Sunday, October 27, 2013

Guess Who's Back, Back again (with the OC)

So, (I was once told I use the word ‘so’ too much in my recaps, which make it a perfect way to start his one off). SO, I have not published a post in a really long time. Since my last post a lot in my life has changed. I quit my job, started going for my masters for public health, but most importantly my life has come to the point where I need to now schedule my TV watching into my calendar. Also during this time I forgot to pay for my right to my URL and sadly I no longer own the rights to L.

So, you are almost definitely thinking to yourself ”APB is back?!?!?! Something amazing must have happened to bring her back to the cyber blogging awesome world.” The answer is yes, what brought me back actually was The O.C. Most specifically Season 1 Episode 2 “The Model Home.”

If you remember about a century ago, I wrote about how much I love this episode of television. This episode is my mecca, it is my Northern Star.

For my, watching my favorite episode of a TV show is almost as nostalgic looking back on old photos in an album. I remember how I felt when I first watched the episode, (the summer before my sophomore year of High School specifically). My friend Jo commenting on Marissa’s crimped hair, sitting in the nook of her house her TV was located it.

 My TV experiences and my life experiences go hand and hand just as some people mark their life events via music. And it was when I heard the first five chords of “California” by Phantom Planet in the opening that I knew I needed to start blogging again. I love and am passionate about what I am studying at school, but television is my soul. So, my promise to myself Is I will post about TV at least once a week. About anything related to TV I desire. So here I am, APB back in action. And please, hold me responsible if I don’t post 2 weeks in a row!



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