Sunday, March 20, 2011

Criminal Minds: Are There Any Females Left?

Although Criminal Minds has been around since 2005, I only began watching in during my 2009-2010 winter break. I came home and the show was on both the Ion and A&E TV. Since there were no new episodes of my favorite shows airing, I began to watch it. I fell in love almost immediately. The first episode I ever watched was episode 3x01 “Doubt,” because I saw Elizabeth Hendrickson (Maggie/Frankie from AMC) in it. From that moment on I was hooked. I watched every episode that aired during break and when I got back to school I ordered the rest on Netflix. The show was mesmerizing and different from any other crime drama. The way the story was told, how you got to see into the Unsub’s, mind was amazing.

For the most part of its six year run, I have really loved and appreciated all of the main characters. Derek Morgan, although sometimes feeling morally superior to others, may be one of the sexiest men in the world. Add to that he is sensitive and awesome and you have the most attractive smoking hot man on TV (except for Taye Diggs). I also love Hotch. I have watched the 100th episode of Criminal Minds more times that I can recall. If you watch that episode and do not find a place in your heart for Aaron Hotchner, I think you are missing your humanity. Spencer Reid is a fun, cut, geeky character that the audience always just wants to hug. Finally you have David Rossi, the old, sometimes grumpy , but ultimately loveable old member.

What is that you are saying? Are you wondering about the female characters and why I haven’t mentioned any of them yet? Well good, because the show seems to have forgotten that we care about them too. I love this show, I have seen every episode of the entire series. A lot of this has to do with Agent Jareau (J.J.) and Agent Emily Prentiss. They brought some femininity and female presence into this group (I am not going to talk about Ella Greenway because she was blah and left a while ago). A lot of the viewers liked these characters. J.J. was the heart of the group. She wasn’t a profiler but she was always with the BAU and around the crimes. She brought sensitivity and warmth to the episodes that, if was absent, would have made the show too dark. She was also really strong and interesting. I loved her “secret” relationship with the New Orleans Detective William LaMontagne (who soon became her baby daddy) and she finally got to loosen her tie. Another episode that will always stick out in my mind, as well as haunt me, is the J.J. heavy episode “North Mammon” about three girls being abducted in a small town. J.J. was loved by the audience and loved by her fellow actors from what I have gathered online. Still they cut her from the show.

Now we get to this week’s episode of CM. The show has been leading up to Prentiss’s departure for a while and this week it finally arrived. It makes no sense to me and it makes me really angry that they have now, in just one season, gotten rid of the only two females that out on the field. Yes Garcia is part of the BAU team but she isn’t usually out solving cases, she is behind her computer. I think there is a bit of a in terms of representation. This departure of Prentiss just seems so unnecessary. Why get rid of her? Why is she leaving and why are none of the male leads leaving? It makes me so infuriated especially after I read that it was pretty much for “creative purposes.” Why are the female characters expendable but not the males? Why are two characters that are loved by the audience suddenly leaving this show? I really do not understand this decision and changes like this makes me second guess the direction the show is going in (even though they left it “open” for both J.J. and Prentiss to come back although I doubt they will).

Here is the final shot of both female characters we both love, together.

Will I still watch the show? For now, yes. Will I be apprehensive and even more critical while watching the show from now on? You bet your sorry CBS sexist asses I will.

What did you think of these cast changes? Let me know!



J. said...

I agree, APB. In the machismo of the show, with breaking down doors and gunfire in nearly every episode, both Prentiss and JJ brought empathy and a much needed feminine touch to the show. They identified with the victims and brought a personal touch that helped viewers personalize the story lines.

Personally, I'm disappointed that they would take both characters out at once. As the show continues, I'll be more on my guard as to whether I continue to watch... Although Morgan may help to retain some of the female audiences...

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