Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fringe: Five Thoughts on Season 2

This season was mind-blowing. Season two was much more serial in its storytelling than Season one, which was more episodic. I feel I could write two posts worth of discussion for the season finale alone but I am going to edit myself so I can discuss best of the entire season. Here are some of the things that I loved, hated or were puzzled by in Season 2 of Fringe.

Nina Sharp and Broyles: If you recall from my Season 1 Fringe post, I had shipped Sharp and Broyles. I wanted them together so badly and I swear to god when I wrote that post I had yet to dive into season two. You can imagine my utter glee when, in the season premier of season two, Nina gave Phillip a big ole’ passionate kiss. I actually screamed “Holy shit I was RIGHT” out loud to myself.

Could it be? What I right all along? I was so excited to see this relationship develop. Were they a couple or just colleagues with benefits (when in the same city of course). Sadly these questions were never answered. Yes Sharp and Broyles interacted through the course of season 2 but we never saw another smooch. That was the only PDA we got from them and their relationship was never defined. Fringe, I fell for the bait and now I am stuck on the hook! Please writers just reel me in during season 3!! Make them official!

Shapeshifter Charlie: I am not sure which was sadder: Shapeshifter killing Charlie or Olivia having to kill Shapeshifter Charlie. I screamed at my computer screen “NOOO!!” when I saw Charlie in the laundry basket. More painful though was just as I was nearing the end of my grieving period over Charlie’s death, Charlie magically reappears. Were we in an alt-universe? Why did no one else on the show find this strange? I was so far beyond confused about what was going on. Luckily some of my fringehead tweeps explained the situation to me. This was apparently an episode from Season 1 that didn’t air and the network decided to put it smack dab in the middle of Season 2. Fox pulled a Firefly yet again. After I figured out what was going on felt stupid that I didn’t realize Astrid’s air was longer!

Peter's from the Alt-Universe: This was a long time coming. I am in no way implying that I knew all along that Peter was from an alternate universe, but we did know Walter went through extraordinary lengths to save Peter’s life. After a mean, teaser, almost kiss between Olivia and Peter, Olivia admits that she is scared. This activates her special powers of seeing alt universe objects.

Once Olivia uses this power to save the world, she is ready to start right where her and Peter left off. She goes over to the Bishop abode to take Peter out for drinks but it seems that her powers have yet to turn off. Just as she tries gaze into Peter’s beautiful brown eyes, his face is all over the place; his face had a glimmer.

We soon find out that when our-universe Peter died in 1985 Walter became obsessed with helping save alt-universe’s Peter. He wanted to ensure that somewhere, in at least one universe, Peter would grow up happy. (Side note: Peter’s mom is totally Siobhan from Mistresses so she and Anna Torv had a mini reunion)

When Walter brings Peter-nate back to his lab in his universe, Mrs. Bishop is their waiting for him. Walter knows that he can never bring him back to the alt-universe, it would break his wife’s heart.

Brown Betty: We start out with Walter smoking his home grown blend of Brown Betty listening to Yes’s “Round About” (which still reminds me of Yes from Road Rules: Semester at Sea). Olivia drops off her young niece Ella adding “babysitter for people under 60 years old” to Astrid’s list of qualifications. Walter decides to entertain the young Ella by telling her a detective story with Olivia as the lead private eye/protagonist. Right in the middle of telling the story there is a voice over of Walter singing Tears for Fears. It cuts right to Walter singing the song, completely in his own world, and these are the girls’ reaction.

Things I LOVED about this episode

1)We get to hear Phillip Broyles sing.
2)There were cell phones in this 40’s era detective story, but it didn’t matter because it was all in Walter’s head.
3) Gene is wearing a twister board.

4)Corpses in Walter’s lab sing “Candyman”
5)Anna Torv is unable to sing without an accent!

I have to admit, I had no forewarning this was going to be a musical because I am watching ep after ep on DVD. I’m pretty sure watching this a mere week after the atrocity that was Grey’s Anatomy’s musical made me appreciate it that much more. It was no “Once More With Feeling” but here, approaching a musical episode with tongue and cheek, is how you hit a Musical Episode out of the park.

Last Two Episodes: These two episodes were phenomenal. I was short of breath while watching them; I so enthralled that I felt like I couldn’t breathe! After Walternate (who is the secretary of alterworld) convinces Peter to come to the alt-universe, Walter, Olivia and random cortexiphanees cross over to save him. We finally get to see what the alt-universe looks like. They scientifically more advanced than us (which we already knew) and where our biggest fears are supernatural disasters, theirs is natural disasters. It turns out that this whole war between universes, the whole attack on our universe, is Walternate seeking revenge for the capture of his son. It is hard to watch because as viewers we know that all Walter wanted to do was save Peter. He never intended to steal him and, truthfully, if Walter hadn’t stolen Peter he would probably be dead. But to keep this short let me say list my favorite parts of the two episodes:

1) Peter’s reunion with his mother

2) There’s Charlie, and this time it’s not a fakeout
3) For some odd reason Peter likes Olivia better as a redhead and for the first time I am convinced he is a moron.
4) The Olivia vs. Olivia fight which reminded me of the Sydney vs. Francie fight from Alias

5) Olivia confesses her love for Peter telling him “You belong with me” then seals it with a kiss. In other news I may have to see a doctor because even now, over a day later, I still can’t think about that kiss without getting a short of breath. Yes I am aware I am a hopeless romantic and quite possibly have problems.

So those are my thoughts. What did you guys think? Do you agree? Also if you comment (which i encourage you to do) please no spoilers!



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