Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Vampire Diaries 2x02- Carnivals Alway Cause Drama

Sorry this is late!

Poor Poor Caroline
Caroline wakes up scared and alone in her hospital bed. I am not sure if I am happy or sad that she is not dead. I don’t want her to be a vampire but I don’t want her to leave the show. I hate you The Vampire Diaries for making me feel this way. Caroline leaves her room and asks the nurse if she can get anything to eat, but the nurse says breakfast does not come until the morning. As she is walking back to her room she is strangely attracted (for her, not for us because we know she is a vampire) to a bag of blood. She steals the bag and begins drinking it to complete her vampire transformation.

The next morning Matt comes to bring breakfast to Caroline. They go in to give each other a kiss, but she realizes that she can’t due to the ray of sunshine separating them.

Next he tries to brighten her day by brightening her room with the dreaded sunlight. She freaks out and tells him that he has to leave. Poor Caroline, I just want to give her a hug. Her next revelation of who she has become comes as she is staring in the mirror and her fangs pop out. Just like a teething baby she screams and the nurse comes running in. Unable to suppress her insatiable need for blood, Caroline feeds on the nurse.

Every TV HS Has Its Carnival

Elena and Bonnie are getting ready for the school’s annual carnival. I am really jealous because my school never had a carnival. Bonnie keeps trying to talk to Elena about the whole Katherine doppelganger thing and the Salvatore brothers but Elena's not having it. She tries to evade the infinite amount of questions Bonnie is firing at her but Bonnie does not seem to be getting the hint. Finally Elena lays it down and says she does not want to talk about anything vampire related and that “she is human has to do human stuff” if she does not want to go crazy. They try to comprehend how Caroline was able to plan this carnival all by herself in the past and come to the conclusion that “obviously she is not human.” Wow, that was subtle guys.

Damon’s Curiosities
Damon goes to visit the Lockwood resident to continue his Lockwood investigation. While in the study, talking to Mrs. Lockwood, he uses his super vampy hearing to eavesdrop on the manly Lockwood boy’s conversation. Uncle Mason is asking is asking Tyler about his rage. He is asking when the rage episodes occur. And is all like, is it only once a month? Is it only at night? Are you a werewolf? Sorry, I added that last one in. Tyler doesn’t really pick up on the question pattern and responds that he just hates the rage. This conversation sparks Damon’s interest in the Lockwood Family Secret.

Jeremy’s Tries Revenge

Stefan is being his usual good and honorable self and teaching Jeremy way in which to protect himself from Damon. He gives him back his vervain so that Damon cannot compel him. Also in his Vampire 101 he learns that a stake to the heart kills a vampire, something that I am pretty sure any 5 year old knows. At the carnival Jeremy gets all cocky and threatens to expose Damon as a vampire, flashing his “I can’t be killed by a vampire ring” showing he can’t be hurt. Damon rains on his parade by putting him in a headlock and swiftly and smoothly removing the ring at threatening to shove it up his ass. Damon:1 Jeremy: 0

Lockwood Family Secret
At the carnival, Damon and Stefan discover that the Lockwood men do indeed have superhuman strength. Stefan suggests that they are Ninja Turtles and has one of his first funny lines of the season. Also I love any reference to TMNT since it was the first movie I ever saw in theaters. Damon finds the first guy he sees, who happens to be the guy Bonnie was crushing on earlier, and compels him to start a fight with Tyler, and to not stop no matter what. Since the vampire powers that be force him to follow these commands, he starts the fight like he was supposed to and Tyler’s rage kicks in. Just as the action is getting hot and heavy Uncle Mason steps in to stop the commotion. He does this super human jump in the air and then Tyler sees Mason’s eyes turn yellow.

When the boys get home Tyler questions Mason about what happened in the fight. Uncle Mason tells him to forget it, that his eyes turned yellow from some car lights. Tyler may be an ass, but he is not a dumbass. After Uncle Mason goes to sleep Tyler goes into his father’s study to find the moonstone that Uncle Mason had been snooping for earlier that day.

Caroline’s Out
Caroline leaves the hospital and comes to the HS carnival. She catches up to Damon to deliver Katherine’s message to the Salvatore brothers and adds her own “You Suck” to the end of it. She goes and finds Matt, but discovers when giving him a hug that she has an urge to bite him. She becomes very short with him and asks that he leave her alone. Damon rounds up the troops (Elena and Stefan) to tell them the news. Although Elena and Stefan protest, Damon suggests that killing Caroline is the only way to handle this situation. As Caroline is walking around the carnival she comes across the dude who just fought a werewolf Uncle Mason, who also happens to be bleeding. Caroline attacks and feeds off of him, but this time she is unable to hold herself back, and she ends up killing him.

Wrath of a Witch
Caroline feels horrible for what she has done because she has not turned the feelings switch off. Damon goes and starts to comfort her, but really he is there to kill her. Just as Damon is about to stake Caroline, Stefan attacks him and all is well. That is, until Bonnie comes to see the aftermath of the commotion. She is furious. Not only is her best friend now a vampire, but she killed the guy she has been crushing on. Bonnie blames everything that has happened on Damon and uses her powers first to fuck with his mind. Next she runs a stream of gas from a hose to where Damon was screaming and set it on fire. All this time Elena is screaming at Bonnie to stop and only does so by interrupting Bonnie’s concentration. She tells Bonnie that this is not them, that they cannot be killers.

Caroline Will Survive
Stefan brings Caroline to the bathroom to clean up her blood ridden face. Caroline is freaking out not know what is happening to her and is scared. Stefan calms her down. He explains to her what is happening and that it can be controlled. That he will be here for her when she needs, and he will teach her how to control her impulses.

As she is lying in her bed later that night Matt climbs through her window. She tries to hide but realizes she really can’t, and then tells him to leave. Matt refuses and says that he is not going to leave because he loves her. He is scared though because the way she has been acting today makes it seems as though she does not have reciprocal feelings. Caroline squashes those thoughts from Matt’s mind by giving him a heartfelt kiss. As her face begins to become all vampy, she is able to repress it. And now we have home that Caroline will survive. And now I can be happy again. Praise the lord.

So I am going to be recapping Glee next, so look out for that soon.



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