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Grey's Anatomy- 6x08 Invest In Love

If you missed the episode and want to watch it go to abc.com and go to "watch shows." Enjoy

Morning Calls-So this episode starts off with Derek’s pager going off in the middle of the night.I am assuming they painted over the detailed colored diagram of the spinal cord Derek thought necessary to draw on the wall. I may be wrong though, those two are weird. Next we go to Callie and Arizona in bed and a small  huge smile comes across my face. I just love seeing Arizona. Their pagers go off as well, and Arizona pushes Callie out of bed to wake her up. (Do people actually do that in real life?)

Early morning patients-At the hospital we find out that it is 4am. Here I am complaining about 6am crew practices; thank god I am not a doctor! Callie’s patient fell off the roof of her house and has 50 broken bones, this girl just broke a fourth of her body! That is impressive. Arizona’s patient is pregnant and her baby just had a stroke in the womb. The two love birds are in the hallway playing racecars with gurneys in order to get their patient to the one open OR. 

Peds is Magical It is now 8am and Callie brings Arizona coffee.
               Arizona: I want your coffee, I need your coffee.

Oh Arizona, I want and need YOUR coffee.   The doctors gather around her and she gives an inspirational speech about how Peds is awesome and magical with rainbows and unicorns and fairy dust (It is just like one of my  friends Kate). Some of the doctors look at her with admiration (Callie and Hunt), and others with disgust (everyone else). They walk into Broken Bone Girl’s room and we meet Wallace Anderson who is there to help Arizona, and he does some pretty complex math for a ten year old.  He is Arizona’s patient who has been living in the hospital for the last 7 months. We also find out that it is both Wallace’s and Arizona’s birthday at the end of the week. As Arizona is leaving Wallace’s parents say they set up a meeting with the hospital and want her to come.

Douchebag Board Member thinks that they are going to being sued and is an douche to Arizona.  Turns out it is quite the opposite. The parents are actually donating 25 million dollars to the Pediatric Department of Seattle Grace/Mercy West. Wow, that is a lot of money.

Callie is cooking for an Army-Everyone else thinks so too, because the next morning the gang is at Callie’s discussing it, and Callie is cooking made-to-order breakfasts for all five of them. That’s a lot of work. Lexi lets it slip that it is almost Arizona’s birthday, and Callie is upset that she did not know about this. Arizona says she does not like birthdays or celebrating them, but she does like 25 million dollars. Don’t know if I agree with the first part (18 days until my birthday) of that statement but DEFINITELY agree with the later part of. Arizona then leaves for the hospital (barely touching the breakfast Callie just labored over)and the rest discuss what Callie should do for Arizona’s b-day; Lexi  suggests surprise party. You just know this is not going to go over well.

Derek is in the hospital but it is pretty much a yawnfest. The Chief then lays all of Izzie's outstanding medical bills on Alex. Arizona goes to visit Wallace and he had a bad night. Arizona tells him that he can’t go on rounds with her this morning and he listens to her even though his mom said the same thing just prior.

                Wallace: Well yeah [I listened to her] shes a doctor mom, and your just a… mom.

I feel that that would not have gone over as well if I said that to my mother.  But he is cute and in the hospital, and I would do anything Arizona told me to do.

Yawn-Derek and Alex are with Stroke Babies mom. Anything with Derek in this episode is boring.  Also the patient is a really bad actress and one thing I can’t stand is when good shows have bad acting. I expect that from daytime, not from Grey's.

Reasons not to shroom on the roof-We go back to Broken Bone Girl and find out she was shrooming when she fell off the room. Her parents are shocked and enraged and tell her she is a disappointment. She tells her parents she is not a disappointment because she is head of the newspaper, on honor roll, and tutors kids with reading disabilities. She was just “exploring the bounds of [her] consciousness with the help of a mushroom.”  She also says she knows her parents are bummed that she fell of the roof, but she is even more bummed. Okay I was wrong before, if I said THAT to my parents I would be in trouble. I hope I was not that bratty when I was 15.  Also why does it seem like this girl is not in pain, she just broke ¼ of the bones in her body.

Poor Arizona- Arizona is telling Wallace’s parents that he is not doing well, and that they have to prepare themselves and Wallace for his impending death. His parents want her to do a surgery which she does not feel comfortable doing. Even if the surgery goes well, it could only give him two months.  Arizona sticks to her instincts and apologizes again saying she won’t do it. That is until the Chief goes and convinces her to do it and cut into the bag of money boy.

Alex in Peds- Alex is holding the premie Stroke baby on his chest. Bailey walks in and starts talking about how he is holding her in the Kangaroo hold and how this jumpstarted the babies system. I thought this whole scene was a bit over the top first until I researched premie babies and kanagaroo holds.  Anyway... 

                Bailey: Take off your shirt
                Alex: What? No you take off your shirt.

No, Arizona, take off your shirt. Wait Arizona isn’t even in this scene, damn.

Its Getting Hot in Here- Kurev takes off all his clothes (okay only his shirt) and is still holding the baby. It seems that NICU is the place to be in Seattle Grace as every main character not in surgery passes shirtless Alex. Each one of them has something to say. The only thing that Reed could get out was “No shirt, he is wearing no shirt,” and a little drool dribbled down her chin.

Christina was a Badass kid, and still is- Callie, Hunt, Cristina and Cute Mercy West Boy (CMWB) are mending Shroom girl. They are all in awe of how she talked to her parents, so am I. Cristina relates to Shroomy saying that she got good grades and did what she wanted and her parents could not do one thing about it. I would have expected nothing less from you. Then CMWB asks if anyone wants to hear about his child hood, and there were crickets, so he said he would just think about it to himself. I like this boy more and more every episode. It seems that everything is going great, but wait oh no, there is an air embolism in Shroomys heart.  Hunt calls Cardio to come fix it but Cristina wants to do it herself.

Cristina keeps insisting on fixing Shroom Girl herself, complaining that Cardio will take too long. Hunt is yelling at her and even Callie yells at her, but she goes for it anyway. The only person that would help her was CMWB  because he has a crush on her. She successfully saves the patient as the Cardio team enters the room.

Oh, this is a scene I have not seen before, Cristina and Hunt arguing. Hmm, and arguing about something Cristina did wrong again. I still do not understand this seasons “lets not let Cristina cut” theme. Hunt says he will have to report her. Cristina answers back saying won’t get fired because the last time she did that procedure was with the Chief. Cristina, that surgery was Pre-Chief is a Huge Dick era. Now all bets are off, your  probability of getting fired is pretty high.

Arizona Is Great-Callie goes outside to tell Arizona about Cristina going rouge, but Arizona is distracted. She is about to go into surgery on Wallace and does not feel confident.   All she wants is for Callie to tell her she is great. Callie grabs her shoulder and tells her she is great. It is a cute moment. Can that be my job? Arizona you are Great , you are GREAT. See I can do it just as well as Callie.

Arizona is no longer Great- Arizona goes to talk to Wallace to make sure he is ready for surgery, and he tells her he is scared of dying. She is definitely not feeling great anymore. After surgery she is sitting, waiting for Callie to come home. Turns out the surgery went well but she is still shaken up by it. She starts a fight with saying “I have helped you through crisis after crisis, and I thought that I could come here tonight and get…” interrupted by Yang and Hunt fighting? Was that not what you were looking for, because that is what you got.  I am getting sick of these two fighting, and Callie is trying to get them to leave as well. Arizona then chews Callie up for not telling her Cristina went rogue on a child, and then leaves to attend to Wallace. Callie, it is just not your night.

Back at the hospital Arizona is operating on Wallace again, but his body could not handle the surgery.  The Chief comes in wanting to make sure the 25 million dollars is okay (or the patient, whichever  you prefer to call it), and Arizona rips him a new one when he asks if he can help.

Arizona:  No, No you cant. Because as long as you are standing there breathing over my shoulder I feel like I am operating a stack of dollar bills. 25 million dollar bills and what I need to be invested in right now is this kid. So please get the hell out of my OR.

You go Arizona; I bet the Cheif won’t be able to sit for a week after that one. The surgery did not go well, and Wallace dies. Douchebag Board Member is pissed, like the kind of pissed when your stock goes down.

Filler Scene- They have a scene with Cristina at Meredith’s house talking on her bed. Seriously this was the most useless scene ever. It is okay to have ONE episode without Meredith in it. That in no way moved the plot along and was useless. Almost as useless as me talking about how useless it is.

Alex Has a New Girl- Reed is in love with Alex and CMWB is in love with Cristina. Good thing they spelled that out for us. We wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. Alex is sleeping still holding the premie. Apparently he slept there all night. That doesn’t seem all too sanitary. He is still there late that night and Reed stays with him.

Cristina Turns a New Leaf-Cristina is working on Shroom Girl and overhears her on the phone trying to get some more drug. Okay for all the accomplishments this girl has, she is a dumbass. Cristina is RIGHT next to her during this illegal drug interaction. Cristina grabs the phone from her.

Cristina: Hey little pusher girl, I’m Hilary’s doctor, and now I have Hilary’s phone. So I am going to give this number to the police how lame is that.

Now it is Cristina’s time to rip Shroomy a new one(what is one more broken body part right?). She tells her  that she is not infallible, she fell off a roof because she was “So high, she thought she could fly” and that he decisions will catch up to her. Cristina, are you also talking about yourself, I think you are. Good job, you are growing as well.

A Very Un-happy Birthday To You- Arizona is walking to Callie’s apartment and lo and behold, Callie threw her a surprise party. Callie, you are making all the wrong moves this episode, you just cant catch a break. (Also does Arizona have her own place?) Arizona starts crying and leaves, and I am pretty sure Cristina is smiling at this. Callie follows her outside and Arizona tells her about Wallace and how it was supposed to be his birthday as well. CMWB is getting drunk and Lexi thinks he is a dumbass. He is really a little frat boy.

Cristina goes into her room and CMWB is in there drunk, letting her know he thinks she is hot. They kiss! That would actually be a really hot pairing, but she is in love with dull Hunt so she stops the kiss. She then finds Hunt  and asks him to come home with her.

Late Night at the Hospital-Arizona returns to the hospital to talk to Wallace’s parents. The Chief and Douchebag Board Member are there kissing their asses. I am surprised  Douchebag’s nose isn’t completely brown at this point. When Arizona enters the room the douche tries to get her to leave and in a stroke of kindness The Chief lets her stay. Look you heart is so big Chief. She asks the parents if they want to see Wallace in the morgue. While in the morgue they see how invested Arizona was in their son.

Dad: She is the reason we will still be giving Seattle Grace/Mercy West 25 million dollars. Not because of you, and your ass-kissing. Its because of her.

Arizona goes back to Callie’s and finds her sleeping on the couch in lingerie prepared with doughnuts and presents. She wakes up with confusion and energy all at once, wanting to make up for the surprise party. Arizona tells her she loves her and it fades to black and Callie says it back.  Perfect ending!


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