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Greek Series Finale: Oh Cappy My Captain

The Main Plot: The whole episode revolves around destruction of the KT house. Last week, after an awesome bed jumping party which led to the ceiling collapsing in, Spidey’s dad offered to buy the house for the fraternity. Although he seemed like a hero, you could tell from Parker’s reaction that there are some deep childhood issues between him and pops. The ass that is Spidey’s dad was apparently behind all of the destruction of KT this season. His whole plan was to get the house taken away from the fraternity in order to buy the land and donate it to the school. Want to know what makes this situation even more complicated? The case that Prof. Segal has Casey and Evan working on is this case, on the side of Lasker Parker (Spidey’s dad). As she should be Casey is torn.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past: There was some precious bonding moments between Dale and Bex this week which I just ate up. First of all Rebecca may be my favorite character on the show. I think she is hilarious (although over the top at times), but she is a straight talker and is a really caring person at the end of the day. Rebecca and Dale are sulking due to the fact that while everyone around them seems to be getting engaged, they have never been in a successful relationship. Bex exclaims that she couldn't make it last with either boy that rode the Casey Train (Cappie and Evan) “or a girl.” Yes! I love how the show remembered this! I love bringing back references to past storylines in TV shows. To be truthful just the idea of Rebecca being gay again makes me happy. So to solve their problems, Rebecca comes up with a foolproof plan to discover why they are suck at relationships.

Rebecca: Hey, remember that terrible Matthew Mcconaughey film?
Dale: Sahara? Ed TV? The Wedding Planner? Failure to Launch? How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? Fools Gold?
Rebecca: No! Ugh, “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past!” He visited all of his exes to learn about what went wrong.

I was cracking up, why does Dale know all these Matthew Mcconaughey films off the top of his head? Also Bex is so exasperated with him not knowing which movie that she just cut him off. The two join cahoots and decide to go ask all their exes why their relationships did not flourish. Later Bex runs into the kitchen, where Dale is frosting a cake, to announce the Robin claimed their relationship didn’t work out because Rebecca is not a lesbian. To this Dale responds in a perfectly monotone voice “despite your masculing energy.” I am dying here, I love these two. Laura walks into the kitchen and Dale conjures all of his confidence and asks her why they didn’t work out. Am I going crazy here or did he ignore her? Anyway they decide to get back together right there and then and push Bex into the cake while doing so. What do you think this face means? Whether she is happy or sad, she looks like a cute little puppy.

Finally Rebecca goes and asks Evan, the only ex she truly cares about, why the two of them never worked out. Evan was completely honest saying he screwed it all up and he should never have put law school before Rebecca. It was sweet and I am glad they didn’t rush getting back together.

Best Break In Ever: Even though Cappie handed the title of House President over to Rusty, Rusty was hesitant to take charge during these pressing times. The house decided to put their trust back into Cappie for this final battle in order to save what was theirs. Heath racks his brain to try and remember how the gang in 90210 saved the Peach Pit, but uncharacteristically, Cappie thinks their plan should be “more inside the box.” The plan did start very much in the box. Find Lasker’s old frat stuff to remind him what is was like to be a KT. There is one hitch in the plan, all his frat stuff is in his office which is in a high security building. Add all this together and what do you get? You get awesomeness!

We start off with a Lakserplex tour led by none other than the awesome Andrew from Buffy. We soon find out that this is not indeed a regular tour, but instead some of our favorite characters are in it undercover.
Just as Ashleigh and Heath raise their hands to ask for a pee, our very own Dale comes out of the bathroom in a janitors outfit saying that the bathroom is out of order so for some reason Andrew gives them the key to the executive wing. Heath comes out from the bathroom with Rebecca after she and Ash do a switcharoo and Andrew is utterly puzzled.
For fear of being called a racist, he lets it slide. Ash and Rusty get into Lasker’s office and finally obtain the frat memorabilia they were searching for and peace the fuck out.

KT’s Reunion: Cappie walks into KT to survey the house that was his life, the house that defined him only, to find Rusty sitting staring out the window like a sad little puppy. They talk about how the house changed their lives and then the rest of the brothers come in with a bunch of beer for one more crazy night together.
They wake up the next moment with a crowd of CRU students protesting the demolition of the KT house. Guess who happens to be at this rally, none other than Wade. Oh Wade how I missed your and Heath’s shenanigans. Cappie jumps on the pool table to start the rally and decides to have people come up and tell stories and experiences they had at the KT abode. First is Katherine who comes up and announces she lost her virginity in the Kappa Tau house. The next person who goes up to speak was a blast from the past, Jennifer Kenny, Rusty’s girlfriend from season 1. This is the one who used Rusty to get dirt on the Greek system for an article she was writing. The best part about this is that they overlay her speech with Ashleigh and Calvin discussing her current status about Rusty.

Next thing you know Lasker Parks comes and gets booed and has tomatoes and lettuce and any other rotten thing thrown at him with his sidekicks Casey and Evan at his side. Cappie lets Rusty take the lead with talking to Lasker; Cappie trusts Rusty to save the house. Lasker throws the paddle Rusty handed him to the ground and says “When you leave college, this stuff doesn’t go with you… this athletic center, this will be my legacy.” All I could think about while he is talking was “WHAT ABOUT YOUR SON!” Your son should be what you are proud of and HE is your legacy and he is KT. This guy really is a douche. Casey and Evan both realized they didn’t want to be death eaters an work for Lord Voldermort anymore so they switched sides and were now working with The Order of the Phoenix. Despite the Order’s best attempts, the Death Eaters tore down the KT house. It was a heartbreaking scene watching their house, their memories be torn down. The only thing they can do is stand there, and watch, with tears building up in their eyes.

Rusty’s Evolution Rusty’s evolution is a perfect example of how powerful television can be. There is one line from Greek I will never forget, in episode 2x20 “Isn’t it Bromantic,” when Rusty is talking to Cappie about what it was like for him in highschool. He tells Cappie “Do you realize how many nights I sat at home watching ‘Joan of Arcadia’ with my mom, while Casey went out with her friends?” After Cappie confuses Joan of Arcadia with JAG, Rusty responds “Yeah, I watched that after with my dad.” Want to know a little secret? I, too, would spend my Friday nights in High School watching Joan of Arcadia with my dad while my sister went out with her friends. I never told anyone because I was beyond embarrassed and ashamed that was how I spent my weekends. I no longer felt ashamed; I was not alone anymore in that because of Rusty.

We have watched Rusty grow so much in the last four seasons. He is a stronger person and has gained a tremendous amount of confidence. He attributes this all to KT, believing that being a Kappa Tau magically made him cool when in fact his participation in Kappa Tau allowed him to build the confidence he previously was lacking. When you join something that becomes a catalyst in your growth and development, it is hard to remember that you when you remove a catalyst you don’t lose the product. It was heart breaking watching Rusty talking to both Cappie and Casey about his fear of just being a loser and a geek again without his frat. But doesn’t everyone have their own KT in college? I know I did. Rowing was my “KT” so to speak. When I joined the team I was like Rusty, unsure of myself and self conscious. After I joined though, I started to become accepted by my teamates, I started to be happy. During my four years on the team I was part of a group. Like Rusty “defined” himself as a KT, I “defined” myself as a rower. When I was graduating I realized a whole portion of what I defined myself as was disappearing and with it all the progress I had made. Who was I without rowing? I realized then, and even more so as I watched Rusty in this series finale “I am still me.” Thinking back to the pilot of this series to now I am really so proud of the character development of pretty much all of the main characters. It just seemed so true and honest, and it was watching Rusty cry as the KT house was being torn down that brought me to tears.

After the house is torn down, Rusty goes over to ZBZ to have a chat with Casey. He tells her what he has been thinking this entire episode; I am nothing without Kappa Tau. This is the one person who knows both worlds of Rusty, before KT and after KT. Because of this, she is the only person who can tell him the truth and have it sink in. He HAS changed. He goes to the KT ruins where all the brothers are in a pity party, and rightfully so. Rusty stands on top of the wreckage and delivers an amazing monologue about how it is about the spirit of KT and says that there WILL be a KT. He WILL find them a house and they will keep moving on. Go Rusty!

Happy Endings: Casey finally gives Ashleigh the okay to date Rusty and they finally get together. They really are so cute together because they are so fully different.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Cappie accidently graduated as long as he passes his last exam. The next day Cappie comes into his last exam late but convinces the professor to give him another chance with his oozing charm. When Cappie graduates we find out from him Diploma that his real name is “Captain John Paul Jones.” Still not sure how I feel about that.

There were two rounds of goodbyes this episode, one at Dopplers and one right when Cappie and Cassie are leaving. Rebecca and Casey’s goodbye at Dopplers was perfect. Casey is all like “I’ll miss you Bex” and Bex just responds with “I know” and walks away. Two seconds later she turns around and gives Casey a warm big hug. These two have so much history but have always been there for each other in the end and love each other. You could see the tears in Rebecca’s eyes which gets me every time.

The whole cast is standing by Casey’s red car ready to say their final, final goodbyes. You know it is the last scene of the show because that sad song that is in every finale, and yet still gets me each time,( “Forever Young”) was playing in the background. Without a doubt though, the best farewell award has to go to Dale. After reminding Casey she could have been his future misses, he lays a good long smooch on her. Everyone’s reaction was priceless, especially Cappie’s.

So farewell Greek, I do not have enough kind words to say to you. You will be sorely missed in my book!



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