Sunday, April 10, 2011

Top Ten Drunken Nostolgic TV Dates pt1

Tonight my friend JC and I watched the first half of Sabrina The Teenage Witch Season 1. Do not fret my fair readers (as far and few between of you there are) when I finish rewatching Season 1 there will be synopsis. Seven episodes in and I already have two pages worth of thoughts and notes. Suffice to say, my friend thought I was a freak when I asked her for pen and paper while watching in order to record my thoughts which had the potential of being fleeting.

I started thinking about this post before tonight viewing even started. Just imaging entering the time machine that is childhood television memories and being immersed in that utter bliss made me giddy. What other shows would I go back and watch drunk after I experience this magical linen closet filled night. I did not expect to feel the utter glee and excitement that overtook my body while sipping on a glass of cheap Pinot Grigio and watching a young Melissa Joan Hart levitate above her bed. The grin on my face wouldn’t disappear. If I could feel so much ecstasy while watching Sabrina drunk, I wonder how I would feel watching other childhood favorites while slightly/very much so inebriated. Here is numbers 10-6 of nostalgic shows. Shows 5-1 will be posted soon, do not fret!

10) Bug Juice: “Bug Juice, doesn’t come in a jar/ Bug Juice comes from who you are/ You have the flavor of what you can become..” The next 25 seconds after that are pretty boring.

I went to camp for 6 years and worked at that same camp for 4 more years. Me and my fellow campers, when in 7th grade, made a parody of this theme song entitled “Boob Juice.” The lyrics were as follows
"Boob Juice doesn't come in a jar/ Boob Juice comes from who you are"
I know, we were very creative 7th graders. The song was referencing 2 types of Boob Juice: 1) when you come out of the pool, put a shirt on and your wet boobs make marks on your shirt and 2) after you shower and your wet hair makes marks right around your boobage area. Although Bug Juice’s camp was not exactly like mine, if I was given the chance to sit around with my camp friends with some booze and a Bug Juice DVD you bet your Jewish camper ass I would watch it!

9) The Famous Jett Jackson: I loved this show, and I mean I LOVED this show. I watched it all the time and, in my “I have a crush on guys” phase, was pseudo in love with him.

Imagine my surprise while watching FlashForward and seeing Jett Jackson all grown up. Then his character Al Gough dies and I cry. That is until I turn on the TNT series always oozing with lesbian subtext Rizzoli and Isles and there Jett Jackson appears again.

8) Global GUTS/ Legends of the Hidden Temple: I had to mash these two shows together because I couldn’t think of good enough reasons for them to be on the list alone. Regarding Global Guts I have to admit when I was younger I thought they had oranges in their mouths. When I later found out they were mouth guards I felt mighty stupid. Also if you watch and think the host looks familiar, he does! Yes that is Kurt’s dad from Glee!!!

Looking back at both these shows we can find solace in that fact we possibly are cooler than these cats, and hopefully went further in our lives than they did. As my friend Cathy said today “I don’t understand how those kids couldn’t get the stupid monkey together! It was a five piece fucking monkey!” Here is an example of a failure.

7) The Jersey: I feel like this small Disney Channel gem is so often forgotten. As a young tomboy this series was a complete joy to watch. The premise of the show was phenomenal. A group of four kids (1 tomboy, 1 white jock, 1 black jock, 1 nerd) have this enchanted jersey that transports them to professional big league sporting events to teach them a lesson. Dyke Dream Come True.
6) Boy Meets World: The real question I have for everyone is “Who DIDN’T watch this show when growing up?” Let us pretend some of the bad later episodes, where every character lost all of their complexities and became a shell of their former selves, never happened and stick to the good. There was SO MUCH good. Mr. Feeny being the neighbor of the rambunctious, clever and obnoxious Cory Matthews was ingenious. If anyone is up for a drunk skype date starting with the pilot a drinking game and a screwdriver hit me up! I will be there!

These are not really in any specific order, but I can assure you none of these shows are in my top five. Let me know what you guys think! The top five will be posted soon. I made a promise to myself that I have to finish my The Vampire Diaries recap before I post my Top Five Nostalgia series.



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