Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Drunk Little Liars: PLL Drinking Game

 Welcome everyone to the new round of TV drinking games for this winter. First show up Pretty Little Liars. What could be better than getting a little buzzed or blackout while watching Rosewood's finest get stalked by a mysterious A.
Drink when:
An adult actually acts like an adult
Someone gets a message from A
There is a flashback Hanna's mom discusses money
Spencer arbitrarily accuses someone of being A
Aria is playing an instrument or singing
Any of the girls actually work on homework
Someone says the word "secret"

Special Drinks:
When Emily kisses anyone x2
When a new secret is revealed x3
When Hanna gets some action x3
When everyone gets a message from A at the same time x4
During the creepy closing scene- Chug
When we find out who A really is- Keg Stand


(Editors Note: If you and your friends have any modified rules let me know and I will add them to a game per your suggestion. Also let me know if you have played the game! I would love you know what you think.)



Anonymous said...

I just played it. I'm realllllly drunk :) not gonna lie! Ist way too much haha

Alphabetsoup said...

Glad you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

I NEED to try this. I saw this in the last five minutes of the episode but I'm totally doing this next week.

Narnyx said...

Solid set of rules, it works for all the seasons up to the present one as far as I can tell. My friends and I rewatched the series up to the end of season 4 and played this game, but we added two rules: finish your drink and chug another when we learn someone is actually on the A Team/screwing with the Liars, and drink every time Spencer is clearly strung out in season 4 (when you get to this part, you'll know what I mean).

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