Friday, May 14, 2010

FlashForward Gets the Axe

It is a sad day in APB land as the inevitable cancellation of FlashForward has finally arrived. I have been keeping my fingers crossed for weeks hoping that maybe the Television Gods would throw me a bone. Unfortunately that just left me with cramps in my fingers and nothing else. It is so sad becuase the show has actually been coming around and is now back to the quality television that it was when it first aired in the fall. I blame the cancellation on the fact (SPOILER ALERT IF YOU DID NOT SEE 1X20) THAT DIMITRI GOT JANIS PREGNANT. I will be sad to say goodbye to Janis but maybe now Christine Woods can find another nice lesbian role to play. A young girl can only hope.

In other news NBC has also officially canceled Heroes (another show with a budding lesbian relationship). Again this was no surprise with the rating slipping since the end of its first season. This last season with the weird carnivals and all the craziness did not help. Also lets remember that FlashForward had a weird ass carnival scene a few episodes ago. I think the message of this post is the following: 
Weird Carnival Plots + A Lesbian Character= Canceled TV Show

Just as a farewell to FlashForward I will leave you with a photo from the show (its a good one, and yes that means one with Janis... and Theresa from The O.C.)

Anyone else as sad as I am about FlashForward? Anyone sad about Heroes period? Let me know in a comment.



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