Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top Chef 8: All Star Drinking Game

So here you go everyone, another wasted Wednesday. This is for you my dear old Top Chef fans. Get sloshed with the chefs in the stew room:

Drink Every Time:
Tre laughs
Carla makes you laugh
They announce the winner of a challenge
Marcel pisses someone off
Every time Tom touches his chin
Padma is wearing an inappropriate for the kitchen outfit
Tom talks about pointing fingers
Everytime a cheftestant takes a drink
There is a argument/fight in the grocery store
Someone throws someone else "under the bus"

Special Drinks:
Someone forgets a part of their dish/ doesnt have time to finish plating x2
Gail out-boobages Padma x4

Sip Whenever:
Someone talks about how great they are
Someone says "I'm not here to make friends"
Someone says "I'm here to win"
You see and or here a brand name plug

Also remember when Top Chef was in Rochester that one time in season 5.

 Yeah, the city actually still does exist. And yes, they were practically in my back yard! I used to row down to that area every morning !(Also a sidenote to my side note is that there is NO way this was actually filmed near or around Thanksgiving because it would have been snowing and they FOR SURE would need to wear jackets). I am super surprised they did not go to Wegmans for groceries but that is their loss. Also because it was Rochester, of course it started raining. Anyway enough about Rochester. Fun Drinking everyone.


Let me know if there are any rules you want to add!


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