Monday, September 20, 2010

Hellcats 1x02- A Steep Decline In Quality

So I am going to eat my words from last week. After this last week, Hellcats may not be as good as I expected. I thought this episode was a complete bore and felt that it lasted for hours and never ended. But good or bad, I am still going to recap the episode.

Show Time
We start off just where we left off, with the Hellcats getting ready to perform. They huddle up around Vanessa to get the normal pregame prep talk. She asks the squad if they are feeling the weight, making it seem like it is going to be the hardass coach speech, but wait she fooled me. She tells them she has faith in them because they are “champions of the spirit.” And then she continues to give a totally unconvincing and unmotivational speech.Next comes the performance. Oops sorry, spoke too soon. Drama obviously has to ensue first.

Savannah’s got Family Issues.

Savannah walks out to the hallway where the Memphis Christian Cyclone girls are practicing. For a team that is “not showing alot of skin” their skirts are maybe an inch below their vag.
Right after we find out that Savannah used to go to this school, Savannah walks up to a girl named Charlotte and wishes her good luck. Instead being nice back, she tells her that Memphis Christian is going to crush them, and that she should save that luck for herself. Wow harsh, I have a feeling that is going to bite you in the ass later Charlotte. I am not sure though, this show is in no way predictable. The Cyclones are up on stage performing one of the most boring routines I have ever seen. Besides boring me to death, the routine goes without a glitch... until the end that is. Charlotte falls from the top of a pyramid and get seriously hurt. As everyone rushes to make sure she is okay, we find out that Savannah and Char are sisters.

Savannah goes to visit Charlotte, but as soon as she walks their is tension you could cut with a knife, and their mother excuses herself from the room. She tells Charlotte she misses her family, it is really sad. Charlotte only responds with “What makes you think this is all about you.” Wow that was harsh.

More Mommy Issues
Marti gets called on the PA to come to the front desk of the competition and finds her annoying ass mother waiting their for her. Alice stands there and does not even try to hide the fact that she invited Marti’s mom. When her mom asked why Dan, Marti’s friend, was allowed backstage and not her, he covers by saying her and Savannah was dating.Savannah is confused by this and we find out that 1) she does not understand jokes and 2) that her comment last week was not about only lesbian subtext. Also there is some sexual tension going on between Dan and Savannah. They continue with the same fight that they always have and Savannah finally gets rid of her. Their competition time gets changed to a later day, so this will probably all happen again in about 20 minutes.

Marti wakes up at 6:00 am and apparently tries to read a book while blow drying her hair.

She is frantic and we are supposed to pull from this that she is busy busy girl. After her exhausting/ exaggerated day, Marti gets home to her mother making dinner for the entire cheer house. I just want to say it really pains me to see Marti’s mom (Gail O’Grady) in this show, especially with that horrible accent she is sporting. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED her in American Dreams; she was one of my favorite characters. Here her character is so annoying and fake and pathetic. Anyway, she continues to drink too much and tell inappropriate stories throughout dinner. Marti tries to get her to stop drinking but nothing will work and after dinner we find out that she got evicted from her house. She got angry at the landlord because he wanted to paint the wall a certain color and then she trashed the landlords car. Seriously, my 10 year old cousin has more self control and intelligence than this woman After Marti is unable to focus at practice she realizes she needs to fix all of her mothers messes and saves her moms ass again.

I Really need to Finish this recap because this episode sucked
Savannah and Marti have a heart to heart in their room and discuss their mundane family issues with each other. The next morning everyone wakes up at 6AM and eats their protein rich breakfasts, and arrives at the competition. Savannah goes outside before their performance and she says a prayer for her family and her sister, then they have a weird slow motion shot of her face. Like a bad case of herpes, Marti’s mom shows up. (Yeah, I stole that one for Glee). She and her mother argue but then Marti feels bad and lets her mom stay. Wow, such personal growth Marti.Their performance goes without a glitch, and it is actually quiet entertaining to watch. Unsurprisingly they win, due to the fact they couldn’t pull of a Glee they don't win but the club still will go on story line. After they win they go to the bar to drink and dance. Dan asks Savannah out and it was really cute.

So that was the episode. Maybe next weeks episode will be better. If it isn’t better, maybe we will see “The Wedge” doing something gayish. A young girl can only hope. Thoughts, comments, free drinks to make next episode more bearable? Let me know.



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