Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pretty Little Liars 1x04- Yes A We Hear You

So I am now going to be recapping the awesomeness of Pretty Little Liars (PLLs). Love this show so much. So anyway here it goes:

Allison's Bench: After getting a lift home from the cops (again), Hanna meets up with the rest of the girls at a park bench. They discuss how they are going to get the town to dedicate a bench in the town to Allison and they will plant flowers and art stones around it. After taking back Allison’s friendship bracelet (btw I can write words on friendship bracelets too. I know I am awesome) Spencer comes to the realization that A can’t get the PLL in trouble without getting him/her/itself in trouble as well. Spencer whips out her laptop (of course Rosewood has free wi-fi t) and she and the rest of the girls block all messages from unknown senders to block A out of their lives. They all sit for a moment in bliss, free of A’s control, until a paper blowing in the wind comes to them reading “Ding Dong the Bitch is Dead” on one of Allison’s missing persons poster. A has got really has good aim, the wind could have taken that paper anywhere.

Gay Scarves and Absent Dads: Emily walks into school and immediately runs into her lesbian soon to be lover Maya. Maya takes a scarf out of her bag, gives it to Emily as a gift, and then gives her a hug. Emily looks incredibly uncomfortable hugging Maya in public (kissing someone in a photo booth can have that affect). Emily then meets ups with rest of the PLL’s and the first comment out of their mouths are “Hot scarf Em, is it new?” She answers no. Oh I forgot what it was like to be young and angsty and figuring out your sexuality. Anyway Hanna gets a call from her father who walked out on her and her mother years ago; when Emily asks how Hanna and her dad have been doing Spencer responds “I don’t know. Hanna and her father, it’s one of those ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ situations.” Kinda like Emily and Maya’s situations. Yeah I got what you were hinting at there writers. Love it. On the phone, Hanna’s dad says he wants to meet up with her for dinner later that night.

Young Teacher, The Subject, Of School Girls Fantasy: While in the hallway Aria’s Kin tells her that Mr. Fitz has updated his Facebook page. Okay seriously, I do not understand what a Kin is. How is it different from any other phone. Also why is it advertised SO MUCH on the show. It is a bit ridiculous. If anyone does understand what a Kin is can you please enlighten me. Aria leaves Emily and Spencer to take a quick pit stop in Mr. Fitz’s room. They decide they need to discuss what is going on between them and not while they are in school. They plan for a dinner date at Fitz’s apartment. I am picturing Mr. Fitz’s apartment to look like Mr. Oleander’s apt in Degrassi. The one where the ceiling leaked every time his upstairs neighbor flushed the toilet. Lets hope for Aria’s sake it is not that bad.

School Troubles:
Emily goes to her locker, gets her books, and stuffs her red scarf into her locker. She walks into chemistry class and Toby, the creepy guy that saved her from Ben last week, comments how she is no longer wearing the scarf. This dude is creepy. Apparently Toby is not only in her chemistry class but, to her dismay, Emily’s lab partner as well. When Emily opens her chemistry book, the photo booth pictures of her and Maya kissing are in between two of the pages. She slams the book shut thinking that having no idea who put them in there. Maybe someone is just trying to say the two of them have good chemistry. After school Emily goes to talk to Maya who has found a job at a bakery and is wearing a cute pink apron.

After finding out that Maya did not put the pictures in the chemistry book Emily starts freaking out that someone else has seen these pictures. Maya just walks away because she does not want to be something Emily is ashamed of.

Father Daughter Reunion: Hanna is over at Spencer’s house trying to find the perfect outfit for dinner with her father. While there Spencer admits that she copied her sisters paper and that she is scared she is going to get caught. Spence for someone so smart you should know you never copy a paper straight. You take the main ideas and just reword them. Everyone knows that. Hanna, though, wants to make sure that she looks her best because this is the first time that her father has seen her since she has lost all her weight. When her father arrives, Hanna realizes that her father is only in town because of the whole car crash incident and is super upset.

The next night Hanna goes out to dinner with her father again. It turns out that he also invited his fiance Isabel, and her daughter, to the dinner as well. The blonde boring daughter (BbD) is telling a boring ass story about sailing. When the fiance finds out that Hanna does not sale she offers BBD to give her lessons. Hanna makes a joke that even after reviewing ten times, I still can catch. What I was able to get from it was “Something something something come back.” If anyone else caught what was said will you let me know. I want to be in on the joke as well!! Luckily Hanna gets saved from this wretched dinner by an S.O.S. text from Spencer.

Aria’s Got Some Problems: Aria goes over to Mr. Fitz’s apartment and it is nothing like Mr. Oleanders. There is actually paint on the walls and he even has an old typewriter. It is a really nice apartment. She brings up that her parents are on a date night and that her mother is going to be devastated when she finds out about her father’s infidelities. Fitz tells Aria that it is not her problem to fix and parents have to work these issues out on their own. He gives a example of his own family’s problems and Aria bugs out saying it is not the same. They then get into a fight about their relationship, and Aria’s family problems, and Aria storms out.

The next day the PLLs are in the English class they all have together, which also just so happens to be taught by Mr. Fitz. While talking about To Kill A Mockingbird, Fitz asks why Atticus let his own son take the fall for something Boo Radley did. He gets in a heated argument with Aria in front of the entire class about the book. Mr. Fitz then reams another kid in class for giving his opinion of the book. It was uncomfortable for everyone in the class. Later that night Aria storms into Mr. Fitz’s apartment and tells him that he was completely out of line today in school and she was so very embarrassed. Fitz apologizes for his ourburst and invites Aria in for a civil conversation.

Spencer The Home Wrecker:
Spencer is home alone and hears a crash from downstairs. She gets out a knife ready to stab whoever is intruding but it turns out to just be Melissa’s ex-fiance Wren. He comes in with a stolen rose bush from the garden wanting to make things with the family right again. After the drunk Wren falls Spencer helps him up and, from the hidden camera stashed outside the Hastings household, this friendly gesture looks a little more than friendly.
She admits that sometimes it “looks like North and South Korea” between the two of them but the are still sisters. Very strange analogy, but I will give you points for originality. Spencer offers to drive him home because he is way to drunk. She drives him home in his car and kisses her. Hanna sees all of this because she is there to pick Spencer up. While in the car A put a request in to the radio station Hanna is listening to in order to show that she can still get to them.

Throwing Away The Evidence: Emily goes out the the garbage, rips apart the photos of her and Maya and throws them away. She runs into Toby while taking out the trash and they have a little chat about being lab partners.She asks him if he saw the pictures in the books and he said that he did not because it seemed like she did not want him to. Maybe he is not as creepy as I thought? He gives her a speech about being herself and you can’t change what other people think. It seems to have sunk in because Emily goes to see Maya just as she is leaving work. Emily admits that she liked the kiss, but does not know what it means. Emily tells Maya that she needs some time and space and Maya says she will wait, because she cares about her. I am a little confused here because the past few episodes made is seem like Emily used to make out with Allison. Did anyone else get that impression? I thought that was one of the secret that Allison really had on Emily. So it is not like this is the first girl she has had feelings for or has kissed. Maybe she is just freaked out because it is the first girl who wanted more than just kissing.

Aria Can’t Fix the Fam:
Aria and Fitz are sitting on the floor eating leftovers. He admits that the reason he got angry in class was because she walked out on him the night before. Aria then admits that she always tries to be the fixer in her family, and that she does not want things in her family to change.She decides the she needs to tell her mom the truth about her dad cheating, so her parents can deal with it themselves. When Aria gets home, her mother is sitting in the living room reading a letter and looks all upset. As her mother walks out of the room, she hands Aria the letter which turns out to be from A. In the letter A tells all about Aria’s father’s affair and the fact that Aria knew about it the entire time. Uh Oh.

When Hanna and Spencer get back to the Hastings residence, they discover that someone has been in the house. The two girls go upstairs and text the others to come over. As soon Aria and Emily hustle their ass’s over to Spencers, we see what all of the fuss was about. A had written on Spencer wall mirror “It won’t be that easy bitches,” in Allison’s lipstick color.

Truth A, if it was that easy, the show would have ended. Luckily for me A is a psycho bitch and the show will continue.

What did you think of the episode? Good? Bad? Let me know in a comment or e-mail,
Hope you liked the recap and let me know what else you want me to write about or anything else you would like me to know.


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Anonymous said...

It was a really good episode, and great recap on your part.

I didn't get that "joke" made by Hannah towards BbD, so I'm with you there. And Toby is creepy, but in that cute mysterious way. Is it just me ?

What really got me was when Aria walked in on her mom reading the letter. I've been a huge fan of Holly Marie Combs (Aria's mom, Ella) since her 'Charmed' days, so to see her totally kick ass acting in the show is awesome. I mean, man, can she really sell a scene or what? :D

Alphabetsoup said...

Sorry I have been Awol. The rest of the season was awesome. I would like to say it was just you that thought Toby was cute, but apparently Emily did for a hot second as well.

Also I am so happy you are a Charmed fan becusae I am right there with you (I own it on DVD). You are the only other person I know that will openly admit they watch it.


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