Wednesday, May 12, 2010

FlashForward 1x19 Course Correction

Quick Summary: Blue Hand members are being killed by a creepy teacher. Because of this we get to see a picture of Al Gough and cry quietly to ourselves that he is gone. The bad guys are using Simon’s sister Annabelle to control Simon. Olivia and Lloyd seem to be in a relationship now out of thin air and Bryce is cured of his terminal cancer. Another reason to quietly cry while watching: there is no sign of Janis for the full 41 minutes and 48 seconds of the episode.

Big Bang Theory-We begin in Palo Alto two days before the blackout with Simon Campos and Lloyd Simcoe. In two days they are going to be performing the biggest experiment of their lives, simulating the Big Bang. You know you have made it big when you can make the statement “We’re simulating the Big Bang, what can go wrong?” (Um a global blackout and millions of deaths, or was that a rhetorical question Simon). Also what can go wrong is you mother calling you to inform you that your father has passed away, which also happens to Simon. Next we jump to the day of the Blackout and everyone is getting ready for the blackout Big Bang to begin. There is a countdown to the big moment as we are zooming through the weird scientific contraption and then see a ripple across the world. We get a scene, which keeps speeding up and slowing down, of the blackout with people falling down stairs and hitting their heads. It is bizarre but the shots are effective.

Back to the Present- Simcoe is on the news discussing the Blackout and its effects. I just want to make a comment here that it is amazing how similar Quantum Physics and philosophy are. The result of one’s actions and how it affects your future seems like a philosophical debate to me, but here it is scientific and I find that fascinating. He says that although we can change our future, everyone is being pushed to a certain outcome and that the universe can possibly “course correct” to make sure everything is on track. Celia comes on the show as an example of someone who has escaped her fate and we get to see a picture of Al. Oh Al Gough, how I have missed you. If only Mark killed himself, and not you, the show may not be fighting for its life to be picked up. Anyway, back to the episode, they take questions from callers and Lloyd is afraid that he may have caused worldwide brain damage from the blackout and tells the boldfaced lie to the world that there absolutely positively is no way that another Blackout could occur.

Mark Knows All- Simon is being driven somewhere and sees his sister (who has been kidnapped by the bad guys) on the side of the road. He runs out to talk to her and there are snipers pointing guns at her. She tells him that he needs to steal the QED ring or they will kill her. Simon records the license plate of the van that took Annabelle and asks a random FBI analyst to run it but under no circumstances tell Mark. Mark then calls him in saying that the random FBI analyst told him about the plate and that he wants Simon to start telling him the truth. Because Mark is all about the truth, Mark bleeds the truth. Mark, now, no longer trusts Simon because Simon is trying to save his sisters life. Hypocritical much Mark?

Bryce and Nicole- Onto my FAVORITE B plot of the show. Bryce is getting chemo and although he did not tell her, Nicole finds him anyway. They are so cute together. Bryce goes to the oncologist and discovers that his cancer is in remission and that “they have been optimistic for a couple of weeks” but did not want to get his hopes up. Is it really protocol to give someone chemo even after it is gone, isn’t that shit really bad for your body? That does not really seem right to me. Anyways, Nicole is going through some files of some detainees that she will be giving shots to later, and sees a picture of Keiko. Just as things are looking good for Nicole and Bryce Keiko has to come back.

Nicole is about to tell Bryce about Keiko but then he breaks the news that he is cancer free. He kisses her again and tells her that they should be together no matter what their flash forwards said. (My heart is melting).

People are being Murdered
- Dr. Corday (who is actually Fiona Banks but will always be Dr. Corday in my eyes) is back to investigate the murder of a man who had lived past his flash forward death date (where he was supposed to die from a food allergy) only to be murdered by rat poison. They deduce that someone is killing people who lived past their death date, and Demetri is freaked because he lived after his death date. (Also Cho pulls off that worried look so well) Corday and Nho go and visit the guy who used to be the head of the Blue Hand meetings and he starts ranting about course correction. Obviously this guy is the killer, you can’t be the creepy and not be the killer. You also should not be allowed to be the creepy and be a teacher. You are just teaching your kids to be creepy. Corday, you should go back to ER as a doctor because you suck as a detective.

Loving Annabelle- Simon tells Lloyd that Annabelle has been kidnapped and is all like “I didn’t tell you because you can’t do anything you jackass.” Mark finds out something about Annabelle but will not tell Simon about it. He gives Simon a speech about how he no longer trusts him and his British accent keeps sneaking out. Mark, it is his goddamn sister, why are you such an ass. If it was your Charlie Bear you would do anything to get her back. God, you broke every rule just to get Demetri back.

Al Gough Died for Nothing- Next creepy teach guy is teaching his students about free will, and how there is none, and they are all doomed. This reminds me of how one of my teachers in HS told us that his biggest fear is that he will die alone. Because of this he wants to die in a plane crash so he knows other people are dying with him. The chill down your spine is exactly how I felt when I heard that too. Back to the show though, Corday and Nho realize that CT is going to kill Celia, in the street, with a car. Nho stops him just in time, but then Corday accidently hits Celia, proving that Al died for no reason. Can they bring Al back now? Corday is back in her office and she gets a call that Celia is in bad condition and she is now in the same position Al was in, in his flash forward.

Olivia, Lloyd Sitting in a Tree- In a weird scene of Gabrielle freaking out about his hamburger Olivia and Vreede discover that in one of his flash forwards he saw Mark’s mosaic board, which I am assuming will be critical in an upcoming episode. Next, Olivia is over at Lloyds house showing him scans of patients brains to prove there was no brain damage. They are drinking wine, they kiss, and then the doorbell rings. It is Mark who is there to ask him if he knows where Simon went, but is distraught at seeing his wife in Lloyd's house.

Suspect Zero- Mark finds Annabelle in a white van and out of the goodness of his heart calls Simon to let thhem talk to each other. Afterwords Wedeck and Mark go into the office and find that Simon dooped them and stole the QED rig. While reviewing the video of Suspect Zero they also discovered what the viewers have known since the show came back in January, that Simon Campos is Suspect Zero. I hope the real FBI is not as slow as the one in FlashForward or our country is in real trouble. Mark is questioning Annabelle to see if she heard anything while kidnapped. She reluctantly reveals that Simon “is going to cause another Blackout.” Cue the dum dum dum sound.

Let me know what you think. Did you like this episode? Did it make you miss Al Gough and Janice? Hate me recap? Leave it in a comment.


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