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'FlashForward' 1x22: The Whole World Saw Their Future... Again

Unfortunately the viewers will never see that future.

I could start off this post lying to all you guys saying I have been so busy and life is crazy and that is why I have not written this recap yet. That would be a lie and  I would feel horrible lying to you all. One reason this post is late is becuase I have gotten sucked into re-watching Buffy and The OC episodes over the past few weeks and catching up on The Vampire Diaries. To be truthful though, the main reason I have been putting off writing this recap is because I am sad to see the show end. Writing the final recap means that the show is finally over, and a world without Janis is a world I am not sure I want to live in.

The show start off by making sure to remind you (for the 22nd time) that the Blackout occurred on October 6 2009, in case you have forgotten. I felt a little twitch in my heart knowing that is the last time I will ever get that reminder before an episode. FlashForward what will my life be without you?!

From a Bender to the Slammer: Mark sitting in jail due to his bar brawl at the end of last episode. He got clocked badly in the nose and is sitting moping around feeling sorry for himself and playing with the bracelet Charlie made for him. The screen flashes the time and date, April 29th 8:42 PM. They were kind enough to make sure, if you were unable to do math, that you know that means there are 78 minutes until 10PM. What they don't spell out for you on the screen is that 10pm is the time everyone saw in their flashfoward.

Wedeck comes to get Mark out of jail and is blaming himself for Marks indiscretions. While driving Mark back home (I wonder if Mark is still staying at Wedeck's house) he gets a phone call saying two bombs have been found in the FBI building.

Nicole and Bryce are Finito: Bryce runs down to the Immigration Detainment office and is told that he is too late; Keiko is already gone. After the lady at the desk is all like "I don't know anything, just get the hell away so I can read my book" Bryce realizes that the woman is reading a romance novel. He explains the whole story of Keiko to the Immigration lady hoping that it will win her over. After his whole spiel the lady pretends that she is really moved but instead says "In my flash forward I had a hundred dollars in my pocket and I couldn't find out for the life of me how it got there." Hah. I like that one. Subtlety is definitely her strong suit.

As Bryce is leaving the Immigrations Center he sees Nicole waiting outside for him. He tells her that Keiko left the restaurant as a contact number and that is where he is going. Nicole apologizes for lying to him about Keiko and then Bryce gives a douche baggy apology for stringing Nicole along. He says that he has been ignoring how he really feels and that he loves Keiko and that they are meant to be. I am sorry Bryce you are an ass. Nicole was in love with you and she did not pursue you becuase she knew you were in love with Keiko. She was there with you throughout your cancer and your treatment. You pursued her, you kissed her and you said that the here and now is all that matters. You just broke this girls heart as though it is no big deal. I thought you were better than that Bryce, I really did.

Firework Crossed Lovers: Olivia brings Charliebear to the beach to watch the Flash Forward day fireworks. Dylan and Lloyd show up at the beach and it turns out Lloyd's body guards called Olivia's to find Olivia's location. He is tries to convince her that they need to be at her house at 10:00 in order for him to figure out that equation. She is upset saying that Mark pushed her away becuase of Mosaic and now Lloyd is but Lloyd is all "I am pulling you in not pushing you away. I need you can't you see." Olivia gives him her puppy dog eyes and agrees to take him back to the house.

Miracles In Afghanistan: Back in Afghanistan Aaron and Khamir are mourning the death of Tracy. After Aaron begs, Kahmir decides to try and save her life again. Miraculously Tracy now has a pulse. I don't really understand how she still has a pulse if she was pronounced dead last episode but I will roll with the punches because Aaron is so happy. Another Miracle in Afghanistan is that that while in Afghanistan Aaron gets a phone call from Mark. Apparently between picking up Mark from jail and driving to the FBI office rigged with explosives Wedeck was able to track down Mark's AA sponsor. Wedeck, you truly are my hero. Mark tells Aaron that he lost it and started to drink again. Aaron tells Mark that you are always given choices and that you will end up where you are supposed to be. Wow, who knew that sponsors are even available while in a war zone; that is true dedication. Anyway, Mark takes Aaron's advice to mean disobeying Wedeck's orders and goes into the building with bombs in it.

Keiko's Mom to the Rescue: Keiko and her mother are escorted to LAX by the ICE officers. Keiko is all upset becuase she knows that she needs to get to the restaurant where Bryce is by 10:00 or her life will be ruined. While in the airport Keiko's mom realizes how sad Keiko is. She tells her to be careful when she runs away to find the man in her vision. Keiko is very confused by this comment. Then, one of the funniest scenes in FlashForward occurs. Keiko's mom takes a suitcase and smacks an ICE officer in the face with it. She then starts rambling nonsense in Japanese and tons of officers come to calm her down. During all of this Keiko makes a clean escape from the airport, guitar in hand.

Bryce makes it to the restaurant he is supposed to meet Keiko in but when he gets there the owner says they are not open to the public becuase they are hosting a private party. Bryce is about to lose all hope until one of the waitresses recognizes him as Keiko's man and demands that he gets a booth. Meanwhile Keiko is desperately trying to get to the restaurant but her taxi is stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. She pays the taxi the fare and decides she will get there faster if she runs. Keiko you will get there even faster if you did not have to carry that guitar.

The Unlikely Duo: Janis Demetri and Simon pull into NLAP. They want to break in and find out who caused the Blackout. While still in the car it is obvious that Janis is not feeling well and there is something wrong with her and the baby. In order to get in Janis has to get a cell phone close to the security guard's access card which will transmit a the code to Simon's cell phone. Right after she is able to transmit the access information to Simon's cell, Janis passes out in the security guards arms and has to be sent to the hospital. Demetri is all worried about Janis but Simon assures him that she is going to get help and they need to get on with their mission. When the two finally get into the room with the accelerator the door locks Demetri out of the room. Simon says he does not know what happened and Demetri starts flipping out at Simon saying he knew he would pull a stunt like this. Just as Demetri is calling Simon a "Sociopathic, lying, son of a..." Simon gets the door open and Demetri has to eat his words.

Dylan the Genius: Back a la Casa de Benford, Charlie yells to her mom to come upstairs. Apparently Dylan got into Olivia's lipstick and started writing some of the equations that he saw earlier on his fathers papers earlier that day. Lloyd realizes now that it was not he who wrote those equations but instead his son. Also wow for a little boy Dylan sure does have good handwriting.

Lloyd is freaking out that he will not be able to figure out the Tachyon constant on time and Olivia comforts him saying that they are where they are supposed to be. They are together in her house like in the flash forward no matter how hard she tried to fight it (she did not really fight it that hard thought).

Nicole's Flash Forward: Nicole is driving back home from the Immigration Center crying and utterly distraught because a jerk just broke her heart. She is completely distracted and veers to the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic. She quickly swerves out of the way but ends up going off the road, down a hill, and into a pond crashing her car. Nicole's flash forward is one of the few visions that have not been explored in the show really. In the beginning of the show she ran away for a while becuase she thought she saw herself being drowned and she said she felt like she deserved it in the flashforward. It completely freaked her out. Now we know why she feels like she deserves it, becuase she feels like she pushed Bryce away.

It is ten o'clock. Do you know where your Flashforwards are?

Physics Connects Everyone: Simon finds some beers in the Accelerator room to help him work. He remembers that he is supposed to send Lloyd a text but he has no idea what to send. He has no idea what to say so he decides to send a wave equation thing that used to be Lloyd's e-mail sign off. It seems that Simon picked the right thing to send becuase as soon as Lloyd gets the text, the lightbulb above his head switched on. He calls Mark and tells him that in the next two days there is going to be another blackout.

Mark is staring at his Mosaic board and he sees a flashback of Gabrielle telling him to "make the board look right.": He then starts connecting all these red lines and figures out that the blackout is going to not only be in the next two days, but in the next fourteen minutes!!  Before he is able to pick up the phone and call the president, he gets attacked by the weird men in the weird masks.

Nicole and Keiko find their men: Finally, just in the nick of time, Keiko makes it to the Japanese restaurant. She runs in and sees Bryce waiting for her at a booth; her face is shown in the same soft light that we saw oh so many times in the flashforwards. At the same time Nicole is underwater and sees a man standing above her in the water. It turns out that this man is not trying to kill her; he is trying to save her. He pulls her out of the lake, and somehow Nicole has not a scratch on her body.  The two bond and I am pretty sure if the show was not canceled we would have a new couple on our hands boys and girls

It's a Boy: So Janis gets rushed into the hospital in a gurney wearing a cute purple shirt and sees the cute nurse  she saw in her flashforward. The nurse tell Janis that the baby is still healthy; she also tells Janis that it is actually going to be a boy. This was a surprise becuase in her flashforward she was having a girl.

Vreede and Wedeck to the Rescue: Wedeck finds out that Mark has gone inside the building and is ticked off like none other. Suddenly Vreede shows up and says he can't go home becuase he left his keys in the office. It's nice to know that happens to FBI agents as well. So now both men have to go inside the building to help save Mark and Vreede's keys from the explosion. While running around the building Wedeck ends up in the bathroom he saw himself in during the flashforward. Unlike his flashforward, he will be kicking ass not taking a dump
He kicks down the door of the stall and shoots the bad guy dead. Wedeck you are a god. Speaking of Gods, or atleast men with God complexes, Mark somehow kills about 20 bad guys all by himself. Impressive for a man who was drunk and in jail less than 2 hours ago.

Another Blackout: Simon discovers that someone is accessing the mainframe of  the accelerator. Demetri starts freaking out and Simon is all like "Shoot me if you want but I am the only one who can stop another blackout you ass." Back at the FBI building, Mark has killing off most of the masked men and calls Wedeck to inform him about the next blackout. He wants to make sure that the country is prepared this time around so there will not be global devastation. Simon is working hard to turn off the machine but it does not work. Right as Mark is jumping out of the exploding building the blackout hits.

The Blackout: There is then a ripple seen throughout the world and everyone around the world is sitting or laying down blacked out. No one was heart during this blackout becuase of Mark. The fantastic Band of Horses' " The Funeral" is playing in the background. The camera zooms through different images and different peoples new flashforwards. The next flashforward is going to be near New Years 2015.  Leta is dressed in a nurses uniform and creepily wheels poor Janis away while she is passed out. Also the freaking kangaroo is back!!! The last clip we see is a grown up Charlie saying "They found him!" Does that mean they found Mark? Does that mean he is still alive?

I have so many questions left about this show, and they are useless becuase I know that they will never be answered. I would have loved this finale if there was going to be another season of the show. It left so much to the unknown. So many questions to be answered. As a series finale it sucked. There was nothing summed up, we have no idea what happened at all. I almost wish that the creators would write a book with what they had planned for the next four seasons.

I know this post was not worth the over-a-month wait I gave you guys. I am sorry and will be updating more frequently. I PROMISE.



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