Wednesday, August 25, 2010

APB's Fall TV Preview: Thursdays

Some students may dread the ending of summer. It means their numerous hours of free time, without a single care in the world, is coming to the end. It means time to buy new textbooks and schools supplies. Time to come in from the sun and come into dimly lit lecture rooms. To me  though the end of summer means one thing.... NEW TELEVISION!!!

Here are three returning TV shows on Thursday Nights I am most excited for this upcoming season:

1) Grey's Anatomy (Sept 23 9PM):
Where we left off: Grey's left us off last season with one of the most powerful episodes the series has ever had. After several episodes of the angry widower Gary Clark trying to sue the hospital becuase of the death of his wife, he completely lost it. He arrived at the hospital with a gun and a jacket full of ammunition in hand to shoot up the hospital. Dr. Reed and was shot and killed in the stock room. Dr. Percy is also shot and despite all of Baily's attempts, is unable to survive. McDreamy's fate is also up in the air after being shot by Clark as Cristina is doing her best work to fix him. In other good new, this whole incident reminded Callie and Arizona how short life can be and, becuase this life is so short, they should live it together. So we ended the episode with a Calzona kiss.

Where I want it to go: I want everything to end happily ever after. Callie and Arizona will be a happy lesbian couple and have two kids and live in a house with a white picket fence. Okay I will try to be more realistic. First we all know that Derek is not dead. I think that the Chief we become acting Chief while Derek is in recovery and everyone will realize he really does run the hospital better than Derek. I want Cristina and Owen to stay together, I do like them together. I would also love for Teddy and Dr. Avery to get together. That would be really hot.

2) Bones (Sept. 23 8PM)
Where we left off: Everyone was about to leave to different destinations for a year. (That is except for Cam and Sweets, who are both stuck in DC). Bones is off to the Maluku islands to do ground breaking research and she is bringing Daisy along with her. Booth is off to Iraq to help train soldiers for the year and Angela and Hodgins are off on a year long honeymoon.

Where I want it to go: Like with Grey's I want a happy ending for all. I want Bones and Booth to be together forever. Again I know that will not happen at first. I want Bones to come back and not be fully reverted back to her "I do not know how to function in society" self. I also hope Booth has not found anyone else. Also what i hope more that all is that Zach comes back.

3)Vampire Diaries (September 9 8PM)

Where we left off: I just started watching Vampire Diaries this summer, and within three days I finished the first season. It as amazing, I loved it. Nina Dobrev has come so far since her stint on Degrassi. Any back to the show,  Jeremy drinks a bunch of Anna's blood and then takes a bunch of pills. Will he be saved in time, or will he become a vampire. Elana kisses Damion, but unbeknownst to Damion.... it is actually Katherine!!! Katherine then comes inside, cuts off John Gilbert's hand (which removes his anti-vampire ring) and stabs him in the chest.

Where I want it to go: I mean it can go anywhere. I really want Katherine to stir things up in Mystic Falls. I am just concerned that they are going to play the "wait is that Katherine or is that Elana" card too often and it is going to get tired. I want Stefan and Elana to stay together becuase they are adorable and perfect and sexy. I hope that Caroline and Matt stay together too. Caroline really deserves to be with someone that cares about her and Matt has shown that he does. Oh and one last thing, please please please, Bonnie, do not be a colossal bitch because your grandma died and blame everyone.

I may write another post about other TV shows I am waiting for. What are you guys waiting for? I would love to know.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Weeds: A Transformation

Last Monday (or earlier if you count the online leak) marked the premier of the sixth season of Weeds. When the show aired in August of 2005 it was considered ground breaking, and it was. The series begins with Nancy Botwin trying to take care of her family after the sudden death of her husband. She had never worked before and did not have a steady income to support her family. Her brother in-law Andy gave her the name of a drug dealer to help her deal with her pain. Instead of taking drugs, she decides that she is going to deal them instead.

The show began as a dark comedy; there was humor intertwined with the pain of the Botwin's. Like many TV shows it also exposed the hypocrisy of suburban life with all the parents smoking weed and they tell their children not to. It was quirky, funny, and smart. So my question is "What the Hell Happened?!"

I am not saying that the show is no longer entertaining. It is, it definitely is. My problem with the show is that Weeds Season 4-6 and Weeds Seasons 1-3 seem like two completely different television series. The show is a spectacle now. It is insane and completely unrealistic. I am not saying that the show began as completely realistic, but it did seem relateable. I felt for Nancy; I felt her pain and I understood why she was dealing drugs and doing what she was doing. She was doing it for her family. Nancy is now bat-shit crazy. Her whole family (besides Silas) is bat-shit crazy. I mean Shane just killed someone and has no remorse. Actually I take that back, Shane has always been insane. He has bitten a kids leg during a karate match, recorded a terrorist video pretending to chop someones head off and masturbated to pictures of his mother. "My name is Shane/ I bring the pain/ Up from the streets of Agrestic" where the first few lines of the rap he wrote 5 years ago. So yes, Shane has always been this insane I guess. Celia even called it out in Season 1 when, after finding out Shane had been hunting wolves, she told Nancy that "killing small animals is the first sign of psychotic behaviour." Celia, you were correct, this kid is psychotic.
But that is not the point.

I do miss the more normal characters from the beginning of the series. Conrad is one of my favorite TV characters ever. He was funny and caring. I loved that he slept with Celia in season 1, and I loved how much he cared for Nancy.God I miss Conrad, I hope they somehow bring him back.

This has become more of a ramble than a focused article, but the gist of it is that Weeds is not the same Weeds that aired five years ago. I didn't notice as I was first watching it. It is kind of like how you don't notice someone close to you has changed becuase you see them everyday, but when you look at old pictures it pops out to you. I am not saying that the show is worse or better, it is just so very different.

What do you think? Do you think the show has stayed true to what it was when it first aired? Do you like it more or less now that it is insane? I want to hear your thoughts.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

TV Addiction

I know I said I was back, and I am sorry I have not updated since that last post. The biggest reason I have not updated on any Television shows is becuase I  CANT STOP WATCHING ANGEL. About two or three weeks ago I started watching the series. I have owned Season One for a while but had never finished it becuase my copy was scratched. For some reason though I was drawn to it and started watching the first season. Then two weekends ago was something called Park Ave fest in the city I live in. I went into a local record store and there was the entire series of Angel sitting on the top shelf of the book case for 15 buck a season. It was like the gods were calling out to me "Alyssa, Finish Angel." I have taken their challenge and in just two week I have finished three seasons of this amazing show.

I cannot even begin to explain how much I love Angel. I love how much the three character, (Angel, Cordelia and Wesley) have grown since they have been on Buffy. Cordelia is a strong and independent women now. She is not just a shallow rich girl but she has found her purpose in life. She wants and needs to help people. That is why she is here on earth; that is why she has been given her visions. Angel has also matured and let people in more. Wesley is so much less of a klutz.

What I love most of all though is Fred and Gunn. I am sorry guys, I am a sap for romance. I love love stories. Always have and always will. Especially when the two are meant to be together as much as these two are. They are so cute and so compatible I love it. I mean I would love to have her all to myself but that is not an option at the moment.

So that is my take on Angel as of now in a tipsy state.

Any comments? Agree? Disagree? Never seen it (well then get off my site and watch it)? Let me know!!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

British Accents are Hotter

I am back everyone, and I mean for real back. I just needed to take a little break and make some money this summer, but I am back and ready for action. This summer I have spent a lot of time watching older TV shows. I have been watching The Wire  (which I will definitely be writing about soon) Angel, The OC, Top Chef. This list can actually go on forever so I am going to cut it off on that one.

What today's post is about is when you find out that your favorite British character's actor is not actually British!!! (Not the most insightful post I have ever written but it is on my mind). It is so suprising when you first hear the actor in an interview not talking with an accent. I am also amazed about how easy people can go in and out of accents. Imagine talking one way all day while working and then go home and talk a different way. So weird, so weird. Here is a list of three characters that I was the most surprised was not British (and hotness decreased immensely).

1)  Spike from Buffy (James Marsters)
Were you more surprised Spike tried to rape Buffy or that Spike is AMERICAN. He still has some points in the hot scale though becuase he does sing, and well.

2) Julian Sark from Alias (David Anders)
Sark is not British. My world was crushed. If you want to hear Sark sans British accent every week you should watch Vampire Diaries. Even if you do not want to hear Sark speak in an American accent each week you would watch Vampire Diaries because it is awesome.
For Julian's American accent
Audrey Click Here (all readers are welcome I just really want Audrey to watch!!!!!)

3)Wesley Wyndam-Pryce from Angel (Alexis Denisof)
This is actually the revelation that sparked this post. As I wrote before I recently decided to watch Angel. Even though I have seen every single episode (and own all the DVDs) of Buffy until this summer I have never watched Angel. I am not sure why I was so against this show for so long but it may becuase I am sometimes really resistant to spin-off series. Sorry, this is about Wesley, I will get back to the point...Wesley was the perfect British geeky smart boy. He was like a young less cool Giles. When I heard him speak in the Special Features section of the Angel DVD I was floored. He is not British. This plus the fact that he is married to Alyson Hannigan makes me like him so much less (becuase I want to be married to Alyson Hannigan).

What about you guys. Who were you the most surprised to find out was not British? Any females. It is weird i can't recall any women in this situation so if you know of any female characters that you were surprised did not have the accent of the actor let me know!!