Thursday, May 19, 2011

Top Five Nostalgic TV Dates

Sorry for the long wait, but here are my pick of Top Five Nostalgic TV shows to watch when drunk. You do not have to be drunk to enjoy it, but it can sometimes make it more fun. 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: When I think about first grade, this show is literally the first thing that flashes through my mind. I have to say my affinity towards the color yellow and Asians dates back to my viewing of the show when I thought Trini was the leader of all things cool. (I am not the one being racist here; the show made me put that phrase together!!). I also was kind of in love with Kimberly, the pink Ranger, who was in love with the Green ranger. (Side note: the Red Ranger Jason followed up his kid show acting career with acting in gay porn. I was going to add a link but I couldn't find one that was not X rated.)  So each of these awesome teens would morph into rangers to fight evil and in that morphed form can control a mechanical dinosaur. Not sold yet? Just watch this clip:

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego: My first answer when I was younger would always be “San Diego of course.” And Of Course that answer was almost always wrong. This show was extra special to me because I also used to play the computer game, you know, when it was still sold on Floppy Discs.

Seriously, how AWESOME is The Cheif. Could she be more badass? Could she have more of a badass voice? Nay! She could not. Also those fun facts about the contestants are pretty hilarious.

Alice and Wonderland: This is one of the shows that, when I look back at childhood, I have to convince myself I did not make it up. The creators of this show must have been tripping on some of the craziest shroom imaginable to create the concept of this show.
Here is the jaw dropping intro

First of all this Alice character is so a soon to be lesbian. She has a cat that she constantly talks to name Dinah of all names. Seriously writers, does she also play golf and softball and listen to Indigo girls? Anyway in order for her to enter the Magical Wonderland she has to step through her magical mirror. When in Wonderland we have all of our normal Wonderland characters, my but instead all of them ten times creepier than you would ever imagine.

Eerie Indiana:  After living in the Dirty Jeerz, Marshall Teller and his fam move to the lovely town name Eerie, Indiana. I mean if I had the choice I probably would not move my family to a town called Eerie, but I have never been forced to live in the stench that is called Jersey.

The pilot episode for this show will not only forever be engrained in my memory, but also caused my fear of Tupperware. The first episode is about this mother who had children that did not age for the last 30 or so years. So it turns out that the children and mother slept in a very tightly sealed Tupperware like container which held their youth. It would let you live for eternity as long as you close the lid but if you leave it open, only for one mere night, the aging process rapidly begins. Great first episode and all but, Eerie Indiana, I will never be able to sleep well while using TupperWare ever again!

Alex Mack: Alex Mack, wow just thinking about that show outs a grin on my face. This cute, adorable, athletic and awesome tom girl’s life gets turned upside down on her first day of Jr. High. While walking home from school a truck spills a bunch of top secret toxic chemicals all over the young Alex Mack. This chemical does not burn her or eat through her skin but instead gives her powers! She can morph into a puddle, she can glow, she has telekinesis and she can turn green. Luckily she is not permanently green so she and her roommate do not sing songs about loathing each other.

You may be asking yourself “what could be problematic of suddenly having super powers?” The answer is that the corporation that transformed her is evil and she is afraid of what they will do if they find out Alex is indeed the girl the covered in toxic sludge. Therefore she has to keep her specialness secret from everyone but her best friend and smarty-pants older sister. If you want to rediscover this awesome show, do not fret, just click here to transport back to a time when staying up to watch SNICK meant you were an adult.

So there you go my Top Five Nostalgic TV shows. Do you disagree with any of the shows I listed. Any show you are angry that was not on their? Let me know!!


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