Friday, March 18, 2011

Glee 2x16: "Original Songs Are Oh So Good"

So I am back to my usual recap by song recapping of Glee for this amazing Regionals episode.

“Misery”- What’s the best was to start an episode of Glee? Have Blaine bust open the doors to the Warblers practice room, throwing paper in the air and singing. Ten seconds in and the episode already has me hooked. While everyone seems super excited to sing background to Blaine, Kurt seems bored of the group being “Blaine and the Pips.” Kurt tells him that although his solos are great, they are also numerous. Also does anyone else feel like the Warblers are kinda like a cult?

“Only Child”- This is Rachel’s follow up to the amazing “My Headband”. It’s about being an only child oddly enough. Finn admits that it was a better attempt than “My Headband” but not by far. Here, for the first time in quite some time, we see the old sweet and thoughtful Finn. The Finn that brought Rachel to his quadriplegic friend Sean to show her that your life is not over if you can’t sing. He tells her to dig deeper into herself and tap into her real emotions. When she does that she will be able to write a killer song. Quinn watches this interaction from afar and begins a voice over about her Prom Queen dreams. Cut to her opening her closet which is not filled with one or two, but at least SEVEN tiara’s.

Yes I counted ATLEAST seven! Seriously that’s ridiculous! At first I thought they were her mom’s and her Prom Queen aspirations were due to parental pressures. That is not the case though. She decides to befriend Rachel in order to keep her away from Finn and assure an extra five years of life by winning the Prom Queen crown.

"Blackbird”- Kurt enters the Warbler den dressed in black and filled with sorrow. He reveals to everyone that their beloved bird, Pavarati, has died and asks to sing a song in his memory. Kurt then whips out a mix tape from his jacket pocket. Yes boys and girls, I said mix TAPE as in cassette tape as in circa 1990. I understand that the Warblers are not used to using technology to perform because they’re acapella but still, a cassette tape? I know, I know, you’ll drive yourself crazy if you question every aspect of Glee so I’ll just move one. Kurt was phenomenal at performing yet another Beatles song. The camera follows Blaine while Kurt is singing and you can tell he has a sudden epiphany. He stops singing and his eyes start to water. He has just seen Kurt in a completely new way. He has just realized he is in love with Kurt.

“Trouty Mouth”- After Will announces that they can’t use “Sing” for regional’s because of Ms. Sue Sylvester, Rachel (with the help of Quinn) convinces the rest of the Gleeks that original scores are the way to go if they want the win. Everyone is given a chance to put their best foot forward and present the club with an original number.

I love the next scene because they actually followed up on the Brittana storyline and didn’t put it on the backburner. When something big and emotional happens to a character as a viewer I want to its effect. I want to see how the character deals with the pain. What happened was exactly what I predicted would happen. Brittany goes to Santana and says “We used to be really close and I really miss being your friend. Did I do something wrong?” Not until Brittany finishes talking does Santana turn to look at her. Here is the clip.

Santana’s voice is unsteady because she’s holding back her emotions. Also “Stubbles McCripple Pants” is my new favorite lines. Ever. People have complained that she has gone back to “Bitchy Santana” but what did you expect? That’s what people do when they’re hurt. She tells Brittany that she is over it, and is going to write an “awesome heterosexual song” about Sam. She also says she “didn’t know what she was thinking” when she told Brittany she loved her (which we all know isn’t true). After struggling to open her locker an exasperated Santana tells Brit to stop staring at her so she can remember her combination. Opening a locker is like tying your shoes, it’s ingrained in your muscle memory. You can open your locker without thinking. So, in order to not remember your combination, you must be REALLY distracted. Maybe because someone you love is staring at you? I don’t know. The girls finally open their lockers to discover that Sue Sylvester had filled them with dirt, which got all over them. When Brittany responds “I don’t even remember putting that in there” you can tell Santana is thinking “You are so dumb, and yet, I am so in love with you.” (Also how hot does Santana look in that top. I am so happy they are no longer wearing Cherrio unis)

So back to the “awesome heterosexual song” entitled “Trouty Mouth” inspired by Sam’s mouth. Santana sounds amazing but just want you to read some of the lyrics from this song though. “I love sucking on those salamander lips” and “I want to put a fish hook in those lips so cherry fresh.” Now please, tell me, when you read that does the phrase “Awesome Heterosexual Song” come to mind. If your answer is yes, please let me know why in the form of a comment. Anyway Sam is gets angry and pouty and Will decides they will not sing “Trouty Mouth” at regionals.

“Big Ass Heart”- Fun song and reminded me of the song Puck sang for Mercedes.

“Hell to the No”- Not too much to say except SO MUCH FUN. It kind of reminded me of the Hercules song “Zero to Hero.” Also she rhymed “Diabetes” with “Wheaties”…’nuff said.

“Jesus is my Friend”- Not even worth my time to comment.

“Candles”- After discussing what to sing at regional’s (where one member asks “How dare you?” in response to the accusation a song was out of Blaine’s natural range) Blaine announces that if they just perform Blaine solos at regional’s they will lose. Instead the group votes that Blaine and Kurt do a duet. Blaine comes to where Kurt is decorating the late Pavorati’s casket and tells Kurt that they should sing “Candles” by Hey Monday for their duet. Kurt finds this odd because it is not a “top forties” number. Then comes what all of America has been waiting for. Blaine reveals to Kurt that he has feelings for him, that Kurt moves him, and then kisses Kurt. I loved that on Tuesday night this was trending World Wide via twitter. Finally it happened!I really disliked this duet. There was just something off about it. The lyrics were relevant I guess, but the harmonies were not. I remember when I first saw it I thought to myself “Wow this is actually horrible.” The second time watching it, it was a little bit more bearable.

“Raise Your Glass”- Please sir, can I have some more? I LOVED this performance. It was a classic Warbler/Blaine song and perfectly executed. Glee meet my iPod yet again. (Actually my iPod got destroyed by the evil washer machine last month but you get the point).

“Get it Right”- Rachel goes to start writing her original song with Quinn and asks Quinn point blank “Are you Dating Finn?” I really liked how Rachel defended her relationship with Finn. Quinn admits it and then starts going off on Rachel saying that she and Finn belong together, in this tiny Ohio town. Rachel doesn’t though and is meant for bigger and better things. I can’t decide if Quinn is sincere or not. She started the episode off saying she would befriend Rachel to keep Finn, so was this just a part of her plan or does Quinn really think she is meant to stay a townie forever? I still am unsure.Quinn tells Rachel that because she lives in this dream world she will never get the happy ending she wants. This, of course, inspires Rachel to ditch Quinn and dig deep to write a song. She goes home cries and (in the best upset handwriting ever) writes a song about getting it right with Finn.

The song ends up being very personal and heartfelt. At Regionals, Rachel approaches a bedazzled microphone to perform her solo. It is obvious she is singing about, and to, Finn. He is watching her like a hawk during the performance, completely entranced and in love.

“Loser Like Me”- After “Hell to the No” Shue asks everyone what their favorite songs are (twhich Santana responds “You Oughta Know” which she better perform sometime soon). He explains all their favorite songs are about pain and asks them how Coach Sylvester tortures them. First Santana gives the locker dirt example. Next, in maybe THE FUNNIEST SCENE IN GLEE EVER, Mercedes explains how Sue literally throws sticks at her (I have watched this scene maybe 10 times and still laugh). They decide that they should make a song from all the pain Sue has inflicted on them and that song will be entitled “Loser Like Me.”

I liked the song and thought it embodied what Glee was about, but I was mixed about my feelings as a whole. Rachel sounded a bit whiney while singing and the verses felt a bit elementary. It started to grow on me though. It brought me back to the original “Don’t Stop Believing” the group performed. They were singing because this is what they love and what brings them together. The first thing about this scene I loved was Kurt getting the Warblers to stand up and cheer for New Directions. I feel like the ND’s always give the Warblers a ton of support but it is not reciprocated (love those foam hands!). The second was the fake slushy machine. My friend Nicole thought it was corny but I loved it. It really encompassed the journey these kids have. It was just a screw you to everyone who has made fun of them. It was a screw you to Sue.

After Regional’s(not a song): New Directions wins Regional’s, which was not unexpected. It was nice to see them finally get what they deserved. Mr. Schuester decided that he’s going to award an MVP award for this and all following competitions. The team unanimously voted for Rachel as MVP for which she accepted with a speech. Her speech was humble and touching. From day one she wanted to belong. She knew her what her goal was, it was to be a star, but that wouldn’t give her the HS experience she yearned for. This experience, winning regional’s, winning the MVP, this is what she has dreamed about. All she has ever wanted was peer acceptance. This award, this cheap plastic little medal, is what she has dreamed about.

I loved this episode. I want to know your thoughts though. PLEASE let me know in comments. I know I ask this each post but I truthfully love to know what you think about the shows and would love any advice/criticism about my writing. Don’t be shy, write a comment!



Nicole said...

I loved "Hell to the No" and I agree the diabetes/wheaties rhyme was fantastic. Such a fun episode!

Nat said...

I totally thought 'Hell to the no' reminded me of the muses on the Hercules Disney movie! lol

Jess said...

1) Loved "Hell to the No." Mercedes kills it everytime, so no surprise there
2)"Loser Like Me" was pretty corny, but kind of expected considering the show itself is as well
3) Total Blaine and Kurt fan,but agree that there duet wasn't anything to special and actually pretty disappointing

Anonymous said...

I still can't decide what Rachel was saying in her song:
1. saying "Hey Finn, look at me, I'm actually pretty amazing if you stop to think about it (and not in the typical Attention Whore Rachel way but sincerely)and please love me back"
2. saying "Hey Finn, I get it, I deserve more than a small town and while I may love you, it's not right for us because I'm made to go out in the World and show it what I've got"

Either way is very right for Rachel and I just can't decide which one it was still.

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