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Flash Forward 1x20 The Negotiation

So, for the first time this year I actually was able to play the drinking game for FlashForward. I used to not be able to because of crew but now that my season is over, it is drinkfest in mi casa. There were a few rule changes I made along the way, and I will let you know what they are as the recap continues.

When Did the World Blackout?:
The scenes from last week start and I feel like something is missing. What could it be? Wait, hold on? Did they not remind us how long the Blackout lasted and what the date was? How will I ever remember now? Do not worry guys, they did not forget to tell us, they just decided to change when to divulge this information. They nix the black screen route and have Wedeck tell everyone during a speech, which actually makes it more bearable. While discussing the FBI’s plans to protect the world on D-Day Janis and Vogel are giving each other suspicious looks and Mark is suspicious of those suspicious looks.

Suspect Zero: Meanwhile everyone is called into the conference room to watch a video that has been leaked about Suspect Zero. *(New Rule: drink every time they say suspect zero) It turns out it was a different video from the one the FBI had, meaning someone else leaked it. Next our very own Suspect Zero (Simon) is sitting in a bar trying to learn an American accent (which ends up being better than Mark’s) and his new name. Out of nowhere Leta, (the girl that recruited Janis to the Bad Guys) shows up and offers him a drink and sex. I wonder if that is how she sealed the deal with Janis as well. I would like to believe not because 1) Janis has more moral fiber than that, and 2) that skank Leta for sure would have given her some sort of STD.

D-Day=Demetri Day:
Dem walks into his office and sees Zoey there. She asks him to fly to Hawaii with her on the 26th to get away from the craziness (and his supposed death) and Demetri says no because other people are depending on him. Is this the same Demetri that said he would move to Hawaii for the rest of his life with Zoey if that meant they could always be together? I think you have been hanging out with Mark and his God Complex for too long Dem and it is rubbing off on you.

Gabe is in the house:
Well actually in the office, and he is messing with Mark’s mosaic board of clues. Mark gets all mad and makes him stop, and then and then Gabe freaks out. *(New Rule: Drink every time Gabrielle freaks out).

Janis the Mole: Jan and Vogel meet in a bar and she says she does not want to be a mole anymore and there is no way she is killing Mark. Vogel says she has to do it because if she doesn’t both her and Mark will be dead. He also says “There is no coming in from the cold.” I have heard this phrase more times in this series than I have in my whole life combined. For some reason the writers love it because they used it over and over again in “ The Garden of Forking Paths”. Vogel says that she has to give the Bad Guys something big, and Janis is all sad and alone. I wish I could just give her a big old hug.

Things just get worse for Janis the next day in the office when Demetri approaches her about the bundle of joy growing in her womb. We find out officially that DEMETRI IS THE FATHER!! NOOOO. NOOOO. NOOOO. (That is my soul crying)

Dear Writers: You had a chance to somewhat not make this a stereotypical pregnant lesbian plot line. When you filmed this episode you already knew the show was going downhill and you still made it so these two slept together in Somalia. After “Let No Man Put Asunder” episode it could have gone either way with one option being them not sleeping together. Also Demetri you should have understood that she wanted a donor not a father. There is a difference. Also you cheated on your fiancĂ© that is really fucked up. Unless they did not actually have sex, but they were in Somalia so I do not really see any other way of him impregnating her.

Leta laid Simon:
In a post-coital discussion Simon tells Leta to run away with him. Simon you should take the advice of Dr. Dre that “You can’t make a ho a housewife.” Simon finds out the boss of the Bad Guys is Hellinger (the man who visited Dyson with Psycho and the Dominos a while back). Hellinger asks Simon to work for them (although he kind of already does) and Simon says absolutely not because he knows he has a leg up.

Olivia and Mark:
Mark tells Olivia that they are going to have a security detail at the house and Olivia bites his head off. She says she wishes they could talk about garage door openers instead of scary things. This is a completely different character than the Olivia we met in the beginning of the series. The two of them question Gabe about people involved in Raven River experiment and he shows them a sketch of The Big Guy who ran the experiment, and it turns out to be Hellinger. Gabrielle is blowing bubbles in his soda (something I was never allowed to do) as Mark walks in to talk to him. Mark tells him that he is going to be leaving the office to a new location. The real reason that Mark checks in with Gabe though is to make sure in the futures that he has seen Olivia is safe. As much shit as I give Mark, he really does care about his wife and her happiness. Olivia truly is the one that caused the break in their marriage.

Aaron vs. Jericho: Aaron is in Afghanistan taking pictures of Jericho’s illegal operations and sending the pictures to Wedeck, and sees Tracy. We learn Aaron is a perfect shot as he shoots the two men guarding Tracy each with one shot and gets back his daughter. Meanwhile Wedeck calls Mr. Prez with this new Jericho intel and tells him that he is going to side with Vice President Clemente and information on Jericho will be revealed. Aaron then drives Tracy to the place he sees in his flash forward and all is well.

Clean Clothes:
Janis goes to meet Bitchy Handler and she is bitchier than ever. This time instead of a Fish Store they meet in a somewhat cleaner location, a Laundry Mat. Janis says she can’t kill Mark because she will get herself killed. Bitchy handler is all like “This was not a request, do what I say bitch or you die.” Bitchy handler puts her disgusting creepy hands on Janis’s stomach and says she has the baby to worry about now so she better do what she is told. After hearing her baby is in danger she dishes on Gabrielle’s safe house transportation. Bitchy Handler than gets really close to my girl and tells her she is “Worth the money honey” and caresses Janis’s face in the most creepy and revolting way possible. Seriously I just threw up a little in my mouth.

The Ambush: As everyone is putting on their bulletproof vests for the transportation of Gabe, Janis sneaks to the bathroom and calls the Bad Guys with the information. She looks into the mirror and holds her stomach (to prove she is thinking of her baby).

In the van the radio is playing, and the DJ is telling people that on the 26th he will be at Atomic Wings for Lady’s Night. Demetri calls the DJ a Jackass and Vreede replies “That sounds good to me.” Atomic Wings and lady’s night sounds good to me too Vreede. As they are driving they get cut off by a car and then ambushed and then shot at. Gabrielle gets out of the van, but it is not Gabe, IT IS MARK! Mark tells the bad men that they better play along with him, and take him to Hellinger. When he gets to Hellinger Mark pulls the same farce of being Gabe. He is able to capture Hellinger, but not before he deletes all of the files on the computer, so all the information is gone.

The Mole Uncovered: Mark confronts Janis saying he has known that she is not FBI for a while and wants to know who she really works for. She reveals that she has been working for the CIA. Mark is all pissy about it saying that everyone will be questioning her from now and that the “greater good” is no excuse. Really Mark? This coming from the guy who released a Nazi from jail for nothing? You are such a hypocrite. Janis tells Mark that they are both in the same boat now, both of them are walking alone and asks is it worth it for him to lose his family over this. d Mark says he does not ask himself that question. When Janis replies “How can you not?” Mark only says “Too much at stake.” First of all, what does that even mean? Second of all this line reminds me of the scene when these two were in Germany about to release a Nazi from jail. Mark says to her “I am sorry this is bothering you so much” and Janis responds “Well I’m sorry this is not bothering you at all.” In the end Janis is a moral character and tries to stick to her beliefs. This is why she was sick to her stomach when they were about to release a Nazi from prison for any reason and Mark was not. Janis may be the mole and may have done things wrong, but she still always tries to take the moral high ground.

When Janis tells Demetri about it he is all huffy and puffy about it as well, but mostly because of the baby. He says Zoey and him are involved in her mess because of the baby, and she is all like “There is me and my baby, and then there is you and Zoey. Two different things Dem.” I still do not understand how Demetri does not think that Zoey will be mad that she slept with Janis even if it was just to get her pregnant. When Janis returns home, her day just gets worse as Simon points a gun to her face asking for her help. I should try that to get someone to help me next time, it must be hard to say no to.

 Did you like the episode? Were you crying sadly to yourself that there are only two episodes left?  Let me know what you think as always guys.


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