Thursday, May 29, 2014

No Job? No Problem! Just write about TV!

So, it has been quite a while since I have updated this blog. (Funny story, I once sent someone a preview of my post her first comment was “You say ‘So’ a bit too much.” I guess I never learn). Anywho, it has been a while, and since my last serious post, I have only done drunk posts. Disclaimer: I have had a few drinks, but this is not my normal drunken ramblings.

Currently, I am at a crossroads. I have finished my first years of graduate school, and am in this hellish purgatory of desperately searching for a summer internship. All of my classmates have either already started their internships or have one locked down. Meanwhile, I am sitting here with a bottle of wine, on the last days of May, still scrambling to find one. It is kind of sad, and pathetic (this internship is required for my degree). Since I am still me, I am using my downtime to *be productive* which means applying to more internships and watching TV. After reminiscing with some new friends about the blog I used to have, I realized this is the perfect time to get it started again. The reason I stopped blogging was because I didn’t feel like I had the time to make my posts as perfect as I needed them to bed. Well guess what, now I have the time.  So guess whose back? Back again? ITS ME!

I am not sure what shows I am going to write about, but I am going to spend the night and weekend trying to figure it out. If you have any suggestions (granted there is anyone still actually reading this blog) please let me know!!!!!