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Glee 1x21- Glee Gets Funky

Sorry for the really long wait everyone. I am going to try and post both this weeks and last weeks recaps of Glee today and then FINALLY the FlashForward finale tomorrow. Like last week’s episode of Glee I have been in somewhat of a writing funk. But to not fret, I am back and ready for action.

Another One Bites the Dust:
Just as Artie, Mercedes, Tina and Kurt are walking down the hallway, talking about how they have good chances to win regional’s, Rachel runs by and tells everyone to come to the auditorium. When they get there Vocal Adrenalin is on stage and Jesse announces he has transferred back to Carmel High and is no longer part of New Directions. Dressed in blue, Vocal Adrenalin performs "Another One Bites the Dust" with Jesse as the lead. Vocal Adrenalins' performances are so much different than New Directions'. Their choreography is, well, they actually have choreography. New Directions usually is just frolicking on stage in somewhat synchronized movements. Sometimes. Also Jesse’s Vocals are amazing. This was a very clean and well executed performance.

It turns out that Sue gave Vocal Adrenalin the keys to the auditorium. Every year the group goes to their competitors schools to perform in order to funkify and freak them out before regionals. They also apparently TP the choir room and Artie even has to wear a face mask in order to clean it up. Anyway it completely worked and the members of New Directions are completely funkifyed.

Tell Me Something Good:
This performance was HILARIOUS. I loved Will’s voice and the whole story around the performance. Will realies the only way to defeat Sue is to win her heart and then break it. To do this Will sets up a ploy to get her into the choir room and then starts to compliment her. He asks her if she could critique this new number he is working on and proceeds to serenade her while not so subtly seducing her. He knocks over a pile of papers and bends slowly, ass in the air, to pick it up. He then rips off his jacket, sings while staring into her eyes, and then dances up against her. It was hilarious, hands down hilarious.

The next day as Sue is writing in her journal about how she now has feelings for Will walks into her office bringing her flowers that match her tracksuit. He also invites her to go to dinner at Breadsticks, which incidentally is the only restaurant the characters on this show eat at. Will stands Sue up and then she shows up at his door furious. At first I felt bad for Sue but after Will lists all the horrible things Sue has done I did not feel bad anymore.

In order to get back at Vocal Adrenalin, Puck and Finn slash the tires of all 26 of their Range Rovers. Due to this prank they get sent to the principle and are in jeopardy of getting expelled. Shelby Corcoran, the Vocal Adrenalin coach, says that expulsion is not necessary. Everything will be fine as long as Puck and Finn pay for the damage they have caused. The two get a job at Sheetz and Things with Terri Schuster (Will’s ex-wife) as their boss. While working Puck and Finn perform this song. It was entertaining, but felt out of place. I did not fully understand it. I thought it was funny when Finn was play the guitar on a broom, but besides that it seemed more like a filler song.

It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World: This was the song that Quinn sings for the Funk assignment. As soon as Mr. Schu announces the assignment to the class, Mercedes says that this one is all her but, to everyone’s surprise, Quinn says that she is the perfect person to do it because Funk is about soul and anger, and she plenty of both.

The song was supposed to represent how she has been feeling since her pregnancy. She feels the looks everyone gives her and the shame of being pregnant. I understand the point of the song, and the message it was supposed to portray, but I really disliked this performance. First of all I did not enjoy Quinn’s vocals. They sounded forced and somewhat pained me to listen. Second she had a group of pregnant teens dancing for this performance. They danced around the room, put their hands all around their baby bellies and got down. Putting aside that I doubt girls that pregnant could move that well, it was just bizarre. I could not take the performance seriously and it is one of my least favorite of the series.

After the performance everyone in the group goes to hug Quinn but Mercedes. Later that day Mercedes comes up to Quinn and they have a cute and touching talk about what it feels like to be a minority. Mercedes then asks Quinn to move out of Pucks house and into hers so she can have a safe place to go home to. It was adorable.

Good Vibrations:
Terri realizes that Finn is going to be her Will replacement and she wants to take him under her wing. When he admits that he is having trouble with his latest glee assignment she tells him to search “funk” on “the itunes” and see what comes up. What came up was Marky Mark’s “Good Vibrations.” Puck and Finn were the lead rappers of the song and Mercedes sang the chorus. Finn and Puck are wearing dark jeans and a black jacket on top of a white tee. Finn's even sporting some bling around his neck.
Mercedes sounded phenomenal in this song, her voice was vibrant and full, and Finn didn’t even look horrible while dancing. At one point Puck and Finn start grinding up on Mercedes. You can tell they were having fun performing the song which made it even more fun to watch. It lifted up the spirits of everyone in the room. After the performance ended though, Mr. Schu ruined the mood by pointing out that the song was a hip hop song, not a funk song.

Give Up The Funk: Rachel receives a text message from Jesse to meet him in the parking lot. He has his huge Jesse grin on his face and Rachel starts running to him in slow motion. From the corner of the screen a boy emerges and throws an egg at Rachel. All of the members of Vocal Adrenalin come out of thin air and continue to egg Rachel until finally, in a slow and cruel process, Jesse breaks the last egg on top of her head saying "I loved you". This scene reminded me of Never Been Kissed when Josie gets asked to the prom by the most popular kid in High School. She is super excited because she was a big nerd in HS, but it turned out it was just a big joke. When the limo drove by her house, instead of stopping to pick her up, it slowed down so the boy could egg her from the sun roof. I cried when during this scene in the movie and teared up during the egging scene of Glee. How kids can be so cruel I will never be able to understand.

Rachel gets back to the choir room and everyone is brainstorming how to get back at Vocal Adrenalin. Mr. Schuester comes to the rescue though and decides that best way to get back at them is to take the high road. They should fight back by doing something Vocal Adrenalin has never been able to do, successfully perform a funk number.

Kurt walks out wearing tight red pants, and a gold jacket over of a white shirt collared and tie, singing “tear the roof off mother sucker” in a deliciously low voice. All the other members silhouette's can be seen behind Kurt through a blue and psychedelic screen. Finally everyone walks out from behind the screen sporting funkalicious outfits. Like most of their performances there was no real choreography, but everyone looked like they were having so much fun on stage dancing with each other. Towards the end of the song, the music sped up and each member got the spotlight to show their moves. It liked this a lot, it showed how connected this group is and that they can sing with heart. Most of all, it showed they are enjoying what they are doing.

Favorite Quotes:

Sue: You know for me trophies are like herpes. You can try to get rid of them but they just keep coming. You know why? Sue Sylvester has hourly flairups of burning, itchy, highly contagious talent.

Thinking trust me was a sensible birth control option

Terri(to Puck):
I thought Jews were supposed to be smart.

Thats all I got. Sorry for the wait.

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