Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weeds 7x02: "Trading Bombs for Weed"

Good things that happened Monday July 4th: Fireworks, Musical Performances, Barbeques.
Bad things that happened Monday July 4th: This week’s episode of Weeds. The show has not sold me on any of the plotlines (except, maybe, for Silas’ modeling career).

Nancy’s No Good Rotten Day: While Nancy is trying to fall asleep in her new abode, her roommate is having food phone sex. That was one of the most disturbing conversations I have ever heard. I will never be able to think of chunks of fruit the same way EVER AGAIN. Just as my ears start bleeding, Nancy grabs the phone from her roommate’s hand and throws the battery out the window. She needs rest for tomorrow’s illegal activities.

The next morning Counselor Ed tells Nancy that she has an interview at a lamp repair shop. Nancy rambles on to Counselor Ed until he gives her extra time out of the house and then he tells her she can’t wear her normal slutty clothes to the interview. Instead she has to wear a dress suit circa 1983, donated by a Korean church. This outfit was god awful. I know that was the point, but still, were those gold tights necessary. They were disgusting.

Just as Nancy is about to leave for her interview she sees the Botwin clan in the entrance of the halfway house. Silas spots Nancy and the two make eye contact causing Nancy to storm out the back door, setting off the house alarm. Again Silas is let down by his mom. Poor Silas. Also Silas, can you please go back to being a blonde? Do you think he died his hair to be more of a Botwin? That idea just occurred to me. Last season his blonde hair had a big part in Silas discovering who his birth father was. I don’t know, just a thought.

Nancy’s first stop on her big day out is the rooftop of a random apartment building; specifically, the rooftop where the grenades are hidden. I bet you are wondering how she got to the rooftop of the building. She did this sneaky thing where she hit the buzzer of all the tenants until someone buzzed back. She then mumbled her name into the intercom and the tenant let her in. I do not know a single New Yorker that would fall for that trick. Anywho, it worked for the magical Nancy Botwin. After retrieving her suitcase of death (SOD) she head to her lamp interview via the subway.  

The interview, as expected, was a bust. The Chasidic Jew boss was playing around with the SOD and which caused Nancy to freak the fuck out, which caused her to break a lamp which caused the interview to be over. It was all good though because Nancy had more important illegal matters to handle, such as selling grenades.

Before meeting the arms dealer, Nancy places a grenade in her pocketbook and the SOD (plus her jacket) in a utility closet. I hope the bombs go off and take that jacket with them. That outfit looks so much better without that jacket. Why did she even wear the jacket in the NYC summer heat?

I think the name of the guy she meets is Sarge but I am not sure. It is the guy who worked for The Greek in The Wire, so I am just going to call him “The Greek” for now. Nancy proposes trading weapons for some nice Afghani weed. Does Afghanistan really produce good weed? I am not being factious, I really had no clue!.  Also Nancy WHY ARE YOU GETTING BACK INTO DRUG DEALING! I don’t get it. But wait guys, it gets worse. For the first time (I think in the series) Nancy smokes weed with The Greek. Seriously Nancy, you decide the best time to start smoking weed after not smoking throughout your entire career is when you have mandatory drug tests? What is wrong with you?

Botwin Adventures: While Nancy is out on her NYC adventure, Silas reveals to the Botwin clan that Nancy fled when she saw them. Andy lifts tries to rally the troops with “Who in this room hasn’t fled, it is a family flaw.” I love Andy ooh so much. Silas does not want to deal with his mom’s shit anymore so he goes to meet with a modeling agent. The agent totally hates Silas and is just like “we don’t need another dumb farmboy model in NY.” Silas retaliates with a speech about how his mother just got out of jail and he is a hard worker. Silas is a hard worker; remember that cheese/weed shop with Julie Bowen? In the end Silas’ charm got the agent to notice him and she kept his portfolio.

In the halfway house, Shane and Andy sneak upstairs into Nancy’s room where they find the roommates porn stash. Counselor Ed’s catches them with his watchful eye  and brings them into his office for a talking, He warns Shane and Andy that jail has most likely changed Nancy; prison changes people. One of these changes can be making girls gay. Counselor Ed swiftly pulls out his tutorial videos which is S1-3 of Bad Girls.

Caught: Nancy gets super stoned with The Greek. High Nancy is not entertaining, she is just really pathetic.  Realizing that her lateness is about to seal her fateness Nancy storms out of The Greeks apartment. So I am betting that these two will have sex within the first 10 minutes of next week’s episode. Anyone else want to place a bet? Nancy use her magical time traveling powers to get the SOD back onto the roof and still arrive at the halfway house early.  When she gets back the house she sees Shane and Andy waiting for her. Andy figures out in about 2 seconds that Nancy is high, and so does Mr. Ed. It is drug test time for you Ms. Botwin.

What did you guys this of the episode? 


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