Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Lion Games

Hey guys!!! Have you been watching PLL's new baby sister The Lying Game every Monday night and ABC Family? Well I have and I am ADDICTED! (Btw, I will refer to The Lying Games as "The Lion Games" from now becuase I like that better!) I watched the pilot at least three times already. Here are some of my thoughts on the first two episodes so far:

1) Intro?: I am totally not loving the intro. Compared to the The L Word, this intro is a god send. But seriously, the Lying Game's intro makes no sense to me. Why are they floating in a pool with their finger tips touching?

What does the song have to do with the show? This intro does not tell me anything about the show! Do these girls have a secret? How do I know if they can keep it? Will this one they will save? Can they lock it in their pocket? And most importantly, can they take this one to the grave?

2) Laurel So, yeah, I am loving Laurel. I hope that we get to know her more in the future.

Semma's (how I will refer to Emma when she is Sutton)  interactions with Laurel are awesome, but does she have her own friends? We only see her either alone in her house or chilling with Sutton's friends I know that she is 10 months or so younger than Sutton, so I assume that she is in a grade lower. I hope we meet them soon. I also really hope she will turn out to be gay (but I hope that for all female characters I love).

3)  Mads: God do I feel bad for Mad's. First, I am 97% sure that she is having an affair with her douchey ballet teacher (the one who cut Char from the recital). Oh, the age old tale of a choreographer sleeping with her dancer ::sigh::. (cue the awesome Tadd and Melanie number from Season 8 of SYTYCD)

Also, on top of that, what do you guys think of Mads' father? At first I thought that there was sexual abuse because of the way she reacted when her father showed up to her dance rehearsal. As the episode processed (and I talked to my sister) I came to the conclusion it was physical or verbal. (I am not making a judgement of that being better or worse than sexual, I am just saying that I don't think it is sexual.) Either way, her father is an ass and a half!

4) Ugly Guys: Am I the only one who think Sutton's dad is the only attractive guy on this show? I did a double take when I first saw Luke, and not in a good way. Really? THAT is supposed to be the hottest guy in Arizona? He looked even WORSE when he was at the pool party.

The combination of his rosy cheeks, whitey white complexion and slicked back hair was horrendous. Ethan is not that bad I guess; I mean he is nothing special. I have to say though, Pretty Little Liars puts The Lion Games to shame in the "shirtless hunky stud" department.


Anonymous said...

One of the worst intros I have ever seen!!

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