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The Vampire Diaries 2x16: The Grill Explodes

So there are so many reasons for why I love this episode; so many reasons that, after I watched the episode, I almost couldn’t contain myself. So, here is my TVD recap so you don’t cry during the next six week hiatus of withdrawal.

Morning Sex: Elena is over at the Salvatore mansion going all crazy because she and Stefan are going to be late to school. Wow, this is the first time in a while I even remembered that Stefan is even a student. As a matter of fact, why is he a student? When you are over 100 years old you should be able to bypass the education system. Stefan I guess agrees with me because when it comes to choosing between getting Elena back into bed and expanding his mind, he is the normal sexed up teenage boy. Elena only gives Stefan five minutes and he is all surprised. I am pretty sure that a vampire can get their business done in five minutes and still have it be good. That is just projection though; I am not speaking from experience.

Meanwhile downstairs Damon is having his morning cup ‘o blood and swiftly attacks an Elena coming down the stairs.

Or is it Katherine? Uh oh, a little under three minutes in and I am already getting confused. Suffice to say the cat is out of the bag that Katherine is released from the cave due to Elijah’s “death.”

Team Oblivious: Back in school Elena meets with Alaric to talk about Jenna (an appropriate teacher student conversation). He is all worried that Jenna is going to find out the truth about Isobel (his ex wife/ Elena’s momma) and feels like the decision to tell her about the spooky scaries of the night should be up to Elena. But seriously, does this girl EVER go to class and does Alaric ever TEACH a class. Truthfully though, I feel like she would ace all of her classes even without attending.

I am sorry, but I cannot contain my excitement about Jeremy and Bonnie. They make me so happy. Their relationship reminds of Rusty and Ashleigh’s relationship on Greek, which I also very much love. In the hallway Jeremy desperately wants to kiss Bonnie but it is not until he convinces her that Elena is nowhere in sight, that she gets up her tippy toes and gives him a peck on the lips. Then my heart begins to sing.

That night Bonnie, Caroline and Elena are at the Gilbert residence for a girl’s night in. They decide to order pizza on what I think is an iPad but I think it looks too small? Does anyone know what this device is? If you do, let me know!

Caroline yet again steals my heart by wanting to watch The Notebook (a movie which I still cry during). Jenna comes down and it turns out this whole “girls night in” is really just a “Jenna Pity Party” in disguise. Jenna is still pretty pissed that Ric is hiding stuff about his late great vamp wife Isobel and Caroline starts defending Ric in his decision of not disclosing the whole truth. It is obvious though that the entire time she is just thinking about her relationship with Matt. I just want Caroline to be happy. I wish you were happy Caroline. Caroline is able to convince everyone to go to the grill to just dance (and maybe coincidently bump into Matt).

Back at The Grill, Alaric and Caroline have to deal with their supernaturally in the dark significant others while Jenna is wolfing down some tequila shots (that’s my girl!). On the other hand, Caroline decides that she is going to take control of her situation, which includes going onto the stage to sing. Dear Caroline, I have always loved you but now I just love you a little more. After compeling the lead singer to let her have the stage, Caroline proceeds to sing “Eternal Flame” by the Bangles.

Yes my head just exploded from utter happiness. The fact that Caroline knows this song as a teen in the 2011 makes me happier than words. Also she is a pretty good singer. Matt runs up to the stage to kiss her, dips her, and then kisses her some more.

Elena goes to relieve herself in the lavatory and finds that Matt and Caroline have found other uses for that space. After giving them their privacy Elena runs into Bonnie who goes “would you freak me out if I start seeing your brother.” It is a little bit of a shock for Elena since she has been wrapped up in her life and death drama lately.. Unlike Casey in Greek though, Elena is a good friend, and sister, and is all like you guys are perfect for each other. Good job being a perfect best friend/sister Elana!

These Wizards Should Have Gone to Hogwarts: Bonnie and Stefan go to the only restaurant in the town (aka the grill) to meet with Luca and his pops. Stefan wants to team up with the wizards and discuss ways to defeat Klaus without Elijah, but the wizards aren’t really having it. The Martins decide they are going to do a spell in which Dr. Martin is the anchor (but not in the sexy Buffy anchor witch way). Apparently this spell astral projects Luca into the Salvatore mansion but for some reason he can’t be seen by anyone else. When Katherine goes down to fetch some blood, she senses a presence but cannot figure out exactly what it is. That is, of course, until Katherine sees that dagger magically coming out of Elijah. Luca finds a piece of wood and stakes Katherine. Unfortunately, like pretty much all of the stakings in this show, he somehow missed the heart. Wow seriously Vampire Diaries Mr. Giles and the Watchers Counsel would be so disappointed by you right now. Damon finds a torch and flames the area around the dead Elijah, which includes Luca.

 Back at his apartment Luca’s body catches on fire and as much as Dr. Martin tries to save him, Luca burns to death. I find this really sad because Luca was not a bad guy. All he was trying to do was save his sister which you can’t fault him for. Mr. Martin starts grunting like a troll and then pulls out some creepy Elena memorabilia from a chest.

When Mr. Jonas Martin arrives at The Grill chaos ensues; massive, explosive, fiery chaos. Bonnie spots him and tries to control the wrath of the grieving father. Instead of calming down he explodes all of the lights on stage causing all of the electricity in the establishment to short out. Next he spills all of the alcohol on the bar and sets it on fire.  It is not until Dr. Jonas Martin stabs Matt in the neck with a broken bottle that I feel he has crossed a very big line. How DARE you stab that cute blonde haired blue eyed Matt especially while sweet Caroline is watching. I just kept yelling at my TV “Feed Him You Blood. Feed Him Your Blood” over and over again until she finally did. You can see in Matt’s eyes that he is confused, scared and in pain.

Damon and Katherine Never get Old: Back at the mansion, Katherine and Damon have a little lovers’ quarrel which includes him staking her not in the heart. He gets super angry that she didn’t tell him that killing Elijah (aka an Original) would kill him. What he finds out though is the worst thing he could have heard. It was pretty much the kryptonite to his Superman. She knew that she could only save one Salvatore bros. and she decided that she would save Stefan. I mean really writers, can you have Damon win AT LEAST ONCE! Anyway for whatever reason Katherine decides she wants to help the situation and head to The Grill with Damon.

Doppelgangers Galore: After the drama at The Grill, everyone reconvenes a la casa de Gilberts. Elena goes upstairs to wash up and the eerie background music leads me to believe that maybe a witch named Jonas will be waiting for her. It turns out my hunch is correct and Jonas apparates from thin air to attack the poor defenseless Elena. Or maybe, o hot damn Elena’s actually Katherine, and Katherine brutally kills him. Those doppelgangers can be so darn useful at times like these.

I feel like I have already said this, but I just live for this scenes where Elena and Katherine interact. Not only do I feel that it really exemplifies how stellar of an actress Nina Dobrev is but I think their relationship is so interesting. You can tell by the way they walk, by the way they talk and how they carry themselves that they are two totally different people. I love it. I mean they really have nothing in common besides their physical appearance and they both have been in love with Stefan but yet they are forever connected.

Oh Teenage Love: Up in Jeremy’s room Jeremy is voicing his concerns about Bonnie’s Wiccan withdrawal denial. I wonder how weird it must be for Bonnie to be hanging out in Jeremy’s room now. I mean she was always hanging out at Elena’s house but I doubt she was ever in Jeremy’s room before. Jeremy is being a sweet concerned boyfriend fearing that Bonnie will never get her powers back now that Jonas is dead. Bonnie just kisses him so gently and then shows him that Jonas gave her back her powers right before he died. They have instantly become my new favorite couple on the show, maybe even on TV right now.

Things aren’t looking so positive for Matt and Caroline though. Matt wakes in his room freaking out because he has no idea where he is or what in god’s name is going on. He starts to piece together the night and finally Caroline reveals that she saved him with her blood and that she is indeed a vampire. Finally the weight has been lifted off her shoulder; she no longer needs to be hiding things from the person she loves. Her face is glowing after she tells him because she starts to see all the possibilities of their future. She begins telling him that everything is going to be fine and that she no longer need to hide anything from him anymore. It is her telling him from her heart, she is not compelling him to believe it. Matt does not take it how Caroline, and the rest of the world, wishes he would and instead starts blaming Caroline for Vicky (his sister’s) death. Really can the writers please give Damon and Caroline a break in the heartbreak department. How many times can these two have their hopes and dreams crushed?

Isobel Shows up: That’s pretty much the end, Isobel shows up the door announcing herself as Elena’s mother to Jenna.

What did you guys think of the episode? Will The Grill miraculously get fixed up in the 6 week hiatus? How will you survive this 6 week hiatus? Let me know



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