Thursday, July 1, 2010

SYTYCD: Three Times Not a Charm for Melinda

Finally Melinda is gone. THANK GOD! I have been waiting for her to leave pretty much since the season started. She annoys me and I do not find her entertaining to watch. There was really not even  a question to who was going to be eliminated tonight. The judges even said last night that they think they made the wrong decision last week sending Cristina home (a comment I wholeheartedly agree with). The other two dancers in the bottom three were Billy and Robert. Like I said,  no question out of these three who was going to home.

As for last nights performances, I mostly agree with what the judges said about each performer. Alex Wong was phenomenal. I watched it on YouTube over and over last night. This morning when the video was removed due to copyright infringement I scoured the web for another clip of it. I may or may not have somehow saved that video on my computer so I can watch it everyday for the rest of my life. (FOX if you are are going to remove all clips of the show can you PLEASE post legal copies of it somewhere online!!) I love the story of the performance, I thought it was clever and cute, and I love the song choice for the dance. It was perfection. Ashley's performance was also fantastic. It was a contemporary number and it just was really flowing and beautiful to watch. (Mind you I am not an expert at dance, I am just commenting from a viewers point of view) I may be a little biased though because I think that Ashley is really cute.

The one critique I did not agree with this week was the judges reviews on Adechike's performance. I did not like it. I am not sure if I was not a fan of the choreography or of him. All I know is that it did not entertain me. I really am not a fan of him though. I did not like his dorky little grin at the end. Why does he always get these bizarre business/work affairs with women. I DO love Jose though even though his performance this week was not the best in the world. His smile melts my heart.

That is what I got on SYTYCD. All is right in the world becuase Melinda is dead kicked off. Let me know what you thought or if you even watch it!



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