this, I was really upset they did not kiss. I understand that if they kissed neither of them would leave, but I feel like Bones has evolved she is ready for this relationship. The only thing that made it better was the we had [LOST/GREYS SPOILER AHEAD!!!] a Kate and Jack kiss and reunion on the Lost finale and a Callie/Arizona reunion as well on Greys. They decide that one year from today they are going to meet at the reflecting pool, on the mall right by the coffee cart.

I know I did not discuss the case, but it really had no importance. I know that the drama is always what draws people to Bones and not the cases, but this case was exceptionally trivial. I think that it is a smart idea to have the characters leave for a year and then come back together. The show could easily have become stale next season if they did not take this leap. They have admitted they liked each other and now they need to be apart to see who they are individually without the other.

What did you guys think? Do you like this plot twist? Are you upset about Sweets and Daisy? Let me know your thoughts! I will leave you with my favorite quote of the episode and then I am off.

Hodgins: “I am so turned on by her brain. I want to see her brain totally naked.”
Sweets: “That’s a terrible image, just terrible.”



Anonymous said...

I loved this finale, it was very bittersweet. Great review.

P.S. I'm a new reader and I love your posts.
P.P.S. How awesome are Callie and Arizona?

Alphabetsoup said...

I agree, it was bittersweet, but I think everyone will end up where they are supposed to.

Callie and Arizona are awesome, I am going to get around to writing a post about them but I am running really behind right now.

Thanks for your comment and I am glad you enjoy the site!!


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