Thursday, April 22, 2010

Strike A Pose

This episode of Glee was phenomenal. I was a tad weary entering into this week due to the fact that last week did not wow me. I was wowed this week. BIG. TIME. WOW.

So we start out learning that Madonna is Sue's idol (I expect nothing less from her) and she is going to have her Cheeri-o's perform Madonna numbers. Will walks into their rehearsal and decides that he should have Glee go all Madonna as well. This episode focused around the whole cast which was refreshing. It has been focusing on Will/Emma and Rachel/Finn too much. There is a whole cast to work with and they are finally figuring that out. Also side note, why do those other male members, who dance really well, not talk  EVER. I mean Santana and Brittany have lines and they are not "main" characters. I do not even know those two character's name.

So here are my highlights of the episode:

1) "Borderline/Open Your Heart"- I really love how this show perfectly picks the music to parallel the story lines. Rachel starts singing "Borderline" and Finn responds with "Open your Heart."  I am really liking how they are developing Finn's character to be more than just the stupid cute jock who can sing. He is truly hurt by Rachel lying to him, and also shows that he cares about the group. The performance itself was very playful. The only part I did not like was when they were running around the piano. It really just made me feel dizzy.

2)"Vogue"- I saw the Glee version of the video before I saw the original. On my first viewing I LOVED it, then I watched Madonna's version and it made me love Glee's even more (especially the "Will Schuester I hate you" add-in). Sue/Jane Lynch is flawless in her performance and fully committed to it. The dancing was practically flawless and her moves perfectly mimicked the originals.

3) "Like A Virgin"- I think this is my all time favorite Glee performance ever. By overall performance I am including camera angles and cuts, dancing, storyline around the song and singing itself. I really loved it. It revolved around Emma/Emma, Finn/Santana and Rachel/Jessie having sex for the first time. All of the virgins are in their bathroom staring at themselves in the mirror, getting ready for this next big step, and as they walk out of the bathroom the singing begins. The shots cut from one couple to the other, all singing completely in sync. The dancing was also completely in sync between the different couples so you were able to flow seamlessly from one couple to the next. You couldn't always make out who was singing. It was amazing. I think I watched this scene at least 20 times in the past three days, and that is a low estimate.

I also like how they showed Rachel taking responsibility saying that she would not be true to herself if she slept with Jessie. The only time you really see Rachel not being true to herself is when it involves guys. I think that it was courageous for her to say no and give the reason becuase she is not ready and she would always regret it.

4)"4-minutes"- I really enjoyed all scenes with Mercedes and Kurt this episode. Vogue and this performance were great. The pep band as the backup music was fun, and Kurt and Mercedes finally got to shine. The twist of the duo being Cheerio's creates a great new plotline. How is Sue going to use them, or is she even going to use them against Will. It seems like she really does like them.

5) "Like a Prayer"- This song was epic. Every time that Rachel sings my heart sings a little bit with her. The opening was breathtaking. I got tingly all over. I think this performance we reminiscent of "Don't Stop Beleiving" but that might only be due to the fact they are wearing red. Sometimes it is a let down to hear Finn's somewhat lackluster voice after Rachel's godlike voice.Why do they not use Puck more. Finn made the comment that he has to do all the lead male vocals but I think Puck is just as good! Kurt's falsetto solo was remarkable,I think half the girls I know could not hit those notes.

Top Quotes of the Episode:
Sue: "What would Madonna do. The answer to that usually is date a younger man. So lets see some arm candy girls. Sorry freshman you are going to have to start trolling the Middle Schools"

Mercedes: "Look girl, don't ask me. The last guy I liked was the Mayor of Gaytown."

Sue: "Hi William. I thought I smelled cookies wafting from the little elves that live in your hair."

Kurt: "Going to Kabbalah is that too much?"



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