Sunday, July 24, 2011

Awkward 1x01 "Putting the Awesome in Awkward"

I was skeptical about the new show Awkward for a few reasons. One was that I am very awkward myself, and I am uncomfortable watching other people be awkward (see my Parks and Recreation post). Another reason was because MTV’s last teen comedy, Skins US, was such a bust. I have to say, I was more than pleasantly surprised when I watch the series premier Tuesday.  The show was the perfect mix of funny, awkward, over-the-top and realistic. Jenna Hamilton is the female version of Seth Cohen, but less self deprecating and more self aware. I have only known her for 20 minutes of my life, and I am already in love. Okay, onto the episode at hand:

We begin at Camp Pookah’s afternoon dance where “the dorks were getting crunk and the rest of us were getting drunk.”   Jenna is sitting in the corner drinking her cool-kid spiked punch staring at the beautifully hunky Matty. The two proceed with an utterly unique mating ritual, beginning with male. Matty points at Jenna, accompanied by a wink, and then proceeds to sniff under his arms (proving his male dominance). It is now Jenna’s turn in this mating dance. Having already decided that Matty is a suitable mate, Jenna spills punch on the camper sitting in front of her. This lets Matty know that it is time to move things into the janitor's closet.

Matty keeps classes the janitor closet up by wearing his glowstick necklace during the deed. Jenna on the other hand finds herself a nice comfy mop to use as a pillow.  After losing the big ol’ V card, Jenna is “oozing with sticky sweet love.” Seriously, those were her words not mine.  She asks him to go to stead and  Matty is all like, “You are totally cool, but I am cooler (especially at school) so nobody can know I like you.” BOOM. Heart shattered. 

Jenna returns home from camp full of heartache.  SexieT calls to “consol” her about the Matty situation. It is obvious that SexieT is unaware that Jenna and Matty had sex when SexieT goes“can you imagine how suicidal you would be if you actually lost your virginity to him in the janitors closet, on a mop.” Jenna is like “nope, can’t imagine that at all.” She hangs up the phone and spots an anonymous letter on her bed, from A.

“Poor Jenna. You are a loser with no friends.  Try to stop being a pussy. Until later bitches—A.”

With tears in her eyes Jenna begins to write a new blog post: “I’ve got a secret. Can you keep it? Promise this one I’ll save,” and ends with “sometimes being a teenager makes you want to die.” She heads to the bathroom to take a few aspirin before dinner.  Within seconds, she begins to choke on those two little pills. Unfortunately this does not result in Jenna’s death. Anyone who has seen any of the Final Destination movies knows what happens next. The bottle of pills spill onto the floor and Jenna slips on the fallen pills;. the hairdryer falls into the bathtub; the razors fall out of the bag and miss all of her major arteries.  After all of this, Jenna is still alive which, is a good thing. The downside is that she is stuck in a half body/full arm cast, and everyone in the world thinks she tried to commit suicide.

After “the incident” the entire school refers to Jenna just as “that girl.” Jenna heads to the bathroom because she either a) wants to hide from the constant ridicule or b) actually has to pee.  While in the ladies room, we are introduced to the resident bitch of the school, Sadie. She is an overweight cheerleader who pays people to obey her.

After one of the ditsy cheerleaders suggests that Jenna go to church (for reasons I am still unsure of) Sadie chimes in with a zinger“she should go to Thailand, only a pedophile would screw her.” Oh how wrong you are there Sadie. Not only would Matty screw her, he did screw her.

Speaking of Matty, Jenna spots her deflowerer outside the school for the first time since they came out of closet. He begins the mating ritual by sniffing his armpits and mouths “Are you Okay?” Before Jenna can respond by throwing a cup of punch on a random girl, she is called to the guidance counselor.

Jenna meets her new female guidance counselor for some very special girl-on-girl time. She is one of those hip, down with the students, type educators. She promptly hides the scissors when Jenna enters her office and, when the meeting is over, sends Jenna off to lunch with this uplifting text “This year is going to kill. Just not yourself.”

Jenna spends the beginning of her lunch period lounging against a garbage can, eating her lunch and wondering why people are staring at her. Meanwhile, some kids from the football team unveil the pep wheel to the student body in hopes of rallying school spirit.  Sadie, Matty and random footballer volunteer to spin the pep wheel; now only one more girl is needed. Who should this last player be? Jenna decides it should be her, and she raises her one workable arm to volunteer.  The wheel spins and spins, and lands on the game “Sex Exchange,” which involves taking off and exchanging clothes with the opposite sex. You would think Jenna would lose because she only has one arm. Nope. While Sadie was crying because she couldn’t fit into Matty’s clothes,  Jenna pulled a Leslie Knope with Footballers jeans.

Jenna goes to apologize to Sadie (although nothing that happened was Jenna’s fault). Obviously Sadie does not accept the apology and turns her shame and insecurities into nastiness and bitches Jenna out.  After Sadie is done bitching Jenna out, Jenna gets hit on by one of the cheerleader’s boyfriends and Matty. Things are looking for up Jenna. She goes home, crosses “Stop Being a Pussy” off her To-Do list, and changes her blog title to “That Girl.”

Seriously guys, I love this show. It makes fun of itself and has some really awesome pop culture references.

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