Sunday, May 23, 2010

FlashForward 1x21- The Countdown... to the end of the series

A lot happened in this episode. It was nice to see the B plots come back to the surface with only one episode left. Almost all the storylines were featured in one way or another. We had Janis’s pregnancy, Jericho, Bryce/Keiko/Nicole, Marks drinking; the list goes on and on.

Poor Charlie Bear: The introduction of the show is put back to its rightful place, black screen, white writing and all, just so we know that the Blackout occurred on October 6. Next it is 3:23 in the morning and Charlie is screaming for her mother. It is April 29th and she knows that it is the day of the blackout. She is scared that her father is going to die. It is really sad. I cannot imagine knowing for a fact that your dad is going to die, and not being able to do anything about it. I would be going insane.

The Unhappy Couple: Mark and Demetri are standing around their car eating breakfast burritos (yum) boasting about catching Hellinger. Mark tells Demetri he has to go on that plane with Zoey to Hawaii or he will regret it for the rest of his life. He even made a mix tape of fifteen covers of “Island in the Stream,” a song I have never heard of before but must be popular if there are 15 covers. Demetri is scared to go because he knows he can’t marry Zoey with this huge secret under his belt. It is bizarre that he was okay with marrying Zoey the first time around even after he slept with Janis.

Demetri shows up to LAX and Zoey is elated. She is in her all white travel attire ready to fly to Hawaii. Demetri looks very tense and tells Zoey they need to talk before they leave. He admits he slept with Janis in Somalia to get her pregnant. The fable I spun about how he somehow artificially inseminated her in that grimy Somalian room vanishes as quickly as Demetri and Zoey’s relationship. Demetri still wants Zoey to marry him but she says no way, and asks him not to come with her to Hawaii.

Hellinger the Great: We find out that Hellinger used the flash forwards in the Raven River experiments to help in his financial investments. He would find the next sure thing invest, and get out right before it busted. That man must be loaded! After 8 hours of interrogation the only six words that Hellinger has says is “I’m only speaking to Mark Benford.” Funny how Mark is the only person people want to speak to, The Nazi, Hellinger, Frost. Mark you should be flattered. Hellinger will not answer Mark’s question about when the next Global Blackout will be but says that he has been here many times in flash forwards and each time something that happens during the interrogation leads to Marks death. He even draws a cute little diagram about it. Mark thinks that this diagram just gave away Hellingers next move.

The Happy Couple: Nicole goes to visit Bryce with “Happy Flash Forward Day” cupcakes from his favorite cupcake store. She sees the picture that he has been sketching of her and turns the page to his past sketches of Keiko. She gets insecure about their relationship, fearing that he is still in love with the idea of Keiko and feels guilty about not telling Bryce about seeing Keiko’s immigration file. Meanwhile Keiko is still being detained in Immigration holding and finds out that she may have to stay there for a year.

Jericho: Back in Afghanistan Aaron bring Tracy to the building that he saw in his vision to save her. Aaron gets a hold of one of the Jericho men and tortures him to get information on why they were after Tracy. It turn out Tracy did not see Jericho wipe out an entire village, instead what she saw was an experimental blackout. She should have been affected by the Blackout but for some reason she was not. The reason that Jericho captured her was to find out why she did not pass out. Tracy is hurt really badly though and after trying to resuscitate her Aaron is told she is gone; she has gone too long without oxygen to her brain. Aaron’s flashforward will not be coming true. It is heartbreaking because just as he is reunited with his daughter, whom he thought was dead for two years, she dies in his arms.

Janis’s Apartment:
We are graced with the presence of Janis in her very well furnished and decorated living room (love that couch and chair Janis). Her hand is on belly like it always is since she found out she was pregnant.
Simon is still in Janis’s apartment, gun in hand, and wants her help to destroy the people who used him for global Blackout. Janis says he should have the FBI help him help but he does not think they can help him get anything done. He says once they get to NLAP and he can see the mainframe himself, he will turn himself in. Just as Simon and Janis are about to leave, Demetri barges. Simon and Demetri have their guns pointed at each other Janis explains to Demetri what is going on; how she is trying to help out the only way she knows how. When Demetri will not agree to go along with what is going on, they cuff Simon and get ready to bring him back into custody. Meanwhile Janis makes a weird face to show something is going on with her baby.

A Family Reunion: Mark follows what he thinks is Hellinger’s next move, but it ends with the death of three agents. Mark is furious, and really beginning to lose it big time. Wedeck will not let him talk to Hellinger (which makes him even angrier) but then Charlie bear shows up and makes him feel better. Olivia brought Charlie to the office in because she did not know what else to do, and she thought Charlie really just needed her dad. Charlie says to Mark “I don’t want you to die.” He gives her a heart wrenching speech about how she has to be strong. And that he will always love her. I think it is the best acting Joseph Fiennes has done all season.

FBI on the Run:
Demetri and Janis are bringing Simon out into the car and Demetri is still shocked by the fact that Janis believes Simon. When Dem asks Janis why she believes Simon she says “After all the lying, I think I realized that you just come to a point where you can’t do it anymore.” She is referring to both herself and Simon with this line kids. She tell Demetri she is not going to come to the FBI to turn Simon it, but not to lie for her about where he found him. After driving 5 feet, Demetri backs up and says he is in, and Janis jumps into the car.

While driving, Simon is asleep in the backseat like a baby, and Janis asks Demetri what made him change his mind. He says that after he found out she was CIA he was so mad and felt like he did not know who she was anymore. But as he was driving away without her, he realized, this crazy plan she had was so something Janis would do, and he does know who she is. Next he tells Janis that he told Zoey about the baby and then Janis makes a face and puts her hands on her stomach again, showing the audience again that there is something really wrong with the baby.

Physics is confusing:
Llyod is working on the QED formula and Dillon walks in and starts fooling around with the papers. He is organizing the papers and says “everything has to be in the right place.” Llyod has a flashback to something that Gabrielle said earlier about doing the numbers together and has a revelation. He goes to Olivia’s house (where he saw himself in the flash forward) but she is not there. When he calls her she is in the car with Charlie, and she tells him that she needs space from everything and everyone and needs to think about Charlie. Lloyd says that she needs to come back to have things work out, but she puts her foot down and says no. This is yet another flash forward that is not going to come true.

Mark vs. Hellinger 2.0:
Mark goes back to talk Hellinger and asks once again “When is the next Global Blackout?” Yet again Hellinger will not answer. He tells Mark that he had a choice, to let him go or die, and he made the wrong choice. He goes on and on about how he thinks that Mark is a decent guy and it is a shame he will have to die, but this is all above his head. Next he calls the mosaic board a “scrapbook of his failures” and lists all of the failures that are on that board. Ouch that must hurt, and Hellinger is doing a good job of riling up Mark. He then tells Mark that Charlie is going to be better off once Mark is gone. That is the breaking point, and I in no way blame Mark for beating the shit out of Hellinger. Wedeck on the other hand can blame Mark and makes him leave the office.

Mark is walking around the streets of LA where there is some sort of a parade occurring and having flashbacks of random scenes from the season. A man bumps into him and says that in his vision he had just stopped drinking and hands Mark a flask saying “It looks like you can use this.” Mark stares at the flask and decides to drink. Next thing you know, Mark is in a bar sipping a shot. I do not really understand why he is sipping a drink from a shot glass, maybe it is something alcoholics do. This annoying guy comes and sits next to Mark and tries to make annoying conversation. Annoying guys says that Mark is fighting fate and it is sad because Mark has already lost. Wrong move buddy, you just made a pissed off drunk man who works for the FBI even angrier. Mark proceeds to get in bar fight, and then placed in jail.

The Happy Couple Becomes Unhappy: Nicole and Bryce get ready to go out to a picnic and watch the fireworks. Nicole does not want to be with all those people and just wants to be with Bryce. She is feeling really guilty and is afraid that her vision is beginning to come true; the one where she is drowning and feels like she deserves it. She finally comes clean and tells Bryce that she knows Keiko is in Los Angeles in a holding facility and that she did not tell him because she was afraid he would lose him. He gets all upset with Nicole and goes to find Keiko. I really do not understand Bryce and how he does not understand why Nicole did what she did. I am on Nicole’s side for this, one mostly because I want them to stay together.

Back in the holding facility, Keiko is told she is being released. She has high hopes that it will be Bryce but it turns out that it is her mother. Her mother says they have to fly out at 11:00 that night, and Keiko says she has to go to be at the sushi restaurant at 10:00. Her mom says no, that if she is not on that flight she will be arrested. Bryce runs to the Immigration place to get Keiko out but she is no longer there.

One episode left guys. What do you think is going to happen? What do you want to happen? Let me know!



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