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Grey's 7x17: The Car Crash for a Musical

Sorry for the lateness. I am on vaca at my Grandma’s without wireless.

Sex vs. Stark: The episode opens with Jackson taking off his shirt, which is always a lovely sight, followed by he and Lexie start is getting hot and heavy on the washing machine. Suddenly, April the nun enters wanting nothing more than to clean her laundry. The easiest solution for April is to leave and do her laundry later because truthfully, once Lexie and Jackson start to get their chemistry on, you can’t stop the reaction.

April and Stark’s relationship has blossomed and grown since we last saw the half young couple. Apparently they are getting mixed signals about their relationship because April believes they are just friends while, truthfully, we are not fully sure what Stark thinks because he is not a main character. Stark allows Karev to actually do his job and help April with her patients so she can get to their date on time. Stark being nice to Karev, now you KNOW Stark wants in April’s pants.

Baby Drama and Showers: The baby shower is the straightest most traditional and over the top baby shower I have seen since Sherry’s in Gilmore Girls. Arizona and I both gag at the cheeriness and fluffiness of it all. Seriously if anyone made me put a balloon under my shirt and tied paper around me, I might punch them. This is making me sound like I hate babies, but that is totally not true. There are no actual babies at Baby Showers so they really aren’t that exciting.

All of the residents are betting on whether April will lose her big ole’ V card with Stark that night while designing onsies for the soon to be bundle of joy (seriously best baby shower idea EVER). April announces at the top of her lungs that she is not taking her pants off for Stark just as the entire party gets quiet. The entire room gets quiet and stares at her because seriously, anyone sleeping with Stark is gossip worthy. Two seconds later Jackson and Lexie go off to have a quick shag probably in the on call room.

The best part of this scene though is the onsie’s our favorite doctors decorate.

Meredith designs this “abstract” piece of art to which Lexie’s only reaction was “Are you still blind?”

Karev makes a scrubsie onsie:

But the cake goes to Cristina who draws a perfect textbook diagram of a heart on the onsie:

Altman Finds Love: Henry is back in the hospital and Dr. Altman is acting all wifey and concerned but masking it by pretending she is all doctory and concerned.. In a drug induced state, right before his MRI, Henry confesses his love to Altman. He wants to be a real married couple and not just a fake health insurance one. Henry’s high confession was sweet but unfortunately the Chief and Cristina witness it as well. The Chief, with his ever present ethical decisions and moral integrity calls Altman off of the surgery, which Cristina is happy to fill in for.

During surgery there is a complication because how boring would it be if there wasn’t. Altman starts freaking out until Cristina yells at her “Shut up and stop acting like a scared wife.” That, my friends, is Altman’s wakeup call that she is in love with Henry. Altman is now faced with the decision that many at Seattle Grace have been faced with in the last seven years: which comes first love or work? Altman tells Henry he has to stop his infatuation with her and although she has thought of them being together, she doesn’t feel that way about him. She is lying through her teeth, but not being a couple is the only way she can stay on his case and make sure that he is cured and healthy. She is saying this because she loves him.

The Gyno and the Trailer: I am writing this recap with the assumption that trailers in hospital parking lots are allowed. Do I believe this? No. Is it a waste of time for me to argue each reason for why this is ridiculous? Yes, so I will move on. Miranda gets all huffy and puffy when she can’t park in her normal parking spot because the one and only Karev has decided to move his trailer outside the hospital so he can be the first one in and out for the race of Chief Resident. Not only is his trailer in the parking lot but he didn’t even park straight!!

The Gyno is invited to Callie’s in hospital baby shower because the “fate of Callie’s Vagina” is in her hands but truthfully because they needed a reason for her to bump into Karev. The Gyno catches him stealing all of the food he can fit into his pocket at the Baby Shower making the old Jewish ladies at the nursing home I visit proud. Karev is oozing his usual I am hot, cocky and you want me mojo and The Gyno is like “I totally want you, but I don’t want to want you, so I am going to poorly pretend that I just came here for the pigs in the blanket you are strategically standing in front of.” The Gyno later goes to the love guru Meredith who tells her how good of a guy Karev really is. She is all like “he fell in love with a girl who got a new identity and then went crazy, a girl who got cancer and then left him after they were married and his family was all types of wacko.” Being an ass is just Karev’s coping mechanism. After hearing this , we see a similar “Ah Ha! I’m in love” look on Gyno’s face that we saw on Blaine’s last week on Glee.

Karev is sitting outside his trailer drinking some beer and eating his stolen h’orderves while The Gyno is walking to her car. He offers her a beer which, of course, she accepts. I wonder what patients that walked past this sight thought to themselves? I would personally be a bit worried of going to a hospital where two surgeons are drinking beer outside a trailer in said hospital’s parking lot. Then again there are a lot of things that Seattle Grace doctors do in the presence of patients which would not want me to put my life in their hands. They kiss and all is well in Karev land.

Weber goes Rogue for Love: Chief Weber brings his wife hoping Dr. Shepard can admit her into his trial. Adele is in complete denial of her condition and it’s so sad to watch. This is the second women The Cheif has been in love with that has been struck with Alzheimer’s. As much as the Chief begs Derek, Derek can’t make the exception for Adele. Putting Adele in the trial puts the entire study at risk. All the good they have been working for and people they would be helping would be sacrificed for one person. It is obvious that Chief Weber’s judgment is too clouded by personal feeling and is not making the ethical and practical decisions required by a Chief. Weber takes the high road and decides he is going to Damn the Man and Screw the Empire and perform an Islet transplant which has yet to be approved by the FDA. This is one of the stupidest things I have seen the chief do when he was sober besides maybe forcing Arizona to do a surgery on a child that she begged not to have done.

Pretty much right after Weber does his rogue non-FDA surgery, Derek no longer has to deal with his ethical dilemma in another “Grey Love Gays” plot lines. When a mother who was supposed to be in the study discovers that her son had broken up with his longtime boyfriend, she withdraws herself from the trial so her son does not have to sacrifice his life for hers. It was cute, sad, heartwarming and all of the emotions Greys loves to make you feel. The point of this cute gay storyline is there is now an opening for Adele in the trial.

Even though she is eligible for the trial, sadly she failed the preliminary tests to enter the study by one point. I keep thinking about this and saying ITS ONLY ONE POINT, just as Weber does. The question then arises of “where do you draw the line?” When does “just one” become “just two” or even “just three?” As hard as is it to accept, there are lines for a reason. Crossing them, no matter how small, is crossing them and you can’t turn back. These are serious questions that occur in the medical and Public Health field. The meeting with Meredith and Derek causes Adele’s denial about her disease to be shattered into a million pieces which is heartbreaking to watch. I can’t imagine how it would feel in those early stages of the disease. Knowing that you will soon not recognize the world around you, slowly losing your memories, and not being able to stop it. The only silver lining I guess is she’s finally able to accept that she is experiencing Alzheimer’s and not to sound cliché but acknowledging you have a problem is such a huge step.

Roommate Etiquette: After being ridiculed by her sex obsessed coworkers, April gets cold feet about her possible sex date with Stark. Stark is upset and makes it clear to April that he wants to be more than just friends and, for the first time ever on the show, I feel bad for Stark. Since she canceled on Stark, April goes home to watch “From Here to Eternity” by herself only to find Lexie and Jackson making out on the couch. Jackson has the audacity to get mad at April for sitting on the shared couch, in the communal living room that they all pay for while he is trying to get his mack on. I was in awe of the lack of respect for April in this scene. This is a shared house. If I came home ready to watch a movie and my roommates were making out on the couch not even WATCHING the TV, they better get their asses off of that couch.

Driving 101- Keep Your Eyes on the Road: An immature Mark is taunting an exhausted Arizona as she scavenges through the garbage desperately trying to retrieve the missing gift list. Mark is just trying to prove he is a much better lesbian than she. Luckily for everyone, Callie the pregnant peacemaker enters the room, kicks Mark out and surprises Arizona with a weekend at a B & B. Although Arizona is first reluctant to leave her dying mini-patients, when she realizes it is only for two and not three she is all in. Ten minutes into the trip Callie is wearing a seatbelt and gets a text from Mark.

As expected Arizona gets upset because this was supposed to be a Mark-Free weekend and throws Callie’s phone to the backseat of the car. Next Callie undoes her seatbelt to reach back and get her phone and the usual Mark/Gay/Baby fight ensues ending with Arizona asking Callie to marry her.

During the proposal Arizona is not paying attention to the road so instead of hearing Callie’s answer, we hear shattering glass.

Again let me reiterate Callie is pregnant and not wearing a seatbelt! Mark I blame you for Callie getting hurt and I also blame you if the musical episode of Grey’s sucks.

What did you guys think? Are you guys as excited and apprehensive about tomorrows episode as I am? Is everything Mark’s fault? Let me know!



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