Saturday, August 14, 2010

British Accents are Hotter

I am back everyone, and I mean for real back. I just needed to take a little break and make some money this summer, but I am back and ready for action. This summer I have spent a lot of time watching older TV shows. I have been watching The Wire  (which I will definitely be writing about soon) Angel, The OC, Top Chef. This list can actually go on forever so I am going to cut it off on that one.

What today's post is about is when you find out that your favorite British character's actor is not actually British!!! (Not the most insightful post I have ever written but it is on my mind). It is so suprising when you first hear the actor in an interview not talking with an accent. I am also amazed about how easy people can go in and out of accents. Imagine talking one way all day while working and then go home and talk a different way. So weird, so weird. Here is a list of three characters that I was the most surprised was not British (and hotness decreased immensely).

1)  Spike from Buffy (James Marsters)
Were you more surprised Spike tried to rape Buffy or that Spike is AMERICAN. He still has some points in the hot scale though becuase he does sing, and well.

2) Julian Sark from Alias (David Anders)
Sark is not British. My world was crushed. If you want to hear Sark sans British accent every week you should watch Vampire Diaries. Even if you do not want to hear Sark speak in an American accent each week you would watch Vampire Diaries because it is awesome.
For Julian's American accent
Audrey Click Here (all readers are welcome I just really want Audrey to watch!!!!!)

3)Wesley Wyndam-Pryce from Angel (Alexis Denisof)
This is actually the revelation that sparked this post. As I wrote before I recently decided to watch Angel. Even though I have seen every single episode (and own all the DVDs) of Buffy until this summer I have never watched Angel. I am not sure why I was so against this show for so long but it may becuase I am sometimes really resistant to spin-off series. Sorry, this is about Wesley, I will get back to the point...Wesley was the perfect British geeky smart boy. He was like a young less cool Giles. When I heard him speak in the Special Features section of the Angel DVD I was floored. He is not British. This plus the fact that he is married to Alyson Hannigan makes me like him so much less (becuase I want to be married to Alyson Hannigan).

What about you guys. Who were you the most surprised to find out was not British? Any females. It is weird i can't recall any women in this situation so if you know of any female characters that you were surprised did not have the accent of the actor let me know!!



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