Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thirsty Thursday 3.0: Bones Drinking Game

Since I still do not have much time to update this week but I really want to I am going to do another drinking game. Drinking games are less of a time commitment to write than a recap and I have been wanting a Bones drinking game for a while. It is another Thursday night show but I guess Thursdays is a big TV night so there should be more drinking games to celebrate that. Thirsty Thursday 3.0 here we go, Happy Drinking!

Drink Whenever:
Clark gets uncomfortable about anyone's personal issues in the lab
There is a medical term you do not understand
Bones relates a situation to an anthropological fact
Bones and/or Boothe ignore what Sweets says
Bones tells Sweets psychology is pointless
You do not know Bone's Assistants name
Bones missuses a common phrase
Bones does not understand a pop cultural reference.
Someone hates Bones as soon as they meet her
Hodgins conducts an experiment
Someone is called a squint
Someone mentions one of Brennans books or that she is an author

Cam is sexually frustrated x2
Hodgins says "King of the Lab" x3
They mention Zach(for episodes after he left)- Finish your drink
We discover what is on page 187- Finish your drink and start the next
Bones and Booth actually get together- Shotgun or chug a beer

As always let me know if you have any suggestions or rules for me to add. Hope you enjoy!



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what IS on page 187?

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