Monday, August 29, 2011

Pretty Little Liar 2x11: "Doctor Knows Best"

Emily is tossing and turning in her bed, at 3:07 AM, when she receives a mysterious text from A. After a full 2 hours and 8 minutes of processing this text, she decides to run away from the Marin house. As Emily revs the engine of her, Hanna awakes and realizes her dear roommate, and friend, is gone.

Like any good lover friend, Hanna calls the other two PLL’s to investigate this disappearance, and they come as quickly as possible. Aria is sure that Emily has fled to Texas, and is correct. The camera cuts to Emily, who is in the woods running to Texas as they speak. She’s obviously ditched her car by the side of the road, realizing that traveling by foot is the most practical and safe option. The girls find Emily’s phone and realize that the reason Em’s fled was because A sent her a racy pic of Ezria making out. 

Underneath there is a note reading “clue Ella and I’ll let you out.” Since Emily has a stronger backbone than Hanna, she decided to NOT tell Ella about Aria’s illegal relationship with her teacher, but to flee to Texas instead.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Lion Games

Hey guys!!! Have you been watching PLL's new baby sister The Lying Game every Monday night and ABC Family? Well I have and I am ADDICTED! (Btw, I will refer to The Lying Games as "The Lion Games" from now becuase I like that better!) I watched the pilot at least three times already. Here are some of my thoughts on the first two episodes so far:

1) Intro?: I am totally not loving the intro. Compared to the The L Word, this intro is a god send. But seriously, the Lying Game's intro makes no sense to me. Why are they floating in a pool with their finger tips touching?

What does the song have to do with the show? This intro does not tell me anything about the show! Do these girls have a secret? How do I know if they can keep it? Will this one they will save? Can they lock it in their pocket? And most importantly, can they take this one to the grave?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pretty Little Liars 2x10: "Who Needs To Go To College Anyways?"

College Fair:
It is college fair day at Roseweood High. Due to the fact that this day has optional attendance, I am very curious to see what percent of graduates end up going to college.  Anyway, Aria and Emily decide to get a jump start on this special day and have a breakfast date in the cafeteria.  Both girls have a bunch of Jason gossip to share with each other.

Emily: “Aria, where have you been? We snuck into Jason’s shed last night…”
 Aria: “I kissed Jason. OMG, what should I do? Should I tell Fitz?”
Emily: “Before you tell Fitz anything, Spencer and I found a bagillion picture of you either sleeping or drugged in Jason’s shed. Probably both though. It was pretty scary.”
Aria: “Wait ew creepy.”
Emily: “He is probably the one who taught Mike how to steal pottery from a cops apartment. He is totally using Mike to get closer to you.” (Spencer sits down at the table) “SPENCER. ARIA KISSED JASON. THEY KISSED, THEY KISSED.”

Spencer and Aria leave Emily to eat her well balanced breakfast on her own. She pours the Alpha-Bits into her bowl and is shocked to see the only Alpha-Bit coming out are “A”s. Inside, she finds a note that read: “You are the Weakest Link.  Goodbye.”

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pretty Little Liars 2x09: "Aria... The New Catnip for Pedophiles Everywhere"

Morning Adventures
Aria is at Ezra’s apartment for an early morning make-out session After Ezra goes to turn off his 7:21 alarm, he turns into Jason. Instead of shrieking  “Why is this ugly monster in Fitz’s bed,” Aria continues to make out with Jason… until her own alarm wakes her up. Everyone can take a big old deep breath now, the Jaria make-out session was only a dream.

Over at the morgue, Hanna and Emily have decided to join Spencer in the “Candy Striper Game”. They stand lookout while Spencer snoops around for the missing page from Allison’s coroner’s report.  

Spencer’s Scooby nose is not having luck today though. The page is nowhere to be found, and the coroner’s computer is password protected.  Does Hanna not remember that her boyfriend is a professional hacker from Allentown who used to be involved with hacking government websites? His expertise could have been useful in this very situation. Spencer is on full “Jason Did It” mode. Since A got killed by an object that may be a hockey stick and Jason may have had a hockey stick, he is the ONLY suspect. This may be just a guess, but I bet there were a ton of field hockey girls that hated Alison as well. Anyway, the three girls get distracted because Jenna and a nurse emerge from the elevator talking about Jenna’s miracle soon to be eye-surgery. Are surgery and the morgue on the same floor or is Jenna just there to feel her donor’s eyes?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Pretty Little Liars 2x08: "There's a Hole in the Stomach, Dear Emily, A Hole"

Scooby Stake-out:
Aria, Spencer and Hanna are chilling outside Emily’s old casa as Spencer retells the Garrett Incident.  Grumpy Hanna is not in the mood to hear other people’s problems tonight and starts bitching about the car’s temperature. There is no question in Hanna’s mind for why Garrett has Jenna’s clay pot. OBVIOUSLY, Garrett is just bringing raw meat to feed to Jenna’s cat. Problem solved. When Spencer pokes a small whole in Hanna’s theory (the fact that Jenna does not actually have a cat), Hanna retorts with the only logical conclusion; Garrett was bringing raw meat for Jenna. Aria tries to change the direction of conversation.

Aria: Hanna I see Emily, so stop being such a bitch. Why is Emily in her old house anyway?
Hanna: Something about her stupid alarm system. No one should be worried about crime in this town anymore now that your little bro is on house arrest.
Aria: Hanna not cool.
Hanna: I mean, there is no other illegal activity going on in this town. It is not like my bf is running an illegal phone hacking op or A is trying to kill us. Mike was the only problem.
Spencer: Hanna, if you get laid in the woods underneath the sound of owls swooping down for prey, would you be less of a bitch?