Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chris Brown on GMA: One Step Back for Humanity, One Huge Leap Back For Hair

All morning everyone has been going wild over Chris Brown's appearance on Good Morning America. I found out about it through my always trusty site/ mecca Entertainment Weekly. I do not usually talk about celebrity gossip on this site, but I just had to discuss this Chris Brown interview.

Okay first things first, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT HAIR. I saw it and the first thing that came to my mind was Luda's  "Roll Out" : "What the world is in that HAIR, What you got in that HAIR?" The answer is  a liter of bleach and a shit ton of crazy. He looks like Eminem circa 2001. I think he may have even been an extra in "The Real Slim Shady" music video. Seriously dude, that look didn't work ten years ago, and it still wont work today. That plus his cut off denim jacket with his fully tattooed arms. Too much Chris Brown. Too much. I think what made this even better is the fact that Robin Roberts starts off the interview by saying "My hair has grown a great deal since the last time I saw you too" (which truthfully it hadn't. Even though I am baffled why she made that statement, just so you know Robin  your hair is not the issue here.  Your hair is not the issue.

Now onto my thoughts about his outburst behind the scenes and his response to the interview's questions. When asked about how his feeling on Rhianna lifting the restraining order (which is a relevant question because it only happened like a month ago) he responds "It's not really a big deal to me now as far as that situation. I think I'm past that in my life" and he tries to drive the conversation back to his album. I completely understand a person trying to move on in their life and make amends for what they did. I also completely understand wanting to keep the conversation about your new album being released. What I don't understand is making it seem like going to court for beating your girlfriend is no big. I feel like it was totally the wrong answer from a PR stance and makes it seem like he has no remorse for his actions. As a person in the spotlight, if you make a huge mistake you have to prove yourself worthy to America to gain back their trust. Getting a restraining order, dropping a new album and pretending that it never happened does not make everything right. It does not make your fans trust you again.

Another thing that doesn't help your image of having a fresh start: smashing a window in your GMA dressing room, wrecking the room and storming out without a shirt on. Actually it makes you seem kind of insane and something that Tracey Jordan would do on 30 Rock.

So that is my take on this Chris Brown debacle. What are you thoughts. Is he trying to channel some Eminem with his new look. Did the fumes of the bleach get to his head? Let me know in comment form por favor!



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