Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let The Shows Begin

As much as I LOVE watching reruns and marathons of television shows, I am getting antsy for new episodes of my favorite shows to air. I mean in the last week I have rewatched about 3 seasons of Buffy watched 10 to 15 episodes of Burn Notice the 2 newest seasons of  Degrassi and a whole season of America's Next Top Model. I am ready for some new content!! So to get us ready for the new episodes to come I am just going to give you all a list of the air dates of our favorite show starting in LESS THAN 4 DAY with PLL.
1/3 Monday
8:00PM- How I Met Your Mother
ABC Family
8:00PM-Pretty Little Liars
9:00PM- Greek
1/5 Wednesday
9:00PM- Modern Family
1/6 Thursday
9:00PM- Grey's Anatomy
10:00PM- Private Practice
1/12 Wednesday
9:00PM - Criminal Minds
1/17 Monday MTV 10:00PM- Skins
1/20 Thursday
8:30PM- 30 Rock
9:00PM- The Office
8:00PM- Bones
1/27 Thursday
8:00PM- The Vampire Diaries
If you are thinking to yourself "Wow does APB really watch that much television" sadly the answer is yes. I am getting really excited and I hope you all are too. Remember, when you go to watch the new episodes of these series be sure to consult my Drinking Games. I am going to try to write more games for my shows. If you have any suggestions for any rules for any of the shows listed above either shoot me an email at


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