Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Vampire Diaries 2x16: The Grill Explodes

So there are so many reasons for why I love this episode; so many reasons that, after I watched the episode, I almost couldn’t contain myself. So, here is my TVD recap so you don’t cry during the next six week hiatus of withdrawal.

Morning Sex: Elena is over at the Salvatore mansion going all crazy because she and Stefan are going to be late to school. Wow, this is the first time in a while I even remembered that Stefan is even a student. As a matter of fact, why is he a student? When you are over 100 years old you should be able to bypass the education system. Stefan I guess agrees with me because when it comes to choosing between getting Elena back into bed and expanding his mind, he is the normal sexed up teenage boy. Elena only gives Stefan five minutes and he is all surprised. I am pretty sure that a vampire can get their business done in five minutes and still have it be good. That is just projection though; I am not speaking from experience.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


So many good television shows this week. I mean GREAT!!! I am not sure where exactly to start. Recaps will begin to crank out by tomorrow.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Top Chef 8x10: Can You Tell me How to Get.... How to Get to Target

Before I begin this recap, let me just say how much I loved this episode. I have seen every single episode of all eight seasons of Top Chef and I definitely have had episodes that I loved more than others. I can say, hands down, that this was the best episode of Top Chef EVER. Anyone who knows me knows that one of my two dream jobs is to work on Sesame Street. I even wrote a post about the show last year discussing why television is so important. The work Sesame Street does is truly amazing. So to combined Top Chef, Sesame Street and Target in one episode was almost too much for me to handle.

Post Elimination Pity Party: The chestestants are sitting around the stew room sulking after the elimination of our beloved Italian Fabio. Anyone who still thinks that the producers make the judges keep chefs around because of their personality should shove that theory up their ass after this elimination. I am pretty sure that Fabio is the most adored Top Chef contestant ever. Blais is bummed that Fabio didn’t ask him for help on the challenge even though Richard owns a burger joint. I truthfully don’t think that he would have changed what he was doing. Fabio didn’t want to make a burger so he didn’t make a burger. This is a recurring theme for him. As the three Chicago chefs cheers their season, Dale tells that camera that he doesn’t believe in this “everyone is a winner” philosophy people are talking about these days (Dale definitely couldn’t be a counselor at Campus Kids).Winning is all that matters, Dale wants to win and will rip apart young children and use them as protein in order to win this season.

Cookie Time: The chefs walk into the Top Chef Kitchen and Padma starts talking in rhyme. “Why is she talking in rhyme?” you might ask yourself. The answer is because sunny days are chasing the clouds away. Out from behind the table pops Elmo, Cookie Monster and Telly Monster who are going to be the judges for the Cookie Quick Fire challenge.

This was so much fun to watch, I can’t even begin to imagine how much fun it must have been to be on set. As Padma is announcing the challenge Cookie Monster keeps interrupting her just yelling about cookies. Whether that as scripted or not, it still made me smile and giggle like a 5 year old like a little kid.

Blais and Antonia are super stoked about this challenge because they both have kids that love the show. Actually it seemed like Antonia was the most star struck out of all the chefs. She couldn’t stop smiling and singing to herself. On the other hand though there is Mike and Angelo who apparently have never made a cookie from scratch before. How is this possible, I mean I think my ten year old cousin can make a cookie. Dale struggles to not to curse out the cute and furry Muppets as they heckle him for using potato chips in his cookie . See Dale, that anger management class did you good. In the end using those potato chips was a good thing since it won him the challenge.

Padma had a ton of fun judging the cookies with Muppets. Here are my two favorite moments of this challenge
1) After Padma utilizes a “teachable moment” (something Sesame Street is all about) explaining that the spices cardamom and cinnamon come from the same region, Elmo responds with “TMI”
2) Although everyone agreed it was delicious, Elmo says Antonia’s cookie looks like a “cow chip"

Elimination Challenge: So Padma announces that this week’s challenge is going to be the biggest money that Top Chef has ever given away in a single challenge. If they are saying that this is the most money they have given away in one challenge this season then this is true. If they are saying that this is the most money given ever then this is not true. In Season 6, Top Chef gave away $30,000 for the Bocuse d’Or challenge which Kevin won. This just seems bizarre that they would announce the $25,000 dollar prize as the largest sum they have awarded to the winner when that isn’t true. I know that I am obsessed with television’s continuity and details, but if I can notice this error the producers of the show should notice.

This week, in order to win the not biggest prize the show has ever given, they chefs have to cook a meal at Target and can only use items in the store. This means that they can’t bring their own knives. Half the chefs just had a heart attack and the other half already started to feel separation anxiety. Their faces say it all.

They get to THE BIGGEST TARGET STORE IN THE WORLD at midnight to start the fun. They had three hours and full access to any items in the store. It was a lot of fun watching the chefs run around with their carts just grabbing random shit from the shelves. There seemed to be absolutely no order to what they were grabbing, just anything they could maybe possibly use. Mike and Angelo are apparently the new married couple on the show and are sharing cooking appliance and calling each other honey. They are grabbing things for each other, helping each other out, or well actually Angelo just keeps doing what Mike asks. Carla struggles in this challenge and all I want to do is shake her and tell her to get her head in the game. Dude, no one cares about linens. I understand that it is midnight and you are tired but you are in a cooking competition. FOOD should be the first this on your mind!! But like always she is running around like a chicken with her head cut off and she is the last one to set up her table. In the end her food struggles.

The only two people that really wowed me in this challenge were Antonia (as she always does) and Dale. First, they didn’t soup which, as the show mentioned many times, almost everyone did. Antonia made eggs to order… for 100 people at 3 AM in the morning. Ballsy, this girl is ballsy and that is why she is my favorite (also she was wearing that cute purple/pink shirt in her interview that I like so much). Dale on the other hand won my heart over by making the most perfect drunk food with an iron. Yes he used an iron to press the grilled cheeses down to crisp the bread. He then placed it in some tomato soup which looked delish. 

Carla, Angelo and Tiffany are on the bottom this week. It was one of the most tense and emotionally charged non-finale judges’ table I have ever seen. Tiffany give an emotional speech about how amazing this experience has been for her and everyone starts tearing up.  In the end it was Angelo and his overly salted potato soup that got sent home.

So that is my recap. Were you guys as jazzed about Sesame Street as I was? Did you think it was the best episode of Top Chef ever also. Let me know!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Glee 2x13: Bieber gives Glee and Me a Comeback

So we start out this week with Will in his Spanish class (yes remember guys he is also a teacher). This is only interrupted by Sue trying to suicide herself (yes that is a Top Chef Fabio reference) by Gummy Vitamins.

1) Baby- Sam is trying to woo Quinn back from the weird place she has been after getting mono from “saving Finn’s life.” In order to do this he decides to become more like the Biebster. He combs his hair in the perfect Bieber fashion and tests out his new persona at the ever pronounced and revered institution called the Jewish Bat Mitzvah.

Turns out those tweens loved the Samiester (really cant ship those two names), so there is only one more place to go... GLEE PRACTICE. He puts on a purple sweatshirt and sings the mega hit “Baby” which according to him is “super emotional and sums up our generation.” Never have truer words been spoken, Sam. Never have truer words been spoken. With his mouth looking larger than ever he serenades Quinn equipped with all the necessary Bieber moves. All of the glee girls are totally into it and all the boys (besides Finn who is bitter and jealous) totally wants in on the Biebster.

Overall this was a great performance. Sam sang it very well and his dance moves... just adorable. Also I have a new found appreciation for Justin Bieber after seeing his movie in 3D, albeit I was drunk, but I still loved it nonetheless.

2) Somebody to Love- All the boys with girlfriends (yes I am including Puck in that group) approach Sam to get in on the Bieber experiance. Apparently all the bfs are suffering from their significant other’s “Post Valentine’s Lull” and alls they want is some suga. They all Biebster their hair, put on zipup hoodies and hit the stage for their honeys. God this number was fun. Artie and Sam headlined the performance as the girls rushed in. I quietly reminisced on my NSYNC days in my head during this scene.There is more chalk floating across the stage than a gymnastic meet but the dancing is so good I don’t even care. Bravo The Justin Bieber Experience, and please, encore. The only one that doesn’t love the Biebster is Finn becuase it is cramping his style with Quinn. On the other hand this lands Sam a date with both Quinn and Santana. No Santana just come to me, I have big lips too, I promise!

3) Take Me or Leave Me- Sue is finally out of her “Sue-icide” funk and back into her “destroy happiness/Glee Club” shenanigans. She calls both Mercedes and Rachel into her office to find out what it takes to be a Diva. (Side Note: We discover the AMAZING tidbit about Sue’s past that she used to be the tambourine player for Wilson Philips. Yes the one who sang Hold On. Sue you complete me). The two girls have very different definitions of what it means to be a DIVA. For Merecedes it is all about the weave, the ‘tude, and waving that winger. For Rachel it means being insanely emotional and apparently giving birth to your emotions. Unbeknownst to each other, Sue is trying to cause internal Glee drama by putting these two Divas at odds. Rachel announces that in order for this to be a “true” Diva-off, the song had to come from the show tunes genre, and now I am in heaven.

The two girls perform “Take Me or Leave Me.” It is a good performance, both their voices are perfect as always.What I have a problem with in this song is the passion. I am a HUGE Rent fan. I first saw the play when I was in fourth grade (yes I know I was too young to understand it and probably too young to see the play but blame my parents not me) with the original Mark. I have seen the play on Broadway two more times since then and of course have seen the movie. I do love this song, and in the movie version of Rent this song is my favorite (although I did not love the accompanying marriage scene). This track, in the movie, is filled with SO MUCH passion. There is love and hate and lust and anger and all the problems this dysfunctional relationship holds all balled up into one number. That is what I love about the song. It is a song about acceptance which is hugely emotional. In the Glee version though it is about showing up the other person. It lacks that emotional component which makes this song so goosebump worthy.

But on a happier note, the performance allows Rachel and Mercedes to put aside their Sue driven feud and just enjoy singing together, because in the end they are two friends who love to perform together. Sue just cant win today.

4) This Little Light Of Mine: Yes I am counting this as a song. This was one of the most heartwarming songs ever performed on Glee. Will was not a huge fan of Sue’s behavior at the Diva-off, since you know she was all like “Where’s the hate” and all that. Becuase of all this negativity Will decides to take Sue on a trip to the Pediatric cancer ward equiped with a bunch of adorable kiddies.

I know that I am a huge sap, so for my heart to melt doesnt take alot, but seriously if Sue’s heart did not melt a little bit because of these kids there is something seriously Serial Killerly wrong with her.

5) I Know What Boys Like: Really do not know what to say about this song. I thought it was cute that Lauren was nervous about performing and that she took Pucks advice of seeing everyone in their underwear. Besides that I did not understand the point of this song. Can the actress of Lauren not actually sing? I don’t think that is the case, I was under the impression that all the students on the show needed to know how to sing. I found this just very awkward and out of place and did not have any real musical component to it. The best part of this performance is when Lauren motorboated Artie!

6) Sing: Sue was uninspired by the songs that the Glee kids had picked as anthems this week. Instead she picked a song about dreams and such. This is like a young dykes dream come true, a bunch of hot girls in flannel and Sue in a flannel track suit.

It was a good song but it seemed a bit screamy and less singy. I agree with Rachel that “Sing” is not the song to win Regionals, but I disagree that they should write their own music.

What do you think guys? Do you feel bad for Quinn?Did anyone else catch Rachel's "To Do List?" Seriously awesome!

Did you miss Kurt? Are Kurt and Blaine makeout friends now? Let me know!!!