Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pretty Little Liars 2x20: You Can't Steal My MIND

Rosewood’s HotSpot
So, over at Rosewood High Emily has FINALLY been allowed back onto the swim team. Thank god. As much as I love Emily and everything about her (especially when she wears flannel) I am not sure if I could take another full 45 minutes hearing about how she is no longer on the swim team. She is back in the water where she belongs, and all is right in the world.

Spencer and Aria are waiting for their gay shark to come from the pool.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Once Upon a Drinking Game

Do you know what makes watching a show about Fairy Tales more fun, watching a show about Fairy Tales when drunk. Also, I have not produced a new drinking game for a show in quiet some time and boy, is it easy to make up good rules for Once Upon a Time. So ladies and gentleman, may I present to you

The Once Upon a Time Drinking Game

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pretty Little Liars 2x15: Party at the Lakehouse

Last Week On PLL: Hanna hit A with a car and Emily almost got killed for the bagillionth time

The Liars run back into the Greenhouse of horror trying to wrap their heads around what just went down.

Aria: God Hanna how hard did you hit him/her/it with your BEAUTIFUL TOYOTA.
Hannah: I hit it as hard as I would hit any stationary object while driving. You know my track record with cars.
Spencer:  Dammit guys, A locked her phone. If my calculations are correct, there are 4 digits, 10 numerical options meaning there are…..
Emily: (Cutting Spencer Off) What THE FUCK guys, where WERE you. Why did you leave me all alone to die?
Hannah: Death would be preferable to my night. I just learned Kate the Bitch is moving back to town.
Aria: Psh, seriously Hannah, I win this hands down. Ezra just came out to my parents. How can one’s night get worse than that?
Emily: Are you guys’ blind, or do you not see the shards of glass in my hair? A just almost killed me inside a Greenhouse. A GREENHOUSE!

When the girls are done comparing horrible nights, the issue of A’s phone arises. Spencer, Emily and Aria all agree that they should bring the cell to Caleb, Rosewoods Cell Phone Extraordinaire.  Hanna does not. She doesn’t want her boy’s hair to get greased up in any more illegal scams. Instead, she suggests that they just bring the phone to the local “phone store” and if that doesn’t work, they can call a random guy in India.