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Vampire Diaries 2x01- The Doppelganger Hijinx Ensues

So we start off right where we left off. Just in case anyone has forgotten, Katherine is back and she and Elena look identical. Elena comes into the house to find John stabbed and with one hand and Katherine runs out. (Can anyone think of a role David Anders played where he was not a douche? In Alias-douche; In Heroes-douche.) More important though than douche bag John being one handed is whether or not Jeremy has become a vampire after drinking Anna’s blood. Thankfully that answer is no. It turns that he did not take enough pills to die, so ironically enough Anna’s blood actually helped heal him faster.

Elana’s Life Sucks
After dealing with her brothers Vampire-icide attempt, Elena heads over to the hospital to see how Caroline is. I completely forgot about the car crash until now. I really want to know why the two Lockwood men were affected by that machine. Obviously they are not vampires, so what are they?!? Elena finds out from Bonnie that Caroline is not doing well and Bonnie has her usual “I am miserable and smell something rotten” face on. Damon over hears the girls conversation and offers to heal Caroline by giving her some of his blood.

Bonnie shows up the next morning at the hospital to check how Caroline is doing. After revealing that Damon had stopped by the night before, Matt tells her that Caroline is now doing fine. Damon obviously kept his word and gave Caroline his blood. When the two enter the room, Caroline is her usual bubbly self and watching Jersey Shore. For whatever reason, the fact that Caroline announces “Jersey Shore’s on” with a smile that big just makes me smile. 

She is so adorable, I just love that they developed Caroline’s character into more than just the needy friend who only wanted attention from boys. On the other end of the hospital, Elena and Stephen visit John to get answers to why Katherine is back. After realizing John is not going to give up any information, and is continuing to be the douche he has always been, Elena leaves. Stephen takes this opportunity to force John to feed on his blood and threaten to turn him into a vampire if he does not leave town in 24 hours. Stephen, I love it when your dark side comes out.

Katherine’s Back, and finally everyone knows
After Bonnie leaves the hospital Damon brings up the intense kiss the two had on the porch earlier in the night. Elena tells him that they never kissed (because she did not actually kiss him) and Damon is all pissy because he thinks Elena is just denying it. It is not until Jenna shows up (giving Damon the dirtiest of dirty looks) does he realize that Katherine has indeed returned. On cue Katherine shows up at Elena’s house (because Jenna let her in) and pretends to be Elena with Stephen. (This post is getting confusing to write with Katherine pretending to be Elena all the time.) Thankfully, Stephen can tell that this chick is not his girl and attacks her. When Damon and Elena arrive home, Katherine has already escaped, and Stephen questions Damon about his and Katherine’s encounter. When Damon admits that he kissed Katherine, while thinking it was Elena, Stephen flips a shit and tries unsuccessfully to attack him. As always Elena becomes the mediator between the Salvatore brothers.

The Lockwood Mansion
Back at the Lockwood house, the town is grieving the loss of their asshole Mayor. Tyler’s uncle, Mason, shows up after being gone for about seven years. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Uncle Mason will help explain why Tyler and the Mayor were effected by the Vamp Machine. Bonnie is also as inquisitive about this Lockwood mystery as I am. Unfortunately, Damon is not, and is not willing to join Bonnie’s Scooby Search to discover the answers. After being his normal cunning assholey self, Bonnie uses her powers on him to prove she is a stronger witch than he previously thought.

Katherine comes to the house (as Elena) and Tyler invites her in (wrong move Tyler). Katherine walks different than Elena, she is more fierce and has a much stronger presence. I am not sure how no one else but me and Stephen notice this. Bonnie runs into Katherine and vents to her about Damon. It is not until she touches Katherine does she realize it is not Elena due to the fact witches have a spidey sense when it comes to vamps. Katherine corners Bonnie, but Bonnie uses her powers to save herself, and Stephen is there to help as well.

Old Lovers Reunited
Stephen and Katherine walk around the party and have an incredibly flirtatious back and forth. I have to say Nina Dobrev acting is spot on as Katherine and Elena. She really makes them two completely different characters and brings a delicious playfulness to Katherine’s character. She was no where close to this good on Degrassi. Anywho, when Stephen asks her what game she is playing, she tells Stephen there are no rules. The two leave the party (and when I say party I actually mean wake) just as Elena walks in. She sees Damon drinking by himself and goes to make sure he is okay. He asks Elena why she was surprised he would kiss her and she is all like “I am not surprised you kissed me, I am surprised you thought I would kiss you back.” Poor Damon, he looks so hurt, I just want to give him a big hug.

Stephen and Katherine continue on their walk and god damn, does Katherine look good in those pants. I mean wow.

After Stephen declares again that he hates her, she takes a metal stake, stabs him, and says “That sounds like the beginning of a love story not the end of one.” So I have two main questions here. 1)Why the hell did Katherine wait all this time until Stephen fell in love again to come back into Stephen’s life. 2) Also why did you stab him if you want him to be in love with you again? You a crazy bitch!

The Lockwood Secret
No, it is not revealed yet and I am dying. Tyler is in his fathers study and has a break down. He throws and breaks all of the things on his fathers desks and pushes his mother out of the way. All of a sudden out of nowhere Mason comes and tackles Tyler to the ground. He finally gets Tyler to settle down. Mason puts Tyler’s mom to sleeps and comes back to the study to talk to Tyler. He tells Mason that he does not know why he gets like that sometimes and that he hates it.

Mason: It’s the curse of being a Lockwood.
Tyler: So how did you get the chill gene.
Mason:I didn’t. I just learned how to manage it.
Tyler: I don’t want to be like this anymore.
Mason: None of us do, that is why they call it a curse.

What is the curse, is this a real curse. Do you think Bonnie’s grandma cursed them. Is that why they got hurt by the vamp machine. Ohh the questions don't stop!

No One Loves Damon
Stephen and Damon are finally alone, and can finally discuss that pesky little kiss from the end of last season. Stephen does his usual “I am going to be logical and you are important to me speech” and tell Damon that he is not going to kill him. They have to be united against Katherine. Damon responds in his usual “I am a smart-ass and you need to take that stick out of your ass Stephen” attitude until Stephens words seems to actually strike a nerve. Tears even start to glisten in the backs of Damon’s eyes.

Damon comes back home and Katherine is there apparently to say goodbye. She asks him for a goodbye kiss. Damon can’t resist, he has loved this women for over a hundred years. He has searched for how to set her free and spent over a century waiting for her return. Even after he finds out she has been alive this whole time, he cannot help it. Before things get too hot and heavy though he stops. He cant go through with this without knowing how she feels.

Damon: I have a question. Answer it and expect fireworks and rockets red glare. Answer it right and I will forget the last 145 years I have spent missing you. I’ll forget how much I loved you, I’ll forget everything and we can start over. This could be our defining moment cause we have time. This beauty of eternity. I just need the truth, just once.
Katherine: Stop. I already know your question, and its answer. The truth is, I’ve never loved you. It was always Stephen.

I can't stand to see Damon so hurt. My heart just breaks for him. He is a vampire because she made him think she loved him. He chose this life for her, to be with her. All of the reasons he is who is were based on the fact that they once had this love, and he has just discovered that it was all based on a lie. What is worse is that Stephen does not love her. Stephen did not choose this life. Katherine forced him into it, she compelled him to drink her blood. Damon would have willingly done anything for her, and yet it was not enough.

Damon stops by Elena’s house hammered and asks her why she was so surprised that he would think she would kiss him back. That there is something going on between of the two of them and she is denying it. Then Elena says the worst thing she possibly could have said in this situation or ever to Damon:

Elena: Damon, I care about you listen to me I care about you. I do but I love Stephen. It’s always going to be Stephen.

I do not know why everyone just is in love with Stephen. I think Damon would be so much more fun to be in a relationship with and more passionate. But seriously, how much hurt can one guy handle in one night. Because of all this rage, and the fact that he is Damon, he goes and snaps Jeremy’s neck. Do not fret though, Jeremy has on his “I Can’t Be Killed By A Vampire” ring so he is not dead. Stephen comes over to Elena’s house and tries to defend Damon and justify his actions but Elena is not having it. I really hope that she changes her mind because Elena is the only person that can save Damon. The only person who sees him for who he really is.

I wish I could cut the last minute of the episode off. I hate it, I hate it so much it makes my stomach turn. It would be a glaring omission in the recap though if I did not discuss it, so I will rip it off quick like with it like band-aid. Katherine comes, tells Caroline to give a message to the Salvatore Bros. and then covers her face with a pillow until she stops screaming. I am going to hope they are as gracious to Caroline with the nine lives rule as they are to Jeremy. She can’ t be dead and she can’t be a vampire. I love Caroline. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME VAMPIRE DIARIES!

What did you all think? Will this season be as good as last. Will Caroline be alive. What will Matt do without Caroline. He already lost his sister to being a Vampire. Oh poor Matt.  As always any questions or comments, just let me know!



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