Monday, May 10, 2010

Glee goes Bad

This week on Glee a video of Sue Sylvester reenacting the Olivia Newton John music video "Physical" was leaked which makes Sue the laughing stock of school. This along with a Glist being spread around school ranking the Glee members popularity gave Mr. Schuester the idea to make the weeks project to take a song with a "bad reputation" and revive it. The Glist also encourages the Glee members to try and reek havoc around the school in order to get a more bad ass image and increase their popularity.

Review of the Music Numbers

1) "Ice Ice Baby"- Even though Will says that after his performance  "this song is officially paroled," I still agree with Jesse that the song "should be arrested for the crime of sucking."  I never really like any of Will's performances, and this song was no exception. He is always trying a bit too hard to be cool, and I am not a huge fan of his dance moves. This is also the second "hip hop" song that Schuester performs on the show and I think again it falls flat. He is just dancing around the room trying to rap. Unnamed Glee Member 1 (UGM1) shows yet again he can move in ways that look somewhat unhuman and  Artie is stuck in his chair while everyone else jumped up to dance. He looked so sad, i feel so bad for him. Even though he is in a wheelchair he is able to pull of this awesome dance move:

2)" Can't Touch This"- In order to increase their bad reputation  Artie, Mercedes, Kurt and Tina (who did not even make the Glist) plus Brittany (who thinks she should be higher on the list becuase she hooked up with everyone of both sexes in the school plus a janitor) do the worst thing a student can do... sing in the stacks of the libs. (At my school I would be more scared my fellow classmate would kill me than the librarian) Sporting M.C. Hammer outfits which included shiny shiny baggy baggy pants, they create a huge disturbance in the library accompanied by impeccable dance moves. This song was all about Artie, whose facial expressions are priceless, wheeling around and taunting the librarian. In the end though, their big show only hurt their reputation due to the fact that the librarian thought they were cute. She asked them to perform at her church on Sunday which is totally not bad ass.

3)"Physical"- Um, I actually could not watch this through the first time and I literally had to close my eyes. Olivia Newton John looked horrible, she looked plastic and fake. It ruined my whole image of her from Grease where she was wholesome and cute and perfect, emphasis on the cute and perfect. Here she is anything but. Her lips look like Meg Ryan's, and nothing above her lips were able to move because of Botox. I also do not think that Olivia Newton-Johns voice was as good as it used to be. Sue Sylvester was the only thing that made this video work. She was hilarious, and I personally think her voice sounded better than Olivia's.

4)"Run Joey Run"- This was Rachel's response to Schuester's assignment of the week. She picked this horrible story song from the 70's. I LOVED this video and song (even though my sister hated it). I thought it was funny and they redeemed this song. Rachel used this song to increase her bad reputation by triple casting the male lead "Joey" with the three boys who she has dated Jesse, Puck and Finn. None of the the boys knew that the others were in the video until its screening. I thought the video was hilarious especially the fact that Brittany and Santana were angels, and the horribleness of the song made it that much better. I did feel really bad for Finn though. He really does care about Rachel and she is just dismissing his feeling for her. He is so much better for her than Jesse and I think she will soon realize it.

5) "Total Eclipse of The Heart"- I will always have a soft spot in my heart for this song. One of my first thoughts when hearing this was how different Lea's voice is in this performance verses "Run Joey Run." It is just another example of how amazing of a performer and singer she is. Rachel is alone, she lost her boyfriend, she hurt Finn, and well Puck is just annoyed at her. She has no one to love her anymore. She conveys so much pain in her voice, it is heartbreaking to watch. My favorite part was when her and Jesse are singing during Ballet. (Side note- every time i watch a scene with Jesse I just keep thinking to myself, wow this guy is so gay, and I love it. Also if you want to read an article about gay actors playing straight check this out. Warning you may want to throw your computer with the authors self loathing homophobia.). The ballet just reiterated how talented Lea is as a performer.

Favorite Quote:
Sue: What's that smell? Oh dear, that is the smell of coffee, it used to be masked by the smell of fear.

Puck: Besides, Jesse will never fully understand what is means to be a Jew.

Artie: I'm kind of getting cold feet here.
Brittany: Can you even feel your feet

So that is my Gleecap. Let me know what you think, comments, thoughts, any grammatical errors. All are welcome.



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